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well what a day heres my report

on saturday 11th aug my alarm woke me up at 6:30 am yeah i did manage some sleep the night before

the sun was shining and i thought yeah nice one

i got up and woke my mate i had a bath and had a few moments to myself my niece came round she was my bridesmaid i woke my daughter she was my other b/m we had to be at hairdresser @ 8:am

the girls had there hair done while they did my makeup then it was my turn for hair , i was really pleased how they all turned out we were looked like 3 princesses.

we went home and had breakfast. then it was time to get in our dresses just we were all ready my dad came to collect me we had a glass of champers then we got in our wedding car then headed to the registry office i wasnt nervous the bridal march starts up and i make my way up the aisle all eyes were on me there was plenty of tears i met my h2b and the ceremony began withen minutes we were pronounced

husband and wife we signed the register while listening to shania twain from this moment (perfect)

we then headed back outside for photos we went to the park for more. then made our way to the reception where we had a fantastic meal and did my 9 year son started of with the speehes and what a fab speech he did i was really proud of him,

we then went out on to the patio area and had some quiet time while awaiting for them to clear up dinner,

the evening soon came around and my guests started arriving before long it was time for the 1st 2 dances from me and my hubby 1st was from this moment shania twain the 2nd was amazed by lone star

the reception went perfect just like the rest of the day nothing went wrong,

everyone really enjoyed it,

after the reception we went to our hotel what happened next is censored lol image

yesterday was also another perfect day

the day flew by i will post pics really soon

luv sam xoxoxo


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