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Wedding Report 28th July


Just wanted to write something about our wonderful day so the details don't fade from my mind now I've come back to work and back down to Earth (nearly!)

Everything really started on the Friday. H2b and I live 40 miles approx from my parents and the village where I grew up and this is where we got married. So Friday morning was spent loading everything into our cars that we would need for the weekend and our Honeymoon as we were leaving straight away on the Sunday. So after double and triple checking everything we practiced our dance a few more times and then came the dreadful task of loading our beloved puss-cat into her carrier as she was staying with my parents while we were away. So into our very impractical coupe and convertible cars went 4 suitcases, a giant table plan, the bridesmaid dress and my veil, a huge bag of gifts for bridesmaids etc, a beach bag stuffed with the 12 books I planned to read in Italy and then a cat basket, 2 litter trays, a giant scratch post, 2 blankets that she lies on on sofas and beds, and the biggest box full of food and tuna and mackeral I have ever seen. Then puss was loaded into her carrier and strapped into the front seat, she then shouted all the way down the M1, a continual stream of miaow-ing abuse I think that the radio couldn't cover so we were both very stressed by the time we got there!!!

So anyway, I got to Mum's while H2b went to Debenhams and collected a last minute replacement waistcoat as he hadn't been happy with the original and bought a last minute pressie for his brother who was our best man. Philip cat was of course unloaded first, she proceeded to pooh on my parent's living room floor and then trotted round the house having a good look round, if any door was closed she would stand and shout until it was opened and she could continue her rounds!

Everybody around me was getting stressed now for some reason, I was really quite calm. The two things I had worried about were the weather - and by this point it was quite hot and whether I would get a giant spot and nothing had appeared so I was feeling fine, we sat and finished off the table plan and then mum and I went to collect my dress. Again my car is so impractical we had to ram it in, luckily the shop was only 2 minutes from mum so we were able to quickly hang the dress up as soon as we got home.

Dad and I then went over to the reception venue to deliver the cake that mum had made and then dad started getting all stressed and asking question after question to our Wedding Planner sho was also there. Eventually I snapped and told him just to do whatever he was told when he was told and then he calmed down and on the way home we talked about what car he might buy!!

Eventually 5pm came round and it was time for the rehearsal with the vicar and everybody else. We got through the vows with no mistakes although there was a lot of hesitation over the part about sharing wordly goods and everybody was laughing. We ran through who did what and where and then whizzed off to the pub to meet loads of people who were staying at the reception venue on the friday night. There were about 30 people and we just had something to eat and a few drinks, it was great as people got a chance to meet before the day and it added to the whole buil-up to the Wedding. About 11 I said goodbye to H2b and I left with my parents for my last night as a single woman, everybody else was stressed and nervous but I was the clamest person there, honestly I don't know what everybody was fussing about! I went straight to bed and was joined by my lovely Phil-cat and slept like a baby.

Anyway, I'd better do some work but I'll be back in a bit. Don't feel obliged to read again, is just for my own memory really.


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    Hi Gatorgirl,

    Congratulations on becoming a Mrs, don't worry about work, come back and write more...we want to know all of the details!

  • Anyway, the cat's snoring woke me up at 4.30am and it was raining, so I went back to sleep in a huff that the day would be ruined by weather. When my mum woke me up at 7.30 with a lovely cooked breakfast in bed the sun had got his hat on and there was a lovely breeze.

    So after eating breakfast and showering it was off to lovely Kate the hairdresser who had opened early so she could squeeze me in. It took about an hour but I was really pleased with it, especially as we hadn't really done a trial and I'm so glad I hunted down the hair combs instead of having a tiara. Once I got home there was nothing to do for an hour until Sarah arrived to do make - up so I sat down to read the papers. At this point my mother started flapping and asked why I asn't doing anything, what she expected me to do I don't know but that's mums for you. My lovely bridesmaid and her other half arrived so we sat around chatting and I gave her her present and card and we all started crying when she read it. Then the make-up girl arrived to set up. She started on mum while we just sat around.

