Our perfect day (with photos), 14th July 2007.

Hi all, I've really enjoyed reading everyone's accounts of their wedding during the run-up to mine, so I thought I'd share my memories of our wedding day with you. You might want to make yourselves a cuppa, I think this is gonna be a long one.......!

Thought I'd put the link to the photos in here in case anyone doesn't fancy trawling through the whole thing, I think I got a little carried away with my typing,ha ha!


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We'd arranged to hold our Wedding ceremony and reception at the Last Drop Village hotel in Bromley Cross, Bolton, as after looking round quite a few venues, Paul and I were both really taken with the charm & character of the Last Drop. It's such an individual venue, the hotel itself is an old converted farmhouse, with all the old farm cottages surrounding it now being used as tea shops, gift shops & antique shops etc. We wanted to make a whole weekend of our wedding, as several of our guests were going to be travelling some distance to come, so we thought the Last Drop was the perfect venue.

Paul took me to my parent's house on Friday morning. We packed all the dresses into my dad's car, making sure they had the whole of the back seat to themselves! During my dress aearch I was beginning to think that I'd never find "the one" until I eventually tried it on. This one was the first that really took my breath away. I remember the lady in the dress shop saying that she didn't even need to ask me what I thought about it after trying it on for the first time, she said the huge smile on my face said everything! It was made of Italian taffeta and was so light it felt effortless on. The embroidered flowers were so pretty, and the diamante details caught the light beautifully. The back of the dress was equally gorgeous, with a lace-up ribbon detail and small train. For my bridesmaids we'd chosen a two-piece outfit, consisting of a full-length skirt with a small train, and a corset-style top with diamante detail. I'd chosen my favourite colour, claret, for their dresses, and following on from this the colour theme for the whole day became claret & ivory.

We packed the rest of my bags into my sister's car, then she and I headed off to the Last Drop, with my Mum & Dad following shortly after. The weather was terrible when we arrived, non-stop rain, just like it had been for the past three weeks so no surprise there! I was still secretly hoping for a miracle and that I'd wake up on Saturday to a perfect summer's day, but as we'd happened to pick the wettest July on record for our wedding I'd resigned myself to the fact that this was unlikely to happen, and that we'd have to have all our pictures taken inside. This would be a bit of a shame, especially as the grounds of the Last Drop are so beautiful, but this is England after all, so we'd always known the weather was going to be a gamble!

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  • After we'd checked in to the hotel, myself, my bridesmaids Christina, Mandy & Zo????, and my brother's girlfriend Cheryl headed off to the Last Drop Spa, where I'd booked us all in for a pre-wedding manicure & pedicure as a bit of last-minute pampering. Afterwards, as we were sat in the relaxation room waiting for our nails to dry, a waiter arrived with a tray of (very large!) glasses of wine, sent by my brother, which went down well with all of us! At this point I was still feeling quite calm about everything, and was wondering just when the nerves were going to start!

    By now most of the guests who were staying in the hotel with us on the Friday evening had arrived, so we walked over to the Steakhouse and had a lovely meal and a few drinks, and were all chatting & laughing and generally enjoying the build-up to the big day. At this point I secretly congratulated myself that I'd planned things to almost military precision, and that I wasn't having to spend the Friday evening running round trying to finish organising things! We'd bought presents for our three Bridesmaids, two Ushers and for the Best Man, and decided to give them out this evening, rather than give out armfuls of gifts on the day. They all seemed really touched, especially the best man with his personalised Liverpool football club memorabilia, but in my experience lads always get over-excited when it comes to anything related to football!

    After enjoying a bottle of champagne we decided to call it a night, as I still had to wash my hair before the morning, so I said goodnight to Paul, and felt a little emotional, knowing that the next time I would see him he would be stood at the top of the aisle waiting for me! Christina (my sister) & I headed off to our room, where she blow-dried my hair for me in preparation for the morning. I finally got into bed around midnight (so much for the early night!) and surprisingly for me managed to fall asleep reasonably quickly, thanks to all the champagne no doubt!

