Pictures and details at last from 4th August!!

Well i got back from my fab 3 week honeymoon today and thought i'd finally get round to details of my day, well thats if i can remember it all!!

I was at work right up to 5pmn on Friday 3rd so i didnt really get stressed the week before as had my sisters and mum doing the running around for me.

The night before, my best friend took me for a quiet dinner and drinks and i was in bed fast asleep by 10pm. Everyone else was busy setting the village hall until about 1am.

I woke at 5am, still no nerves and went back to sleep til 7.30am. My friend brought me a cup of tea and then i showered. Still no nerves so thought it hadnt really hit me yet.

Had my nails done at 10am then my hair at 10.30 and was still really calm. Was a bit worried as it was cloudy but people kept telling me it would clear up.

The whole morning went by steadily without any nerves and i was all ready bu 1.50pm, ready for the photographer to arrive.

In the whole run up to the wedding i was certain i'd be nervous and would cry but i didnt at all. I remember gasping when the horse and carriage arrived but i didnt cry. We went through town waving at everyone and holding up traffic, it was great.

The service was beautiful, i just remember smiling so much and being calm and happy. Maybe it eas because i had been planning for 18 months?

The photos were taken with glorious sunshine. And then it was onto the reception which went by in a flash.

The hog roast was perfect, everyone loved the casino tables and our first dance was amazing.

We had been taking secret salsa lessons before and so no one expected it, esecially as my husband had never danced with me before in the 9 years we've been together.

Afterwards people just kept saying how they watched as we started and then couldnt take their eyes off us as it was so good.

It was all over too quickly and i loved every minute.

I'm sure i've missed out loads of details but here are some pics taken by guests.

I hope this link works, i've never put photos on here before


  • frandodsonfrandodson Posts: 487
    You will need the password which is: franandclive
  • MrsDLBMrsDLB Posts: 1,324
    what's the username? i really wanna look at your photos!!!

    sounds like u had a fantastic day and really kept it together!! x
  • brentuk1brentuk1 Posts: 3,071
    come on Fran give us a username so we can view your photo's


    Samantha xx
  • frandodsonfrandodson Posts: 487
    Sorry about this!!

    It should be my email address: [email protected]
  • NonNon Posts: 495
    congratulations fran - you look lovely and soooo happy.

    i got married the day after you - weren't we lucky with the weather?!

    sparkler x
  • WhinfieldWhinfield Posts: 372
    You looked gorgeous, loved the Horse & Carriage and what lovely weather. It all looks fab!

  • frandodsonfrandodson Posts: 487
    Thanks, the weather was fab, cant believe our luck at having picked the right weekend.But thinking back if it had rained i think i would have had the best day ever too.
  • MrsDLBMrsDLB Posts: 1,324
    You look fantastic and like you had the best time ever....congratulations and all the best for your married lives xxx
  • MrsDLBMrsDLB Posts: 1,324
    You look fantastic and like you had the best time ever....congratulations and all the best for your married lives xxx
  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    Congratulations fellow 4th Aug bride! So pleased you had a fab day too!!

    Your photos are great, love the horse and carriage and you look fantastic!

    I hope you have a long and happy marriage!! Only 344 days to our first anniversary! image
  • emmcewenemmcewen Posts: 582

    wishing you and your husband all the best.

    Your photos are lovely image

  • frandodsonfrandodson Posts: 487
    You too Mrs Takers, hope your day went perfectly too. Have you posted pics yet?

    Wishing all of you b2b's the best day ever.

    Dont know what to do with myself now its all over.
  • scottishbridescottishbride Posts: 2,023
    Lovely pics! Congratulations! x
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