Maggie Sottero 'Topaz'- can anyine help?

clarabo999clarabo999 Posts: 1,009
I am going to be ordering this dress soon from Val Collections in the US. I am just wondering what size of hoop I would need to get for it- I would like it to be full like in the picture. Would love to hear from anyone who had this dress!



  • Hi Clarabo,

    Sorry I'm going to be of no help whatsoever in recommending a particular size hoop for that dress, but I just wanted to say I had a quick peek at it on the website and its absolutely beautiful, you'll wow everyone in that I'm sure, especially your H2B!!!

    Good luck with your planning,

    Caroline xxx
  • clarabo999clarabo999 Posts: 1,009
    Thank you so much CarolineC, what a lovely thing to say!
  • Hi Clarabo,

    This is my dress, I'm having it in the blush pink. I dont know anyone else having it on here. I ordered mine in Dec 06 and it arrived in May 07, had my first fitting a couple of weeks ago and final fitting 20/9, getting married on 29/9/07 so only 5 weeks. I tried on both a single and double hoop and liked both but the shop I bought from recommended the double due to the way the sash at the side hangs. I took their advice and I love my dress its amazing ! I cant wait to wear it. You will look like a princess too, and it looks a lot better on than in the picture or on the hanger. When do you get married and where ?

    Its great to find someone else with topaz !
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