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Party 2 years after wedding

Hi all

We got married 22 March 2019. I have a chronic illness and at the time of our engagement, we didn't have much money. I didn't think I could cope with a big white wedding (that I'd dreamed of since I was 5), and we couldn't afford one anyway. So we had a very small wedding with just 27 guests, a boat trip with fish n chips and no evening party. Loads of things went wrong, I hated my hair, the food was cold, my dress broke, the driver got lost, the cake was awful, I was rushed getting ready and the photographs were bad. Pretty much everything was a dissappointment because we did it all on the cheap and I feel so incredibly sad and embarrassed. 

We're now in a position where we have more money and I know I could manage a celebration. I'd love to celebrate with our wider family and friends who couldn't make it and make up for some of the disappointments like having a first dance etc, as I just feel so sad we didn't do many of the traditional things I've always dreamed of.
  We were thinking of having an afternoon tea party for our 1st anniversary back in March, but the covid outbreak scuppered those plans. 
As long as we get a vaccine and hopefully are allowed to have parties again by next year, would you think it weird to get an invite inviting you to a party in summer 2121 to celebrate our marriage, perhaps if I explained on the invite that due to health issues and budget, we couldn't have the party we wanted at our wedding? Or do you think this would be weird over 2 years after the wedding? If so, do you have any other ideas? 
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