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Don't like professional photos of wedding

Rose59Rose59 Posts: 12 New bride
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Hi there,
We received our wedding photos and realised that the photographer missed some important shots. We spoke to her about some of them and she said that they weren't good enough to give to me eg, people were in the way, eyes shut etc. I said that didn't matter to me but she still didn't give them. 
People suggested that I look at them a few months down the track, its now been six months and I feel even more disappointed that those shots weren't given to us. The photographer missed getting photos of the back of my train which I spent ages getting altered, none of the back of me walking into the church, no close up ones of me getting ready, no close up of me and my mum, reception was lacking. Overall, I feel very let down, especially since I did my research before we hired her and told her what we wanted (maybe not in enough detail) I should of went with another photographer!
Unsure of how to proceed... do I ask the photographer if she got those shots? do I leave it? do I get in my dress and take some more pictures? do I deal with the good ones that we do have?


  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    I mean, if you have one photographer she can't be at the back of the church getting shots of your train as you walk up the aisle, and also at the front taking shots from the front at the same time. Most churches are quite strict on where a photographer has to stand. You'd need more than one photographer if you wanted shots from more than one angle - they aren't allowed to go galloping around a church during the service.

    My venue didn't lay out the ceremony room as I asked so it was very cramped at the front and the photographer struggled to get shots because of this - but it's done with, we still have some nice shots of the day overall, and I was there, I have all my memories. You could ask her one more time for the images, but if she thinks the shots are bad she won't want them in the public domain with her name attached to them, so she'll probably say no.
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 942 New bride
    I understand how you feel - I had just the one photographer too and he couldn't be everywhere at once, so I didn't get any pictures of me getting into the dress or with the car, and all the ceremony photos were all from the same angle, so mostly of me and not my husband, he didn't get shots of quite a few of the guests at the reception, including one of my grandparents. There were a few shots we'd asked for that he didn't get (I assume they just didn't turn out very good). The group photos weren't perfect because not everyone was smiling or looking at the camera in all of them. What disappointed me most was that there isn't a single shot of me in my dress without a person or the flowers or my shoulder wrap I wore in the church obscuring it somehow. I did ask him if he had any further photos, but he didn't. He had obviously already given us all the best ones.

    Fortunately there were enough nice photos to put in frames and albums, and the further in time I get from the wedding the less bothered about it I feel, but I think this is a common occurrence. As MrsC says, one photographer can't be everywhere at once and people do want to get in the way to talk to you! We're bombarded with picture-perfect wedding photos in magazines and websites, but the reality is that unless you pay absolutely thousands for two or more photographers, it's unlikely you'll get more than a few absolutely perfect pictures.

    It could be worse - I sang at a wedding recently where they had two photographers and three videographers and it was absolutely awful because they were literally climbing over the bride and groom to get the "perfect shots". As she walked down the aisle, the videographer was right in front of her, and then pushed past her to get a shot from the back! They set up tripods in front of the altar and flower arrangements. It really affected the feel of the wedding ceremony and made it feel more like a show than the beginning of a marriage. I'd much rather have the memories of a beautiful wedding than a swarm of photographers buzzing around me!

    I would imagine that even if you asked her if she has any more good photos, it's unlikely she does - she's probably already sent you all the best ones. Do you at least have some photos you like that you can frame and put around the house? I found that helped because it meant I was seeing the ones I loved every day rather than dwelling on the ones I wished I had. Also, ask around your guests to see if they can send you photos - people have such good cameras now you might be surprised to find some hidden gems that, even if not professionally perfect, capture the feel of the day for you.
  • Rose59Rose59 Posts: 12 New bride
    Thanks for the comments :) 
    There were actually two photographers on the day and a videographer. 
    There are some lovely ones to put in frames which I have done and I have got the majority of the guest pictures. I guess I just can't dwell on the missing ones even though I'm quite disappointed. 
  • Oh no - try not to feel too disappointed though, as OmRum said, sometimes its better to have the memories than the actual photos as you can risk it turning into a photoshoot rather than a wedding x
  • HI, I totally understand as we had a very similar experience. So similar that I wonder if we had the same photographer (the initials of mine are MW...) I got married 3 years ago and I still lament over  our wedding photos. I actually prefer pictures that our guests took on their phones as they look more like us and there are some lovely moments captured. In our professional ones, there is just something quite 'off' about them. We asked another professional photographer to give us his honest opinion and he said that she just hadn't captured the 'story' of the day. Again, key photos missing and again, when I asked to see more photos, I was told that they weren't suitable to be shared. It is a horrible feeling, It angers me that this is allowed to happen. In very few industries, do you have to pay for something in full before you have had the goods. You hear these stories over and over again and something needs to change. 
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