BAD Wedding photos - Do you wish you could change them?

Hi everyone, Congratulations all of you Newlyweds!

Of course, we would all like to have perfect wedding day photos that take our breath away. Wedding photos play a huge part by capturing moments that will be so important for the rest of your lives.

Unfortunately, some of us are not so lucky and on the forums I've seen how bad some people's experiences were for one reason or another which is really sad! 

Without trying to blow my own trumpet! - I am quite good with retouching and improving photos and will edit your pictures as best I can for FREE.. as long as it's not too many!! :) 

If it's the quality and lighting, slightly slimmer, slightly bigger, moving something just a tiny bit, take something out of the background- almost anything, you want to change let me know!  Leave your email addresses x

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