Teaser Trailer from our Videographers!

HI Guys,

I have been a forum lurker for my wedding planning time but now I'm married I just can't not share my wedding video with you guys.  I received it recently and I can't stop watching it!

Just wanted to share as all my friends are bored with me sharing it now - I thought I would share with you!

Thanks again for all your chats and forum discussion, its really helped me through my planning and stopped me being a crazy person to everyone I know! LOL


Video by Purson Photography and Video and they were amazing!   www.pursonphotography.com

Thanks in advance! xx


  • JulyBugJulyBug Posts: 420

    It's gorgeous! Massive congrats, Lorna.image Your day looked really happy and beautiful and I love your cake!! xx

  • k8l12k8l12 Posts: 254

    Beautiful image you both just look so full of joy it was lovely to watch!

  • Ah thanks ladies.  It was so magical but it went so fast! I honestly don't remember saying our vows - We are so glad we got it captured on video as I can relive it and its so wonderful!  Plus we are so delighted as our photographer wasn't the best so these guys really did us proud.  I cried the first few times I watched it!  So many wonderful details that come to life in the footage!  We had a really rainy day and didn't get outside much at all so Laura and Shawn arranged to meet up with us again to capture the walk around the gardens bits.... 

    So so happy, this is just the trailer too so the full film to follow!

    If you aren't sure about getting a videographer I would recommend ours, we married in Chichester but I think our videographers travel all over.  

    They have a winter deal at the moment too, over half price off! 


  • Aww how lovely! image

  • sooz84sooz84 Posts: 378

    Your wedding looked so beautiful!! I've got huge venue envy image

  • Thanks Mrs Wtobe8-15.  We can't stop watching it!

    Ah Thanks Sooz,

    Our venue was Upwaltham Barns near Chichester and it was a wonderful setting, really authentic barn which was magic, sadly we didn't get to roam the country side together as it rained all day.  We were lucky enough to walk around West Dean Gardens with our videographers about a week later to create the garden bits together!


  • Memza89xMemza89x Posts: 1,533 New bride

    Awwwwww I love it brought a tear to my eye I'm a sucker for a wedding video imagine how I will be on my wedding day haha! You look both so happyimage I love your venue! Congratulations and all the best for your life togetherimage 

  • Ah thanks Memza... Thats sweet to hear.  I was exactly the same.  I've watched it so much, its fantastic to have as we don't like our wedding photos!  These guys were amazing as they took a few pics for us at West Dean Gardens too and these are the only photos we have printed from our wedding.  Sigh!  



  • Congratulations you both looked stunning. I watched your clip and it is so touching!! I bet the full video will be amazing. Makes me look forward to ours now image

    BTW your venue is gorgeous, such beautiful grounds.

  • Ah Lauren, Thanks so much.  We love it and we just can't wait for our full video to come though!  I will post a link to it if its hosted online otherwise I will just have to wear a DVD out!  Good Luck Lauren have an amazing day!  Prep is half the fun.... Don't know what to do with myself now its over!  

    I'm glad everyone thinks the venue looks amazing.  Its actually 2 different places on 2 different days as we had a terrible wedding day weather wise and had no outdoor time apart from the covered barn bits.  We were so lucky that our videographers could join us on another day to fill in the bits outside we missed on the day!  Dressing up again was really fun! It was an admission garden, great weather, so busy and open to the public we must have looked mental! LOL! 

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