They lied about the weather !!!! with pictures to prove it

Ladies according to several websites the weather on Saturday 11th Aug was supposed to be grey and overcast, WAS IT EVER !!,. It was the most perfect day for my wedding, glorious sunshine. The day itself was much better than I could have imagined everything was perfect, even the little things that went wrong has a kind of perfectness to them image I know everyone says it, but it really was the best day of my life.

I've a really efficient photographer who has put my photos on line already, so take a look at Orintia & Collin 11.08.2007. I hope this link thingy works, too loved up to work the computer properly right now. failing that try Olyden Johnson photography and go the long way round to the gallery.

Off on honeymoon in the morning so will see you all Soon.

Ps even though I don't know you all, believe me you have all been instrumental in some way or the other in the planning of my wedding, you all got a mention from my HUSBAND imageimage in his speech, largly about the loss of his laptop which was utilised as wedding planning HQ

See you soon

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  • I am so pleased that the weather was perfect for you Brownie - and you're right about the little things that go wrong too - they just make for an even more perfect day in a way.

    I shall look at your pics now - wanted to leave a message first as I am liable to forget..


  • Beautiful dress Brownie - shows off your fab figure. Which designer is it? This is exactly the style I was looking for, but couldn't find one like it anywhere. You look stunning.
  • scottishbridescottishbride Posts: 2,023
    Amazing dress! Love the guys' outfits too! Congratulations x
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    oh Brownie you look amazing - i really love your flowers they are exactly what i would like - did you see them online anywhere?? id like to show my florist a piccie xx - might have to drag my laptop along and show her your wedding pics
  • You look so stunning, that dress was made for you, i dont think ive seen a bride look so gorgeous!!! And i love your flowers and bridesmaids look lovely too! Congratulations

  • congratulations to you both you look gorgeous!!!
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    You look beautiful. Your cala lillies are fab.

    Congratulations, all the best.

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    Lovely pics Brownie, and the weather looked gorgeous.

    I really love your dress - the train sits beautifully. And your make up looked great too.

  • SezzabadooSezzabadoo Posts: 157
    Aw Brownie, your Mum looks soooooo proud!!
  • echeshireecheshire Posts: 404
    Congratulations Brownie, your pics are lovely and you look amazing. Have a fantastic honeymoon and come back and tell us all about that too! x
  • Congrats on your wedding! Your pics are great and you looked lovely. Pic 016 is fab. And i loved your flowers as well.
  • brentuk1brentuk1 Posts: 3,071
    Congratulations to you both

    I absolutely love your flowers, dress and your bridesmaid dresses they where gorgeous.

    Tell your husband THANKS for the mention from all of us, but just cos you are married now doesn't mean he gets his lap top back lol

    have a great honeymoon


    Samantha xx

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    Congratulations Your pictures are lovely. Everyone just looks so happy. You looked stunning and your Bridesmaid dresses were gorgeous. I also loved your flowers. Everything looked really nice together.

    Wishing you both a very happy future together.

  • stkezstkez Posts: 2,247
    wow stunning pics hun.

    big congratulations to you both
  • Congratulations Brownie you look absolutely stunning and the weather looked perfect. Have a fantastic honeymoon.
  • kathysukkathysuk Posts: 518
    Girl, you look fantastic! CONGRATULATIONS to you both. Loved the dress, loved the flowers, loved the outfits, loved the pictures, loved everything!!!

  • RandomBunnyukRandomBunnyuk Posts: 2,096
    You look FAB!!! yeay i'm so happy for you! and chuffed that the forum ended up in a speech, hehe!!
  • emmcewenemmcewen Posts: 582
    WOW!! everyone looks amazing and very happy image

    great photos, really capture the day.

    Best wishes to you bothxx
  • Congratulations Brownie. Your photos are fab & you look amazing!!!! I'm having the same colour scheme as you had & also having burgundy cala lillies! Only 33 more days to go! Hope you both have long & happy life together
  • MappyukMappyuk Posts: 72
    In one word!!! WOW- I love it, the dress, the flowers, the colour, the make up.... Both of you look so happy and really capture the essence of "happy wedding day" in your photos. Wishing you all the best for the future!

  • sammy77uksammy77uk Posts: 659
    Congratulations, Brownie, the dress is absolutely stunning! You looked lovely. It all did.

    Congratulations xx
  • macabeymacabey Posts: 2,884
    Congratulations to you and your hubby. Have a fab honeymoon. Your photos are beautiful. I like the fact that you had a tiara on in the day, then a fascinator in the evening. Your dress was made for you, you look stunning in it.
  • jaynekukjaynekuk Posts: 2,893
    You look beautiful Brownie.

    I love your bridesmaids dresses too,they look fab.

    What a lovely day.

    All the best to you both in your new life together.

    love jayne.x :\)
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    Wow, What beautiful pictures. You look stunning, Congratulations hun.

  • Hi ladies

    big thanks for all the very positive comments on our wedding photo's was always a little conserned about that because I don't consider myself to be photogenic, I always look like I've got some big time constipation thing going on in pictures image especially if my passport is anything to go by, this time however I think I'm positively glowing (Clearly married vibes or too much exfoliation :lolimage

    Just got back from a fantastic honeymoon in Dubai so got lots of catching up to do, have spent all moring getting intimate with my washing machine.

    In answer to some of your questions/comments here goes,

    Running bird the flowers were made by Jeanettes florists,, she is in Bromley south London, but if you are further afield I sure any good florist could do something similar, I think their simplicity is what made them stand out all the more.

    Shamrock sheila I found the dress or rather it found me in a little local wedding dress shop on sale, I was at that time getting fed up with looking as they all started to look the same plus I had already bought a dress but knew it wasn't THE ONE.It's by a company called Demetrios,that particular dress is discontinued but if you look on in the Princess collection 9658 is similar, it really did make me feel like a princess, infact my little nephew 7 told me he liked my princess dress which nearly had me blubbing (not for the first time that day)

    Spunky chick, spent months torturing my self over the veil tiara/fascinator debate, felt I was a bit long in the tooth at 45 for the whole virginal bride veil senario, wasn't sure it was in keeping with a civil ceremony in a hotel, so bought the fascinator an ebay find,got the veil and tiara just incase I changed my mind, right up to getting dressed was still unsure, my girls MOH ,bridesmaids and mum said put it on just to see, wow the whole thing just came together and my mind was made up, I'd even tried on veils in the shop and it just was'nt happening for me, loved the fascinator to death so had a quick change in the evening & got lots of compliments both ways so it all worked out fine in the end.

    LyndseyC hubby would love to think he's a suave gangster should have seen him the week before making the cake topper with such intricate precision (not sure gangsters do that image :lolimage, He left his clear glasses behind on the day because it was so sunny & had to spend the day in his sunnies, blind as a bat (he did look kind of cool though ).

    Think thats about it for the mo, will get round to writing a report, hopefully soon before I forget it all, although I'm sure I never will.

  • faithukfaithuk Posts: 229
    OMG Brownie you looked soooo beautiful!! and so happy!! and how about that weather?!? after months of worrying i think we had the best day of the year, someone must have been smiling down on us!

    Congratulations, and hope you're having an amazing honeymoon

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    you look stunning! and very happy!

    congratualtions, em xxx
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