Mirena and low libido

Hi All!

Random topic on here but does anyone else have a Mirena (IUS) and has experienced really low sex drive?

I am now on my second one and feel like my libido has hit an all time low - like zero interest in sex and would rather watch TV! This has in turn affected relationship with Hubby who has a high sex drive.

I really want to be more horny and want sex more!

I am thinking of switching on to the mini pill

Any Mirena advice or have any of you ever switched from the Mirena to mini pill?

Thanks !! :)


  • Cara9Cara9 Posts: 69

    I have the same problem! I had my coil fitted 4 years ago and still have a year left. I went to the doctor to explain this, along with other symptoms that have recently appeared such as really sore boobs, teariness, periods changing (sorry if TMI) and she told me that if I wasn't pregnant then I was just depressed and did I want sone antidepressents! She point blank refused to accept it may be the coil! 

    I dont really have any advice for you as I'm in the same boat but I would definItaly suggest you see your doctor to see about changing to the mini pill. Xx

  • Beth90Beth90 Posts: 284

    Sorry to say the mini pill is just as bad and if not worse! If I was you I would ask for the copper coil which works differently to all other forms of contraception and involves no hormones at all so sex drive won't be effected

  • Miaow8690Miaow8690 Posts: 298

    Hey HelloKitty I have the same issue. I have had mine for about 2 years and my libido is really low. I used to be completely the opposite and it has affected our relationship.

    Another issue for me is that there was such a huge problem when it was put in - for some reason it was particularly traumatic and painful (the nurse said she'd never had so much difficulty getting one in before) and I actually passed out on a poor student nurse who was holding my hand! For that reason I'm a little bit scared to have it taken out - I'm afraid it will hurt as much as last time, and it plays on my mind whenever we try to be intimate.

    I'm not sure what to do about the whole thing, so if anyone has any similar experience I too would like some advice :( I hope you don't feel I've hijacked your thread but I couldn't believe it when I read your title!

  • I don't want to scare anybody but... I have a friend who nearly lost her life because of mirena coil. The NHS (or Bayer - the producer) does not want to admit that it has awful lot of side effects on too many women :(

    If any of you experience numbness in legs or weakness in back muscles, mood changes, constant tiredness or just anything that worries you - TAKE IT OUT.

  • Cara9Cara9 Posts: 69

    Hi, I posted on here a little while ago and told how my doctor refused to remove my cool. Happy to say it was removed after another visit to a different doctor and all my symptoms have disappeared! Literally in a matter of a week. 


    If if its not working for you, I would really advise you to speak to your doctor over and over until they take you seriously x

  • I had a copper coil for seven years and overall was very happy with it. I had it removed after I started to get really bad cramps and had a mirena put in about 3 months ago. I have boob pain and a lower sex drive but we want to try for a baby next year after honeymoon so, for us, short term the benefits out weigh the negatives. I.was 23 when.I had a cool put in and think it's a great method. 

  • Hi All


    Miaow8690 - Im so sorry to hear your having issues too and that you had a traumatic time with getting it put in. I was fobbed off by 2 doctors and a nurse when I talked  to them about low libido and Mirena so I decided myself it was time to get it out. Safe to say my energy levels went through the roof but not my sex drive as yet :( *on a side note HelloKitty and Miaow....what a coincidence lol!*

    MariahMrsToBe - gosh that's an awful situation your friend was in. Hope she is ok now


    Legacy of Mrs M - I like my copper coil just want my sex drive back but no babies just yet for us lol!


  • I hope nobody else experiences the same as my friend. Unfortunately she's not ok yet even though it's been a long long time since she had it removed. It destroyed her health :( 

    Just be careful, everybody is different and we have to listen to our bodies. If it doesn't work for you - don't risk!

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