  • I woke up early, well before my alarm went off, feeling really excited. I couldn't believe that after all the months of planning our wedding day had finally arrived! I stayed in bed just gathering my thoughts until the alarm went off at 8 am. I'd been so nervous about the weather in the few weeks prior to the day that I just couldn't bring myself to open the curtains, so I asked my sister to do it instead. It was pretty overcast, but at least it wasn't raining! As I'd been preparing myself for torrential downpours all day this was a good start, so deciding not to think about the weather again (for now!) I hopped into the shower, after checking that the ivory golf umbrellas my sister had bought were handy!

    I got dressed and headed off to the hairdressers, remembering to take my tiara with me, and left Christina in the room waiting for the second hairdresser to arrive. I'd decided to use the hairdresser at the Last Drop Village to do my hair on the day, but as she was on her own she couldn't do myself plus all the bridesmaids, so my sister's friend's sister's friend (confusing I know!) was coming to do two of my bridesmaids hair in our room, and she was also going to stay until I was ready to put my veil on for me (see I really had thought of everything!)

    The hairdresser couldn't believe how relaxed I was, and if I'm honest neither could I! I wasn't nervous at all, just really excited and looking forward to Paul & me finally being husband and wife after six and a half years together! Everything was going well until some of the curls in my hair started to drop for some reason, and I did start to get a bit panicky at this point. My sister really lived up to her role of chief bridesmaid, as she came and sat with me in the hairdressers, held my hand and calmed me down, and even made me eat a cereal bar so I didn't keel over. The hairdresser thought maybe it was the humidity (the day was a lot warmer than when I'd been in for my trials) that was causing the problem, so she used a really strong gel spray to keep the curls in place. Panic over, the spray really worked, my hair didn't budge right through to the end of the evening reception, but more on that later!

    I was running a little behind schedule at this point, but as Christina pointed out, it wasn't going to start without me, so there was no need to panic! We were all getting our make-up done in the hotel spa, so I went straight there (feeling relaxed again by this point!) and had my make-up done. I was really pleased, it looked even better than in the trial, then I went back up to the room to get dressed. When I opened the hotel room door it looked slightly more chaotic as to when I had left three and a half hours earlier! The bouquets had arrived, and they looked fabulous. Mine was a gorgeous bouquet of deep red -passion' roses, hand-tied with ivory ribbon and pearl pins, whilst the bridesmaid's were made up of ivory roses hand-tied with burgundy ribbon. Christina & Zo???? were almost ready, and waiting to help me get into my dress. We had arranged for canap????s to be served with the drinks reception straight after the ceremony, but as my dad thought I'd be too busy with photographs to be able to eat some he'd very thoughtfully arranged for a tray of sandwiches to be delivered to our room. I surprised myself by actually being able to eat one, and was still waiting for the nerves to kick in! My Dad then popped in with a bottle of champagne, which he opened and poured a glass for myself and my bridesmaids. I was now feeling really excited and couldn't wait for the ceremony to start.

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    what a fab review, roll on the next part
  • Ooh thanks Amanda, thought I was on my own for a minute there, ha ha! Anyway, here goes.......

    After getting ready herself my mum joined us in our room. I realised it was time to put my dress on, so with a couple of helping hands I stepped into it, and by the time all the ribbon had been laced up the back of the dress I couldn't wait to see myself. Christina then handed me a present from Paul, I opened it and saw a beautiful white gold bracelet, which went perfectly with the white gold necklace that Christina had bought for me as her wedding gift. I put them both on and took a deep breath. When I looked in the mirror I was so happy, the dress fitted like a dream, and I couldn't stop smiling.

    Just after all my Bridesmaids were ready the photographer arrived at the room, he'd already been taking photos of Paul with his mum, Best Man and the Ushers and now it was my turn. Seeing the state of the room (clothes & make-up everywhere!) he quickly set to work clearing a space by the window and arranging the curtains, I got the impression he'd done this sort of thing before! My Dad had arrived at the room by now, and the look on his face when he saw me was brilliant. We had a few photos taken then I thought I was ready to go, until the photographer reminded me I hadn't yet put my veil on! We quickly put it on, took one last look in the mirror, and then set off downstairs. On our way down to the ceremony my Dad told me how beautiful I looked, and how proud of me he was, which made me smile even more.