    I'd bought H2b some white gold cufflinks and a card and he text to say how much he liked them and that all the ushers had arrived and had rememered everything - Orders of Service, Confetti and white fans we had bought for the ladies. They were having breakfast at the hotel and then heading over to the church, as the ceremony was at 1pm

    Meanwhile at my mum's everybody was panicing except me, the photographer arrived and said I was the calmest Bride he's ever seen. But I had no need to feel nervous, we had planned everything down to the last detail, the sun was out and I hadn't grown a spot so it was fine!

    About 11.30 it was my turn for make-up, Kelly and Mum got dressed and my Dad was flapping around with his cravat. I felt really calm and relaxed through all this and I have to say the morning before you get married is a bit dull really, lots of waiting around.

    Mark the photographer left to take photos of the lads and guests etc arriving and then the car turned up about 12.15. By 12.30 mum and Kelly were bored and decided as the car was there they would go to the Church now and have a gossip with anybody there. This meant that there was only me, Dad and the cat left at home. Dad took one look at the lace-ip back on my dress and decided he couldn't do it and fetched two neighbours who were waiting outside to take photos, so they managed to lace me in and then we got shoes and veil on and off we went after the cat had a good look at me, Miowed and trotted off to her litter - charming!!!

    Walking into the Church and seeing everybody there was just amazing, I was grinning madly and waving at people. Then I got to the front and saw my lovely H2b, we hadn't been able to see other in the walk up the aisle, the Church was a bit full, seeing him smile down and me and say "you look amazing" was something I will never forget.

    We sang the first hymn and then it was time for readings, my grandfather did our first reading - Union by Robert Fulgham and it was so perfect, we then had H2b's Dad do a reading from Proverbs and my Aunt read the extract from Captain Corelli's Mandolin.

    The rest of the service flew by in a blur, although we did laugh again during the "all my wordly goods" We signed the registers and then processed by down and couldn't even the Wedding March for people cheering and clapping.

    Then we were out in the sunshine with the bells ringing in the gorgeous graveyard next to my Primary School. The churchyard is full of trees and surrounded by fields so we had some lovely photos.

    Then we were showered with confetti - another one of my favourite bits and my handsome new husband and I were whisked away to our reception - well I say whisked but that's a bit optimistic in an old 1938 Rover that can't go over 40mph, but anyway it was great, we just talked about everything that had happened so far and some really random stuff like a leak in our bathroom and when we were going to see Die Hard 4.0!!
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    Sounds like you had a wonderful day.


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    all sounds perfect so far!

    Congratulations x
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    Sounds lovely, congrats!
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    ooh sounds fab - show us piccies soon - purlllleeeesssesss x
  • When we got to our reception they had a red carpet out and the Pimms waiting for us, all the guests were already there and drinking away in the lounge an gardens. I barely had time to touch my drink before Mark the photographer pounced and we had more photos done, he was really good though and kept letting us have a break, I gave my drink to my Nana to hald, got back 10 minutes later and she had drunk it! So by them time I tracked down another one it was time for photos again, so I only got a bout 1/2 glass, v. annoying. Eventually the official photos were done and Mark wondered round getting shots of guests and we started to do our mingling, we needed to make sure we spoke to everybody as we had decided not to have a formal line-up. So we trotted round with new husband happily carrying my train - something he said he'd never do.

    About 4.30 dinner was announced and we waited for everybody to be in before we were announced as Mr & Mrs - the first time I'd my new name- really strange and I'm still not used to it now - when people at work ask I have to think!!

    We had speeches before the meal and Dad a short but very funny and touching speech, not too slushy which I'd asked him to avoid. Hubby then gave his beautiful speech which also struck just the right note between emotional and funny (they all know I hate that sort of thing - British stiff upper lip and all that!)

