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My Thailand wedding report with pics - sorry long!

VessaukVessauk Posts: 105
Hi, I've posted this on a few forums I hope nobody minds! Well I'm just about over the jet lag and snuggled up in winter clothes!! We arrived back from Thailand on Saturday and my poor husband is back at work already, can't believe how much I miss him. image

We flew to Bangkok three weeks ago. The first thing which struck us were the mopeds dodging everywhere!! We were quickly impressed by our hotel. The Banyan Tree Hotel is one of the tallest in Bangkok's central business so we saw it from quite a distance. We were met with flower garlands and taken to our gorgeous room on the 55th floor. We enjoyed the night markets, a river cruise and a visit to the Grand Temple. On the last night we had dinner at the Vertigo Restaurant, 61 storeys up - wow!! All our legal proceedings went very smoothly and we'd highly recommend Creative Events Asia to anyone planning a wedding in Thailand. There was a slight worry on the final visit to the Thai Embassy as an official who needed to sign the certificate wasn't there and no one seemed to know if they'd be in at all that day. However they must have turned up as we were given our certificate and told we were legally married (although we didn't feel it!)

We caught an early flight to Phuket the next morning; luckily the driver knew which airport to go to as we'd wrongly assumed we were going back to the new one!! Again we were stopping at The Banyan Tree Hotel this time in a Spa Pool Villa. On arrival we were met with drinks, cold towels and flowers. The manager greeted us and informed us that as we were getting married there they'd upgraded us to the presidential villa (the resorts best villa!) I thought he meant just for the ceremony, but no it was for the whole two weeks!! It was stunning, too amazing for words! You'll have to look at the photos! But we had our own pool, Jacuzzi, dining room/conservatory, bedroom surrounded by lily pond hhmmmm!!! It's where the Thai royal family stay as well as famous gusts such as Robin Williams, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Pierce Bosnan! image

Our families arrived the next day and as they were all staying in Laguna hotels we hired a private ferry to pick them up. It was great to see them all. We spent the next couple of days unwinding at the villa, the kids hardly got out the pool! I had a facial, manicure and pedicure at the spa, the day before the wedding - hmm bliss! ;\)

On the day of the wedding I went to my BIL2B villa at the same hotel to get ready. I had a hairdresser and make up artist waiting for me - boy did I feel like royalty!! I was a bit worried with the eye make up at first as it was loads more than I have ever been used to, but when put with the dress it worked perfectly. My bridesmaids arrived and got ready - they looked beautiful. I sent a card to my H2b and a card and present to my soon to be step-son. My mum and SIL2b helped me with my dress and then we went by golf buggy to own villa where the ceremony was being held.

The villa had been decorated beautifully with flowers and the Thai musicians were performing as I walked in. I couldn't see my H2b at first. As I walked down to the sala, my bridesmaids sprinkled rose petals (their idea). I then saw my H2b, he looked gorgeous! From that moment on neither of us could stop smiling! We enjoyed our Buddhist style ceremony as everyone was involved. I can still remember that total feeling of joy, love and happiness and not being able to stop smiling even if I wanted to (which I didn't!!) Once the monk had left we exchanged vows and rings and sealed it with a kiss. We cut the cake and had a glass of champagne with all our guests. I felt a hand grip mine and looked down to see my step son, he then gave me the biggest hug and whispered through his tears ???????I love you mum!??????? I was so happy (more tears!) He hardly let go of my hand all evening!

We had photographs on the beach, sadly it was too cloudy for a sunset but I think the pictures look great (even though I'm in them!!) The one with us both laughing is our favourite from the day. We then went to the golf course to release paper lanterns which was great fun, even though a couple didn't launch as quickly as the others, I'm such I wasn't the only one thinking we might set fire to a building or tree! The other guests at the hotel all gathered round and were laughing and whooping with delight. Another short buggy ride to the lobby with my husband (te-he!) and it was time for our dinner. We had hired the wine rack terrace and again it was stunning! One of the reasons we chose to get married in Thailand was the Thai people and their attention to detail - they didn't let us down. Alex and I danced to our music and it was (and still is) the best feeling in the world to be his wife. My son gave his best man speech in front of everyone which was incredible (more tears!) and we settled down to our Thai dinner with our loved ones.

For days after we had other guests at the hotel and staff congratulating us and saying how beautiful I looked. Any regrets? Not really, only that I wish the time hadn't passed so quickly. I am the happiest woman in the world!!! image

Photos on please feel free to leave a comment!

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  • zellencazellenca Posts: 236
    WOW! Gorgeous. You look amazing and so does your husband! I love his shoes. Congratulations x
  • HellytHellyt Posts: 652
    Your photos are fantastic, you both look over the moon - Congratulations!!


  • jaynekukjaynekuk Posts: 2,893

    Everything is so beautiful.

    You look wonderful,and so does all your wedding party.

    Congratulations and best wishes to you both.

    love jayne.x :\)
  • VessaukVessauk Posts: 105
    Thanks Hellyt and Jayne7.

    We had an amazing time! :\)
  • hi

    congratulations, sounds like you had such a great time, your photos are so lovely, and you looked fab. I loved your flowers and the photos taken on the beach xx

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  • VessaukVessauk Posts: 105
    Thanks Annmarie x :\)
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