    By the time we all came reached the reception our Ushers had done a brilliant job of getting all our guests into the room where the ceremony would take place so that no-one would see me until I walked in. I had a quick chat with the registrar to confirm all the details, and realised that I still wasn't feeling nervous. After a couple more photos it was time to go. The harpist started playing -Bridal Chorus' by Wagner, which sounded beautiful, and my bridesmaids began to walk into the room. I linked arms with my Dad and followed the bridesmaids down the aisle. I could see Paul looking at me and felt so happy, he looked fantastic and so handsome in his suit. I noticed all our guests looking at me and I couldn't stop smiling all the way down the aisle.

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    i am on tenterhooks waiting for the next installment


    Samantha xx

  • hurry up and finish the rest !!!!!!!

    it sounds well organised and planned well done......

    you dont seem to have forgotten anything....
  • Sorry Samantha, got a bit of typer's cramp there, haha!

    The registrar welcomed everyone to our Wedding, and then the ceremony began. We both managed to say our vows with a fairly steady voice, it felt so natural to be looking into Paul's eyes and promising to love him forever. We had a bit of a giggle when Paul was struggling to put the ring onto my finger, then before I knew it the registrar pronounced us husband & wife, and we had a lovely kiss as everyone clapped for us. We then got to sit down as my sister & brothers came forward to do their readings. David & Christina read theirs beautifully and very sincerely, and then Andrew read a more light-hearted one which we had chosen to end the ceremony with, which made everyone smile.

    After signing the register we walked out together to the harpist playing The Carpenters -We've Only Just Begun', and entered the cocktail bar for our drinks reception & canap????s. Just as I was being handed a glass of champagne, Colin (the photographer) came up and told me that the sun was shining, and we should probably go straight outside for some photos before it disappeared. I practically ran outside, well as close to running as you can get in a wedding dress and three & a half inch heels, whilst holding a bouquet in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other!

    We started to pose for all our group shots, and I realised after I'd been stood there for a short while that my shoulders were burning from the sun! Paul & I kept looking at each other and laughing, we just couldn't believe how beautiful the day had turned out for us. I really believe someone was looking down on us, as it was unbelievable after the amount of rain that there had been in the run-up to the wedding! Colin then took me & Paul off for some photos in the Bridal Suite of just the two of us, which gave us a chance to spend a little time together and take in the day so far, which was lovely as it really had gone like a dream and we couldn't stop smiling.

  • We then walked over to the bar area of the reception suite where the harpist was playing and all our guests were drinking and chatting. Colin took us into the main room to have some photos taken of us with the cake, and I was amazed when I saw the room all set up for the first time. The table centres were beautiful, we'd chosen bubble vases filled with the same deep red -passion' roses & bear grass to match my bouquet, and scattered rose petals on all the tables. The whole room looked perfect, and I took a few moments to look around and take everything in. We then went out to chat to all our guests, and I was so happy that it was still sunny and our guests were able to enjoy sitting outside on the patio area which had been decorated by the florist with ivory ribbons.

    Our toastmaster then told us that it was time for everyone to take their seats for the wedding breakfast, and we got a massive cheer as we were introduced to the room for the first time as husband & wife! The meal was delicious, we'd chosen terrine of salmon & prawns for starter, roast beef with dauphinoise potatoes for the main course, and profiteroles for desert which everyone enjoyed. Paul & I looked around the room and said to each other how brilliant it was, as everyone was there for us and having a fantastic time. Everyone was getting on so well, I think my hours spent organising the table plan had finally paid off! We then cut the cake, which had been made by Paul's mum and was spectacular, it was a three-tiered heart-shaped masterpiece! Everyone's glasses were then filled with champagne and it was time for the speeches to begin!

