Wedding dress

Hello to all of you smug marrieds!! Isn't it great!

Just wondered if there is anywhere you know apart from ebay that you can sell your wedding dress? I really don't want to but i have no room for it and as we couldn't afford a honeymoon, thought it would be a good idea to fund it! I have had a look on ebay but i really couldn't sell it as cheap as they do on there, it's such a gorgeous (and expensive!) dress that it would kill me!

It's a OK exclusive - Naomi with an ivory sash and antique brooch from Berketex brides.

Any help would be appreciated!


Michelle x


  • kellychamkellycham Posts: 236
    Hi Michelle

    You can sell your dress on There are some other sites too - google 'second hand wedding dresses'.

    Hope this helps...

    Mrs WP

  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    or there's a site called Craigs list I think. My mum uses it
  • Thank you ladies!! x
  • you can always try preloved as well...i look on there alot for little things!
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