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Wedding ring problems

My husband and I have got married and straight away we went on honeymoon. After 10 days lying around on honeymoon and being by the pool and not doing a lot his ring has become extremely scratched and looks terrible. 

After having spoken to the company explaining what the ring looks like and how little he has done in order for it to get scratched, they have said that rings will get scratched just by day to day wear - which I can understand as I have worn rings for years. But surely not to the extent that his ring is now in. Also wouldn't that mean that my ring should be in the same state as his as we have done exactly the same things.

They have basically said that it is our own fault and that they will buff it up but some of the dents are too much to be buffed out.

Would any of you expect a ring to look like this after 12 days of wear? 

I really do t know what to do now as my husband is embarrassed to show his ring off to people. 



  • TheLegacyofMrsMTheLegacyofMrsM Posts: 2,188 New bride

    What metal is it? And is it a matt finish on the centre band? It can get that way on honeymoon because of the hard contact when climbing out the pool etc. Those are quite deep scratches so it does look like he has been wearing it quite hard! On holiday it probably has harder wear than just day to day? Where it has blunt edges that also allows more nicks etc. I ran a jewellers for 5 years and to be perfectly honest I would probably have told you the same thing; let them polish it out and see how it goes from there. If it is a matt finish in the centre that shows deep scratches even worse than a normal polish and it may need to have the matt finish re applied. I wouldn't really class it as a fault so cooperate with the jeweller see how it comes up after the polish 

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