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Feeling deflated months after the wedding

Hi guys, 

I'm just wondering whether anyone else feels a bit deflated so long after the wedding day. 

I got married last August and apart from a couple of hiccups everything went perfect. It was never going to be the wedding day of my dreams as the venue was budget but a beautiful 13th century barn so certainly not shabby either. We had lots of entertainment including animals (we are ecologists), a magician and a caricature artist. We had a beautiful ceremony too and I had a lovely horse and carriage. Everyone comments on how beautiful the day was and many say it's the best they have been too and I fully believe them. Myself and my family put so much work into it. My husband says it was the best day of his life which is amazing. We also had one of the best photographers I could have asked for and the photos are stunning and she really made the day and gave us beautiful photos to look back on.

However, I look back and just think things could have gone better or I could have chosen somewhere else or that I didn't look my best. It's just ruined my memories of the day and I thought this feeling would have gone by now but it still hasn't months on. 

Anyone else feeling the same?


  • Samantha265Samantha265 Posts: 603 New bride
    Focus on the positives and the marriage. Theres lots of women on here having to cancel their day due to the virus. All you can do is stop going over what you would change and focus on what went well. 
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