    My Dad went first, he said some lovely things about me, and also told some mildly embarrassing stories, but nothing too bad thankfully! He brought a tear to my eye when he mentioned the people who couldn't be there to celebrate with us, which was a really nice way to remember some important people to both of us. Paul was next, he'd been so nervous about his speech but he was fantastic, really funny but also very sincere. He thanked all our guests for coming, and the first time I heard him say ???????On behalf of my wife and I??????? I was so happy I nearly cried! We gave bouquets and presents to my Mum & Dad and Paul's Mum, then Paul made a toast to our wonderful Bridesmaids. Finally it was the best Man's turn. I've never heard a Best Man's speech as funny as Luke's was, he made Paul dress up in a ridiculous wig, glasses and false teeth, telling hilarious stories from their past, and everyone was nearly crying with laughter!

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    Caroline - this is really great reading - more more image xx
  • Sorry for the delay, my computer just went a bit strange! Anyway here's the rest.......

    After the speeches we moved back into the bar so the room could be organised for our evening reception. I intended to pop back to the hotel room to freshen up, but found myself happily chatting away and before I knew it our evening guests had started to arrive. We had several more drinks, then the DJ called us in for our first dance. We thought we'd be really embarrassed shuffling round the dance floor but it was great, and it was lovely to get a couple of minutes on our own again, even if there were 120 people watching us! I spent most of the night after that on the dance floor, and Paul spent most of the night in the bar! The day didn't seem to go too quickly but the night just flew by, and before I knew it, it was one o'clock in the morning! The DJ started playing the last dance song and everyone piled onto the dance floor.

    After saying goodnight to most of our guests a few of us headed to the main bar in the hotel for one last drink. Paul & I then made our way to the bridal Suite, where he had arranged for a bottle of pink champagne (my favourite!) to be on ice. We popped it open at about two thirty am, and sat drinking and chatting for a couple more hours just re-living the whole perfect day over and over again. We finally called it a night at about half past four, it was lovely to be going to bed as husband and wife for the first time.

    We'd remembered to set the alarm, and woke up in time to meet everyone in the hotel restaurant for breakfast. I think I must have still been a little tipsy from the champagne, as I certainly didn't have a hangover, just millions of happy memories of our perfect day whizzing around my head! We had breakfast and chatted with friends & family, and everyone told us what a fantastic day they had all had. Some people went off to the hotel spa or for a look around the shops, but Paul & I decided to head back home and spend a relaxing day together. The emotion of the whole weekend finally hit me as we sat having a drink together on Sunday evening whilst reading all the lovely messages people had written for us in our guest book. It had taken a lot of planning & organising, but it had all been so worthwhile, as we really had had the most fantastic day of our lives so far.

    We jetted off to sunny Las Vegas a couple of days after the wedding, leaving behind what had once again become the rainiest July ever. On our return we received both the proofs from the photographer and our wedding DVD from the videographer, and we were over the moon with them both. The video was especially good as I was able to see loads of bits of the day that I'd not seen, such as all the guests arriving and chatting to Paul, and it was brilliant to be able to watch the ceremony & speeches again. We were so touched by all the lovely things that everyone said about us, it really made us realise just what special people all our friends & family are. It really was an amazing day, and I'm so happy & proud to have Paul as my husband.

    Here's a link to some unofficial photos taken by family & friends which I feel sum up the whole day. I hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoy reading everyone else's account of their day too.

    I just wanted to say good luck and enjoy it to all the brides-to-be, I really hope you enjoy every minute of your special day as much as I did.

    love Caroline xxx


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  • Ooh sorry! sign in as [email protected], password is wedding

    Hope that works! :\)
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    It sounds like you had a great day! What a great read!

