How have you stored your wedding dress?

Just wondering if anyone else didn't have their dress professionally cleaned and boxed after their wedding day.

I hung mine up for a couple of days, decided I wasnt going to get it cleaned then laid it on the bed in the spare room.

Then when we started decorating spare room, I put it back in its plastic dress bag and placed it in a large box (that my digital piano came in!!). I checked for staples etc and it was all good.

Do you think it will be ok in there?


  • I had my dress professionally cleaned after the wedding day, and just gor a normal cardboard box of them as well as acid free tissue paper. I was told to line the box with the tissue paper and then put the tissue paper between any folds of the dress (removed from the plastic wrapper thing). I think the acid free tissue paper stops the dress discolouring, and i quess leaving the dress in the bag is a no-no too, maybe it sweats or something?!

    So i would suggest you take it out the wrapper thing and get some acid free tissue paper from somewhere ( i got mine from wedding dress shop), and go from there.

    Charley x x
  • kellychamkellycham Posts: 236
    I agree with Charley. Mine has just been professionally cleaned by the shop where I originally bought it from and they've ordered a box for me too which has the acid free tissue paper in it. They'll box it all up for me to collect next week. If you keep it in the plastic or the bag, it will probably 'sweat' and end up smelling funny or getting discoloured as Charley said.

    Mrs WP

  • cwukcwuk Posts: 324
    I haven't bothered having mine cleaned as other than for prancing about the house I don't need to wear it again ! (I put it in the plastic wrapping and then in a big box in the loft)
  • geh118geh118 Posts: 169
    I have had mine professionally cleaned and they are packing it in a box which will preserve it and keep it free from discolouring etc. It is costing £140 but i think its worth it.

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