Newlyweds and loveing being a wife

Got married on the 6th July 2007, and loving being called my wife. These are my photo's for you to look at, loved the day it was perfect and we had no rain, lots of sun but very winding. But that was great to say everywere was flooded in Sheffield the week before our wedding and my venue was badley hit.

Hope you like my photo's:\):\)

Thanks Helenimage


  • macabeymacabey Posts: 2,884
    Congratulations!!!!! Your photos are lovely. I wish you and your hubby all the best.
  • You look so happy and your dress is stunning!

    Congratulations xx
  • scottishbridescottishbride Posts: 2,023
    Beautiful pics - congratulations! It is a Hollywood Dreams dress?
  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    Congratulations! You both look fab and very happy - I hope your marriage is always that way! image
  • DeborahtDeboraht Posts: 2,882
    Love the pics! Beautiful dress, congratulations!
  • MsstressedMsstressed Posts: 714
    Congratulations!!!! You look stunning!! And your photos are great!!! I love your dress!
  • hi everyone, yes my dress was a Tiffany part of the Hollywood dream dress makes. My dress was a very light pink and i loved wearing it. Want to wear it again, but been told bad luck. Is this true???

    Thanks Helen:\)
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