Anniversary Celebrations

MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

Married ladies, how did/will you celebrate you wedding anniversaries?

I designed some stationary this week for a couple who are throwing a big party for their first wedding anniversary, which I thought was really sweet.

Me and DH are planning a simple thing with it being the week before Christmas. We’re going to our favourite Japanese restaurant and spending the night in our wedding hotel.

I think I’ll probably have a little cake made too, because, cake.

What gifts, if any, did/will you give and receive?


  • KittyFiennesKittyFiennes Posts: 975 New bride

    We did a "big" party for our first anniversary. I was very excited as our first year (and then the following years here, actually) was a tough one. Plus my previous husband hadn't made a full year of marriage without constantly disappearing. So making that first year was a big deal to me.  I also enjoy coordinating events and don't get to do it often, so this was an opportunity to do so.  Our civil ceremony wedding was also just shy of a car crash, so having a nice anniversary was also important to me.

    I sent invites I designed with our pics on it from our legal ceremony the year prior. We had dinner at one of our favourite Italian restaurants with my parents, his mom, my sister & her husband, my granny, and a few others. We had a mini wedding cake, little flower arrangements in milk-jug style vases I decorated, birdcage favour boxes with bird-shaped candles inside, and clear heart shaped boxes with M&Ms with our initials on them.  We had amazing food in a wee private room in the restaurant and had a really nice time.

    We haven't done a party like this again, usually we just have dinner out somewhere. But the original plan was to have a church blessing and a good sized reception at our home for our 5th next spring.  But as usual, life gets in the way, and we've had bad luck with the church (our priest whom we loved left & his replacement barely speaks English), my OHs kids being in major trouble all of the time, far too much going on with our jobs/ businesses, property damage from storms, etc. So here it is in July and I haven't made one plan. Maybe we'll get to it by our 10th!

  • Elz2017Elz2017 Posts: 316

    We've only just got hitched and have already decided to do a 're-affirmation with our celebrant at the standing stones on the island we were married on; but we'll savethat for our 5th! Otherwise, our date was the nearest weekend we could get to solstice so we'll try and celebrate that as our regular anniversary.

     Having said that, I reckon a nice meal and bottles of bubbly will also happen! 

  • MrsMGMrsMG Posts: 359

    Me and my husband's first wedding anniversary is next week. We are only getting a takeaway to celebrate it lol. Saving up to go away for our 10th overall anniversary in Jan 2019 instead since we never managed to go on a honeymoon as I was caring for my dad but he is in better health now so we can manage away for a few days in Jan

    To us, our overall anniversary is more special to us. Don't get me wrong, we will still be all soppy to each other on our wedding anniversaries and I will never let him forget our wedding anniversary each year we saw the wedding as the formal and legal part of our relationship and even though the wedding itself was fantastic and I wish I could relive that day again, its the day we first ever got together that means more to us, personally.

  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,137 New bride

    I plan on milking anniversaries as much as I can! We aren’t married yet but have already decided we’re going to, in some small way, recognise all three important dates - our couple anniversary, the day we got engaged and eventually our wedding anniversary. We’ll do a nice meal for our couples anniversary, go for drinks somewhere fun to toast our engagement and then a trip away at some point to celebrate our wedding anniversary (which will fall on or near bank holiday in May when we often go away anyway). I know it might be a bit optimistic and extra now and might not always happen but I love a reason to celebrate and an excuse to open a nice bottle of wine and reminisce.

  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride

    Today is my 7th anniversary from betting together. My sister told me on fb (publicly) that anniversaries of 'getting together' don't count and are only real once married and she didn't know why I bothered acknowledging it. So just to annoy her I will celebrate both anniversaries every year. Sometimes small (takeaway and a drink) sometimes big, just whatever will annoy her (can you tell I'm still pissy and bitter over her ruining my lovely anniversary post with her reply?) 😂😂

  • SarahC2016SarahC2016 Posts: 396 New bride

    For our first anniversary I was heavily pregnant so we went out for a lovely meal and exchanged ”paper“ gifts. I made him a treasure hunt with paper clues to his gift and he got me a polaroid camera with photo paper so I could take photos of when the baby comes. 


    Our second anniversary is coming up and I have made him a gift with C.O.T.T.O.N being the clues. We will also go out for a baby free meal. 


  • AwhelenqtAwhelenqt Posts: 856 New bride

    Couples anniversaries are absolutely real! What about people in common law marriages?? Do they not count?? So silly.

    We kind of have a load of anniversaries lol first time we started dating is the week after our wedding date so we'll celebrate both together, then the second time we started dating was Feb 17th so we'll celebrate that together with valentines day, and we got engaged on Christmas day so obviously we'll already be celebrating!

    I am one of the most extra people you'll ever come across though so I will be no doubt throwing an amazing 1st anniversary party, but I'll also get someone to watch our little boy so we can have time to ourselves with champagne, strawberries and possibly some rope loool

  • Hullass1972Hullass1972 Posts: 580 New bride

    We always try to go away for a mini break on our wedding anniversaries. Bratislava/Vienna was #1 and Riga was #2. Unfortunately rugby commitments over the Easter period meant that going away for #3 was a no no but I'm expecting big things for #4 next April, he has been warned!!

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    the more I think about it the more a party seems like a second wedding, and therefore, a good idea 😂

    But our friends baby boy died on our wedding day (they obviously didnt attend) so I think it might be insensitive to publicly celebrate that date, even if the party wasn’t on the actual day?

    A mini break is out too with it being so close to Christmas, I think the most we could manage is a weekend tops. 

  • MrsMGMrsMG Posts: 359

    There was me saying we'd only get a takeaway to celebrate our wedding anniversary next week...tonight we found a good deal and we've booked up to go to Edinburgh for three days next week as an anniversary celebration 😂😂😂

  • ShitGotRealShitGotReal Posts: 435 New bride

    We received save the date cards last week for my cousins wedding who has chosen our first wedding anniversary to get married.

    M is FUMING! 😂

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