  • Thanks Alison, it really was a fab day! Our faces ached the next day from laughing and smiling so much! Wish I could do it all over again now! image
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    I absolutely love your colour scheme

    that red is gorgeous and it really is a contrast against your dress which is lovely as well

    You really did put all us brides in the shade with your report - mine wasn't as long.

    but i did enjoy reading it and was actually reliving it as if i had been there


    Samantha xx

  • Congratulations your day looked amazing, and you looked lovely. I am so glad I have now seen pics of that colour scheme in use as I am getting married in less than 2 months and my colour scheme is the same, its just amazing to see it all together. Congratulations again and I wish you all the luck for the future sarah x
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    Oh Caroline, words cannot express how beautiful your report, your photos, everything are. I wish you and your hubby a long and joyful life together.

    Antonette a.k.a spunkychic
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    Hi Caroline


    I am getting married at the last drop in October - your photos look amazing. Which room were you in? We are in the Firwood suite!

    You looked amazing and I love your bridesmaid dresses. Your colour scheme is very similar to mine (I am having wine and ivory). Your food sounded fab as well!

    So glad everything was ok with the last drop - it is so reassuring to hear from a bride who is getting married in the same place as me!

    Are you from Bolton? Do you mind me asking who videoed your wedding as think I may be changing my mind about having it all videoed now?

    Congratulations again x
  • Ahhhh what a beautiful account of your day, and your photos are fab!


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    Congratulations to you both. Thanks for sharing the day with us. You look amazing and I love your flowers x
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    Oh Caroline you looked so happy and like you were having so much fun - exactly how i hope to be, and as for you being on the dancefloor all night and Paul at the bar, i already know thats gonna happen to me..

    Congrats again - may you be happy together foreverxx
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    Gorgeous!! Absolutely love your dress and looks like you had loads of fun.
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    What a beautiful day, you look wonderful and soooo happy. I really like your bridesmaids dresses can you tell me where you got them from/who designed them? Just the kind of thing I am looking for with the fishtail.

    Wishing you all the happiness for your future.

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    Wow, what a beautiful day. Your look beautiful, your dress is gorgeous.

    All the best.

  • Caroline your pictures are brilliant! It looked as though you enjoyed every minute, your dress is fab by the way! All the best for your fututre together with Paul.
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    Caroline you looked fab, I also got married on the 14th July - I can't believe it was sunny !!
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    Wow Caroline....you look stunning in the photos and you really look like you had fun- exactly what I hope for! Picture 13 is lovely- you look like you are beaming!

    The rport was fantastic too xx
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    Fellow 14th July bride here!

    Congratulations to you both - looks like it was a fun day.

    Happy 1 month anniversary! :\)



  • Hi! Just wanted to say a great big thanks to everyone who had the patience to read through my whole wedding report, your comments are lovely, its so great being able to share such a special day with all the people on here who've helped me bring it all together over the past few months, I couldn't have done it without you!

    Its lovely going over all the little details again, you start remembering so many different things from the whole day, I'd recommend writing a whole essay like I did to all the newlyweds, ha ha! I wish I had internet access at work though, I hate having to wait till I get home to log on and chat!!!!

    Just to answer a few specific posts;

    BlonderUK, I'm so glad you've gone for this colour theme too. Claret is my favourite colour and I always knew I wanted it for my bridesmaids. I was a little worried that it would be too dark for July, but in the end I thought stuff that, its my wedding and I'm having it, (Bridezilla, me??? Surely not!) and I'm sooooo glad I did! It seemed to suit all my bridesmaids colouring really well so I'm sure it'll look fab on yours too! When do you get married?

    Miss P 06, my bridesmaids dresses were by Alfred Angelo from a shop in Chorley (Lancashire) called 'Brides Of Distinction'. The ladies in there were totally fab, and recommended this dress as it was a two-piece with corset top and seperate skirt. They said that as my BM's were quite different sizes this would work well, as the top & skirts could be ordered in different sizes and altered seperatley to give a really good fit, plus apparently the corset top gives much better support to bigger boobs, not that I had to worry about that for myself though, shame! The gathered detail at the waist was really flattering too, you can see it on the Alfred Angelo website, I think it was top style 6337 and skirt style MSKT-D, you can have a look on the website and have a play around with different styles and colours, I had hours of fun doing this (almost!) ha ha! Go to 'Bridesmaids', and then 'seperates' and amuse yourself too!


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