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Our Wedding Day 06/07/07 - With (Unoffical) Pictures

It is hard to believe that I have been a married woman for just over six weeks because the time has just flown by. Everyone said to me that when you get married and the wedding day/honeymoon is over you get the post wedding blues. But I've found the opposite, it has been quite refreshing not thinking about weddings and organising things for weddings. My husband and I both feel on cloud nine and are really enjoying married life.

Our wedding day was fantastic and we wouldn't change a thing about any of the day, although a re-run would be good!!!

The day before the wedding was so relaxing. I had planned everything so that all I needed to do the day before was take a few bits and pieces up to the reception so the rest of the day could be spent pampering with my mum and sister. The night before I spent at mum and dad's house while my then H2B spent the night at our house with friends who were coming to the wedding and had travelled over from Ireland.

I was so tired that after a homemade meal and two glasses of wine I went to bed at 10.30pm. No sooner had my head hit the pillow than I was asleep. I woke up at 5.30am to go to the loo and was worried I wouldn't fall back to sleep, but I did and woke up as bright as a button at 8.30am. After a cuppa and a chat with my sister I had a lovely relaxing bath. The hairdresser arrived at 10.30am and started work on my sister (bridesmaid). My other bridesmaid and best friend arrived shortly after with her 11 day old baby girl. We all had out hair done and at 12.00 noon the makeup lady arrived to glam us up (in a natural way)!! While all us girls were getting ready my dad was undertaking his list of jobs, including delivering the cake to the reception and collecting sandwiches from M&S. After the make-up lady left we all had some lunch and a glass of bubbly before the flowers arrived. They were beautiful and their arrival started to make things seem really real, though I have to say that everyone was so calm, enjoying the relaxing morning and taking in the moment. At 1.45pm the two little bridesmaids arrived and we all got ready for the photographer who came to the house just after 2.00pm. We had photos before he dashed off to the church to get a few shots of my H2B and guests arriving. The cars arrived at 2.35pm and took my mum and the bridesmaids off to church. My dad and I then had a few moments together for the final time before I was to be married. We had a lovely drive to church and still the atmosphere was calm and relaxed.

We arrived at church at 2.55pm (it was only a 5 minute drive) and had a few shots taken outside before entering the church. I almost forgot to put my veil over my face and as my best friend did the honours and the wedding march started to play it was at that moment I started to fill up. As I turned down the aisle and saw my handsome husband looking at me smiling it was such a struggle to smile back and hold back the tears.

As I stood by his side my H2B took my hand, kissed it and told me how beautiful I looked, in fact he kept whispering it to me throughout the service which was lovely. Exchanging vows was particularly emotional, but we held it together (just!!). After the service we had a few photos inside and outside the church but not too many to bore the guests.

It was then on to the reception venue, which was restaurant (with rooms) which we had taken over for the day. The drive there was great as it gave my husband and I an opportunity to share a quite moment and talk about what we had done that morning.

Upon arrival at the reception venue we had pimms and canap????s which went down a treat. I had given my sister the job of organising the taking of photos for our Polaroid guest book which turned out fantastic and is a treasured memento of the day. At 5.30pm we sat down for our meal which was delicious, especially the desserts - my husband and mine came on a plate with Mr and Mrs written in chocolate sauce around the edge of the plate. Then came the speeches - my dad was great and his speech was very funny. I had been worried that he might not have head it together as he does get quite emotional but he held it together well. It was my husband who is normally confident and quick witted that got emotional but I was not disappointed as his speech was off the cuff and from the heart, much to a lot of the guests surprise and delight also. The best man did us proud and did not embarrass my husband too much. After the meal and the cutting of the cake we cleared the main eating room for the band to be set up. My husband and I slipped away for 20 minutes to our room to take everything in and step back for the wonderful day we were having.

At 8.30pm we danced our first dance to The Way You Look Tonight which the jazz/swing band played wonderfully. The rest of the evening was spent dancing, drinking and laughing. At 10.30pm some much needed bacon/sausage sandwiches came round and it was not until 2.00am that the final revellers left for bed..... that was my husband and me!!!! We got back to our room which the venue staff had filled with candles and started to open some of our presents but after three or four decided against opening any more incase we lost tags and did not know who and given us what!!! So it was to bed and some much needed sleep in the arms of my new husband.

Thank you for reading .... you deserve a medal.

Here are some unofficial photos. The offical photos are much better and we are just in the process of deciding on the exact one's - which is proving very difficult.

C x


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    ARGH! We need your username and password.
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    Lovely report - glad you don't have post wedding blues and have the opposite - that's how it's meant to be! We need your username and password I'm afriad to see your pics x
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