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Driving license on honeymoon - query

saf28saf28 Posts: 645
Dear Newlyweds,

Just wondering if anyone has any advice really. We've got three weeks between the wedding and the honeymoon, and I'm wondering if that is enough time to change my driving license (the DVLA website says it takes 3 weeks). I've already got a post-dated passport in my married name, but we're planning to hire a car to drive from New York to Niagara for the 2nd part of the honeymoon and I reckon the hire places aren't going to like my driving license to be in my maiden name when my passport is in my married name! Does anyone have any experience of this?!



  • kht1468kht1468 Posts: 1,079
    No experience personally... but one idea might be to photocopy your old passport (if you still have it), and take that with you... and a copy of your marriage certificate - which should cover it .

    Kathy x
  • Hi Sarah

    We hired a car in America. I still had my driving licence in my maiden name but my passport was in my married name. It wasn't a problem at all. I did take our marriage certificate with us, just in case, but as they didn't want to look at our passports it was fine.

    Serena x
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