My wedding Pics and my Top Tips

Hello girls, if your interested in my pics here is my link....

These are my top tips for the day.

I didn't have any centrepieces on my table just candles and jewels, and not one of my guests can remember if I had flowers or not, so no one even noticed.

I had a couple of glasses of wine with my dad going up to the ceremony in the car and it definatley relaxed me, not one ounce of nerves at all.

I had a trial make up done by a beautician, and my mum said it just didn't look like me, so i went off to Estee lauder and bought some nice simple make up which made me feel fantastic on the day.

Go all out on your wedding dress and don't scrimp on it. I bought a cheap one for my day then changed my mind and bought a mega expensive one. When I walked in the room with my dad, you couldn't hear anything for the gasps from our guests, which made me feel fantastic.

Have a chill out day the next day with your close family and friends. We all went to my parents house, which was lovely to be able to sit and chat with everyone.

Do the speaches before the meal. My partner was really nervous and I don't think he would have enjoyed his meal at all.

If any of you are consideriing a free bar, then do it. We put £1000 behind our bar and told our guests that when it runs out then its gone. It lasted from about 4.30pm till 10.30pm, not bad i would say.

Don't book a band!!!! We booked a party band which I have seen perform and they are fantastic. The singer became ill the day before our wedding so they sent a substitute. They didn't start playing till after 10pm as it took them so long to set up and the singer was awful and the dancefloor just emptied. Our best man asked them to leave after 15 mins of playing.......... They should have cost £1200, but we have lost our deposit of £250, and thankfully we hadnt paid the balance. Our DJ did a fantastic job and the dancefloor was packed ALL night, and he only cost £130........... (Bargain I would say).

And finally.................. make sure you take in the whole day, and you will love it. If I had the money, I would do it all again tommorrow, and I sincerely mean that.

Hope you like my dress............... ann x


  • Congratulations. Your look fab in the pics

  • sylossussylossus Posts: 211 New bride
    Hi Anniefannie

    Oh, I love your dress! I am also planning to go for a red dress and seeing the picture of you in yours makes me even more convinced that red dresses are the way forward for me. You look absolutely fantastic.

    Thanks also for the tips too - always good to know from those who have been through it.

    Very best wishes for a long, happy and fruitful married life to you!
  • great tips and lovely pics!!!! will definately be having a tipple and am doing my own make up too!!! you look gorgeous by the way xxx congratulations

  • WhinfieldWhinfield Posts: 372
    You looked gorgeous! Loved your photies

    Katie3007 xx
  • RandomBunnyukRandomBunnyuk Posts: 2,096
    aw - you look ace! great tips too!
  • RandomBunnyukRandomBunnyuk Posts: 2,096
    aw - you look ace! great tips too!
  • you look so happy and of course beautiful, congratulations!!!!!

  • racheljparkerracheljparker Posts: 1,515

    Your dress is gorgeous and you look stunning and so happy. Great top tips..thanks!!

  • Great tips - thank you! Your pics are lovely.. Congratulations on your wedding x
  • scottishbridescottishbride Posts: 2,023
    Simply stunning!!! Love the red dress! It looks like you had loads of fun - congratulations x
  • I can honestly say that my wedding day was DEFINATELY the happiest day of my life. My mum said to me in the morning, "don't forget to smile", and I didn't need her to remind me as I was smiling from start to finish...!

    Thanks for the nice replies, and the compliments on my dress. I did love my dress, especially as I am the plain Jane type of girl and i think everyone expected me to be dressed in a simple wrong they all were. When my Dad saw me in my dress he just stood there and cried and then we all started crying........... tears of joy, not sadness!

    Oh another tip is to take time out to have a dance with your new husband. My husband and I hardly spoke to each other all day apart from our first dance as we were too busy socialising and dancing with other people.

  • Wow you look gorgeous and i enjoyed reading your tips even though im a newly wed! congratulations!
  • omg you dress was stunning!!!
  • dress lovely

    cake stunning

    photograghs are out of this world

    could you tell us what the drink is in the photo as it looks scrummy
  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    Congratulations and what a fab dress!

    I wore red as well and I loved it! Highly recommend the red wedding dresses!!

    The tips were great too x
  • Hi Mitchell

    The drink was a punch that our venue supplied, sorry but I don't know what was in it. It wasn't expensive either and everyone commented on how lovely and different it was. We didn't go for champagne as a lot of our friends and family don't drink it, so it went down a storm........... image

    Our cake was made by a friend of ours who works in a double glazing factory !! He used to work for a bakers for 20 years. He made the cake as a wedding present. We bought the stand and the cake topper and the little red roses which cost us about £100 altogether....... image

  • wow your dress is fantastic. wish i'd bought a red dress now. congratulations. x
  • Congratulations - You look beautiful and the dress is out of this world !

    Can you please tell me where you bought the jewels that you had on the tables as i am looking for something similar
  • Hello Tan 12.

    The jewels on the table were an aboslute bargain. 99p from wilkinsons for a box. We only used two boxes for all the wedding................

    I love bargains....!
  • Thanks for the info ..............Wilkinsons her i come! x
  • You look beautiful! Your dress is amazing! Thanks for the tips too.

    Congratulations and I hope you have many happy years together! xxxx
  • Oh stunning, thanks for sharing...some great tips there
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