How did you feel...?

Im getting married next Aug and i can't wait for all the small moments such as walking down the stairs in my house and seeing my parents expression, and the split second you start walking down the aisle.

What were your 'special moments' and how did it make you feel? Im an old romantic and would love to hear some of your stories!


  • There's far too many of them!

    Things that really stand out as lovely memories are...

    My dad (he was sitting in the front of the car) turning around every 5 mins on the drive to the ceremony and grinning madly at me!

    Sitting down with almost-hubbie during the readings and just knowing we were doing the right thing and he was as sure of this as I was. Don't think we actually listened to the reading (or the registrar for that matter either)

    Getting outside the castle after the ceremony (before everyone else did) and just having a huge hug - that's the photo for my avatar.

    I have to say most of the other special moments are where it's just the two of us.

    The car journey to the wedding breakfast reception, just nattering over the day - couldn't believe so much had happened in the 7 hours since I left our house to go to my parents in the morning!

    Leaving the wedding breakfast early to go to our hotel and then sitting outside still in my wedding dress drinking Pimms. And all the guests of the hotel that congratulated us. I really quite liked this as we were all dressed up still but everyone else (we were the only ones from the wedding there the night before the reception) was in "normal" attire.

    On the reception day... our room overlooked the driveway so I could peer out our windows to see all the guests arriving - great fun!

    And of course our first dance image

    All of it was special and far more wonderful than I thought it would be, but these are the particular moments that really stand out. I was giggling almost hysterically for all of the first day, throughout I had the kind of excitement and nerves all mixed up that you get as a small child just before you're allowed to open your Christmas presents!
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    gosh so many things

    when my dad walked in and saw me for the first time and we had 15 mins together before we left.

    Walking thru the hotel with him and a gondalier playing here comes the bride (we were in the venetian hotel!).

    Seeing my hubby for the first time and him looking stunning

    us being presented as husband and wife

    and the whole of my reception. i drank water all day so i wouldnt forget a moment!!

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    there are loads of little moments

    the night before i stayed with my bridesmaid in the hotel and when i woke at about 5am on the saturday after very little sleep i was like 'its my WEDDING DAY' and i remember looking outside thinking please dont rain

    at home when i was all dressed and ready my mum came into the room and was crying saying 'you look beautiful' and i remenber saying 'go away if you are gonna cry cos i dont want to' (i said it in a nice way)

    walking down the aisle and seeing h2b and BM facing me and i thought oh my god.

    singing our hearts out to the hymns we had chosen and thinking how good the choir sounded

    in the car on the way to the reception chatting away and looking out the window thinking pleases dont rain!! it had been sunny right up until we got to the reception, then it p****d it down throughout the meal and then was lovely all evening which was good.

    me and my husband walking into the room where all the tables had been set up to have a sneaky look and thinking WOW

    loads more but i dont want to bore you

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  • There were just too many.

    The one that really sticks out is walking into the hall of my Mam and Dads and my bridesmaids peering round the corner and my now sister in law (Husbands brothers wife) saying "Eeehh Niki" in her Jordy accent and my little bridesmaid in a stunned silence, then saying "you look really pretty".

    Another one as I walked out of my parents house loads of their neighbours had come out on the street to watch (I didn't know anymore than one of them as my parents had only lived there 2 years and I haven't lived there, the one I knew was only cause they lived next door to my mam and dad in the previous house where I spent all my teenage years) and I looked at my dad and he had a big proud grin on his face, it was so nice.

    The other main one was walking into the church and turner to corner to look down the aisle, I was in a daze and loads of people were smiling/grinning and then I came out of my daze and saw Gary looking straight at me with the biggest grin on his face I have ever seen, I saw that and I relaxed but don't remember much of the ceremony.

    It really is the most amazing day of your life and in some ways I am sad I can't have it again, I think we shall have to renew our vows on our silver wedding or something! I am now also wondering what the next biggest day of my life will be, the birth of our children, their wedding days, the birth of my grandchildren, I have now idea but I shall look forward to them in years to come with Gary.
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    I'm getting married next Aug and keep thinking about that moment my h2b turns round to look at me. Brings tears to my eyes every time i think about it.

    I cant wait
  • Hi

    My day was amazing and was the happiest day of my life (honestly-know it sounds like a cliche!)

    My best moments (from a long list)

    Going to Breakfast in the morning sad all on my own to find my grandparents and my best friend there to keep me company.

    My bestfriend (and Bridesmaid) when she was all dressed up and looked so beautiful.

    Sitting with my grandad watching cricket while my grandma had her hair done (bought some normality to the day!)

    Crying during the ceremony as I was so happy.

    Everything about my husband, his speech and the vodka toast we all had (we met in Russia).

    Having both our families together to share our day with us.

    Dancing with my family and friends.

    Lupin image
  • these are all so lovely and making me very emotional when i'm at work pretending to be busy and sitting here welling up. I get married in 6 and a bit weeks and thinking about how i might be having moments like these is making me very teary. Sounds like you all had wonderful days - can't wait to hear more.

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