what did you do when you got back

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did you collect photos/video straight away,when did you send thank you cards? and cahnge your name?


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    We left for honeymoon 5 days after the wedding and were away for almost 4 weeks. We left sending out the Thank You cards til we got back as I wanted to make them myself and use some pictures from the wedding and honeymoon on the actual cards as we'd asked for money towards the honeymoon.

    We saw the photgrapher theat same week and he delivered the photos 5 weeks later - the delay being in that the album is hand made, but well worth the wait.

    (I haven't changed my name as we live in Spain and were married here)

    Then what we did was start planning thngs to look forward to together, so the wedding comedown wasn't too hard, even tho you might expect it there will still be a comedown.

    Good luck

    Kathy x
  • We aren't having a honeymoon until the spring (if then, but that's another story) but I have already sent my US passport off to have my name changed (apparently there is a massive delay in processing at the moment and I need it back for a trip at the end of October). Once I have it and my marriage certificate back, I will get started on my British passport, driving liscence, bank account etc.

    We won't have any photos until next week at the earliest and I am planning to use a photograph for the thank you cards, so can't do anything about them yet. We also need to choose photographs for our parents and for the beautiful album that my sister-in-law made for us. The only thing I have done is order cake boxes which should arrive next week so I can send cake to some friends and relatives who weren't able to make it on the day. Otherwise, everything is being left until after we move, which is taking up quite enough time and energy at the moment, a good cure for the reaction that I suffered the Tuesday after the wedding.
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