    And then Hubby's brother went his best man speech. He had a powerpoint of several terrible photos of Hubby including one on the stag do of Hubby at a shooting range in Budapest with sunglasses on a machine gun in one hand and a beer in the other! V.V Funny and everybody was in stitches.

    That done we settled done to lunch which was lovely and in between courses did a bit more circulating. We had a lovely chat with my grandfather who has been married for 66 years, he now cares for my grandmother and is a great example so grabbed his advice with both hands and maybe we can manage 66 years - who knows?

    After cutting the cake with what seemed like 10 cameras flashing around us it was time for more drinks in the lounge - hurrah! My Dad had asked if we wanted a free bar and we weren't comfortable with the idea, as a lot of Hubby's friends would go way over the top and there would be people passed out and ordering ridiculous drinks, so we decided to have a subsidised bar, the tills were set to charge half the cost of a drink to the room of the person ordering and half to a giant bill for parents to pay the next day, we didn't tell the guests and they were all pleasantly surprised when they checked out the next day, this was a really good compromise.

    After this bit of relaxing we had the first dance - we had taken lessons and danced to Bobby Darin Beyond the Sea, we hadn't told anybody except my bridesmaid so she would make sure it was all on video. We were a bit nervous about this bit but it was amazing! My feet caught in the net a few times but you couldn't see that on the video and people were cheering at the end, it's another one of favourite bits of the day - all the timing was spot on.

    So the disco started and the floor was always at least half full, everybody was mingling in the lounge - aunts with Hubby's friends and there was a great atmosphere, I barely left the dance floor all night, I'd prepared a list for the DJ so he played all that and it really gave him an idea of what we wanted and every track was perfect. By 12pm I was dead on my feet and Hubby was holding me up during the last dance - Aerosmith so we said a few goodnights to parents and bridesmaids and stumbled off the bed, me tripping all over my dress as I could barely lift my feet.

    Once in our room I found that Hubby had not transferred my overnight things from my Mum's room to ours and I had a mini-temper tantrum. He pointed out there were loads of toiletries supplied and I could share his toothbrush now we were married but for some reason I decided I had to have those things as my book was in there and I wanted to read it!!!! Why I wanted to read a book on my Wedding Night I have no idea!!!! So he called recption and they dealt with it for us while we tackled removing 70 hair pins from my hair, this strangely was another of my favourite moments. And then the lights went off... and we fell fast asleep!

    Next morning, we found out a "hard-core" of guests had finally gone to bed at about 6am, the bar closed at 3am but they bought several bottles of wine and just kept going - I think this means people had a good time. It was great to see people talking to complete strangers and mixing well, I've been to loads of Weddings where that happens and am so glad it didn't here. After 2 1/2 weeks in Italy here I am back at work, trying to sell buses - my life is so glamorous as a newly-wed, but I wouldn't change a thing about my day - only to make it go slower. I've put a link to the pictures below, and maybe see you in You and Your Baby! Thanks for reading my ramblings.

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    Gatorgirl, you're recant of your day sounds lovely. Your photos are absolutely stunning. You look like a model and your phtographer was excellent. They are the best wedding photos I've seen yet. You and hubby look so happy and beautifull. I wish you both all the happiness.
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    You look beautiful.

    Congratulations to you both,and best wishes.

    love jayne.x :\)
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    lovely report and lovely photos! congratulations,

    em xxx
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    Great report and beautiful pics - congratulations!
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    What a lovely report and wonderful piccies.

    Can I ask what you had in your bouquet as it's EXACTLY what I'm after image

  • Hi Vibeke, not sure on bouquet sorry - obviously ivory and green roses, there was ivy, rannuculas and poppy heads, we told my aunt we wanted green and white and roses, and for things to slightly wild, we were so pleased, they were exactly what I had in mind.
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    They are stunning!

    My aunt is doing my flowers too and it's EXACTLY what I want image My bridesmaids are wearing mint green and we're having a green and ivory them so your bouquet was exactly what we're after.

    Love the green roses

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