Im now a MRS. (Pics of our day)

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Hi Girls,

Well we did it!!!!! 2 weeks ago today on Sat 11th August. It was such a fantastic day and we loved every minute of it. I cant believe how quick it all went.

The weather was glorious sunshine and everything went without a hitch. My 3 sisters and my step daughter were my BM's and my stepson and nephew were my page boys (both 3 yrs). They all looked stunning and i really couldnt have asked for a better day.

I could go on all day and write the longest spiel ever but i'll just let you have a look at the pic yourselves.

Our photographer was fantastic.

Go to

then go to online pictures to Gemma & Jamies pictures.

Our password is Constable

Happy viewing.



  • Congratulations to you both, your photo's look fantastic,love the flowers bit of a Cala lily fan myself, everyone looks like they had a ball, what a great day for a wedding, mine was also 11th so may be a little bit biased image think we had probably the best day so the summer so far.wishing you both the very best for the future.
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    Thankyou Brownie, Congrats to you and your hubbie to. I def agree with it being the best day of summer so far. We came back from our honeymoon on Wednesday and was shocked on how cold and rainy it still is in August.

    All the best, Gemma
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    hi your pics are brill. your dress is beautifull. amd your hair and i love your cake as well i got married in May and i still carn't forget my day i;m still living in a dream , have not been on this site for ages but was on everyday for 7 months up till wedding just thought i would have a nosey round

    congratulations and all the best for your future together you both look great
  • Congratulations!!! I just love your pictures and the bridesmaid dresses are fabulous!!!!!

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    Love the pictures - you looks gorgeous! Congratulations x
  • Oh great I love seeing peoples pics! Are those forever Yours bridesmaids dresses...I am having forever yours in claret with navy sashes and my MOH in navy with red sash...similar thoughts me thinks!!!

    I love the way you can view and buy online too...where is he based??
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    Hi Gimmethatdress,

    Sorry about the delay. My internet is up to its usual tricks and keeps going offline.

    Yes my BM's dressses are Forever Yours. They are beautiful dresses and its great how you can mix and match the coulour of the dress and sash.

    My Photographer was great. I keep singin his praises and will recommend him to everyone. He is based is Clacton, Essex.

    When is your big day?

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    ooo beautiful, thank you!!


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    congratulations to both of you and have a great married life.

    You look gorgeous and very happy.

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    You're pics are amzing - you look fab.

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    Congratulations - your photos are fab. You, your bridesmaids and husband look great!

    Oooh and the little lads look so cute!!

    You had a similar bouquet to me, but yours looks so much nicer!! (she did a rubbish job with mine image )

    I hope you have a great marriage!! Congratulations again x
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    Congratulations!!!! You look stunning!! And your photos are great!!!
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