my day short and sweet

pretzukpretzuk Posts: 242
hiya ladies this is how my day went with pics more will be added when i get them


well day didnt go to well to start had hair appointment at 12 but babysitter got stuck in traffic and had to beg nextdoor to look after my neice, but after that the day was wonderful.

i arrived at the church 10 inutes late (just to be fashionably late) when i arrived i was greeted by the vicar who was lovely and my nieces and nephews who where my bridesmaids and paigeboys. then it was about to start and the nerves started to kick in. It was so surreal walking into the church to see everyone in there just looking at me. When i reached the top of the aisle i started to cry (what a sop) got through the ceremony without any hitches (no-one stood up to object lol) it was lovely weather so had our photos done outside of the church.

Then moved onto our recpetion which was such a surprise as had no idea what it was going to look like and it was lovely. It was a village hall and field all decorated with flowers and balloons it was like a village fete and i loved it.

everything went really well and we spent our night at a really nice hotel.

well thats it ladies told you it was short here is the link to some pictures if you want to have a look


  • penguinukpenguinuk Posts: 705
    short and sweet pretz congrats to you both! love the pics

    cant wait to see more!

  • BaxterukBaxteruk Posts: 3,373
    Awwwwww, knew you could do it! Its a fab report, short sweet and to the point and the pics are fab, cant wait to see the rest of them - karen xxx
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