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hiya just thought i would let you know still nothing!!!! was due on thursday have not done a test yet but will do one next week. You said to keep you informed. xx


  • Oh thanks - for keeping me updated and let me know how this one goes I'm very excited for you - think it will be june next year before I even get to try which is fair enough and sensible for us but I would happily make it tommorrow!!!!!
  • Oh and also - sooooooooooo glad that you are still coming on here although not quite as often as me but I'm back to work onMonday (term starts) so it will be less again after that!!!!! Don't think I'll ever totally leave - hopefully celebrating 25th anniversary and still coming on here!!! image
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    yes its a total obssession everytime i log on computer i have to come on here lol. never mind it keeps me happy, didnt i read a post from u saying that u were going to stop coming on here a while back? what happened there lol only joking im glad u came back it means im not the only one been married 3 months and still obssessed with weddings lol. i will let u know when i have done a test but 3 days late is unusual for me im usually like clock work!!! holidays have gone quick havnt they? xx
  • Yes hols have flown (NO FAIR) but I suppose I have to earn a buck somehow!! I did TRY and not come back on after the second honeymoon in July but prob was I had posted replies to people and then had to see if they had written anything back (well that's my excuse anyway!!!) ANd yes it is OBSESSION still with me too!

    Sounds poss if you are usually clockwork but do let me know - You've already got kids have you?? I can't remember exactly - Oh but also I HATE you cos youa re going to see robbie!!! JOKE but I really wanted to but we just can't afford it booo hooo
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    hehe i couldnt afford it either but got tickets last november and its another one of those obsessions i suffer from lol i have been to the last 3 concerts he has done cant miss one now (much to hubbies dismay lol). yes we have 3 children (yes i am insane) this is deffo the last though im gonna get him done after lol. x
  • I want 3 kids so I don't think 4 is insane at all!!!! I went to Knebworth and had a fabulous time! Would LOVE To be going again - have even been looking on ebay but I know in my heart of hearts that the bank accoutn can't take it and hubbie (STILL LOVING SAAYING THAT) would go spare if I spent the sort of money they are going for - oh well!
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    i went to knebworth wasnt it great such a buzz, dont worry you will be able to go next time when you havnt had a wedding to pay for, oh your wedding photos were lovely by the way, yeah i still love saying husband i wonder how long the novelty lasts for? it is so quiet here my mum has got the kids till tmrw so we can spend some time on our own and what does he do the big romantic....watch the bloody football great... lol i should be used to being a football widow every saturday by now. he making it up to me after though he cooking me dinner the creep!! xx
  • Mine's watching the footie too and I hope he might creep and cook dinner cos I have had a bath and am in my pyjamas and dressing gown already!!!! God how sad is that at this time on a sat but the weather just made me feel all wintry - fancy a nice movie cuddled up on the sofa with him later!! How nice of your mum - I don't know what we'll do when the time comes for kids as my parents are 300 miles away and his are at least 2and half hours drive away although they could be further for my liking!! Ho hum I imagine we will work it out as we go!
  • Oh and thanks about the pics!!! I love looking at them all still every now and then the hubbie finds me with the album on my lap reliving it!
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    yeah i love looking at mine aswell, though i was a bit dissapointed with them as i didnt get all the shots taken that i wanted but never mind i was really upset after the wedding but try not to think of it much now! yeah my mum is lovely shame same cant be said for my mil evil witch is more appropriate! my mum is sp sweet she picked them up this morning and is having them till tmrw evening, this is the first break we have had through the holidays though so its a much needed rest. oh thanks for saying im not insane having 4 i have really been worrying about what people will say about how many children i have got seeings im only 27 nearlly 28! x
  • The one piccie that I never thought about having but was dead upset that I din't ahve afterwards was just one of me and my mum!!! Why isn't that on the usual list there is always bride and father (wich I got a really nice one of) bu I would have loved on of me and my mum - but like you I have got over it now! Well I am just coming up 27 next bday (hubbie 25) and I would really love to already have at least 1 esp as I want 3 in the end and anyway it's not what other people think that counts!!! REmember that! My mil has turned into an evil witch too to say the least and so have the 2 sil's but I try and stay calma bout it - they are managing to push hubbie away with out me so I just stay well clear and at least they are not just around the corner! God you must be KNACKERED after 6 weeks of the kids 24/7 - I have been thinking about my pupils parents and hoping they have had alright hols after all having kids with severe learning difficulties and behaviour diffs for the full 6 weeks without a break must be really tough but they are all fab paretns so I have my fingers crossed for them and will find out Tues morning!!!
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    im a bit tired but its been ok really its actually been nice having them home easier in a way cause they play with holli the youngest she is 2 and gets bored on her own also unless im on an early then theres no rushing round in the mornings getting them to school etc. oh god dont talk to me about evil inlaws i bet mine could give yours a run for their money lol image only difference is mummy can do no wrong in htbs eyes and its been causing a few problems but i foulnd as long as i dont mention the old cows name we usually get along fineimage bet its a really rewarding job working with the children? i work with a few adults that are disabled and have learning dificulties and i love it, my job is actually a home carer but we dont just care for the elderly, the majority of clients are elderly but not all of them, i love my job. do you enjoy yours? x
  • Yep love my job wouldn't swop it for anything (except motherhood but I've heard thsat's not very well paid tee hee) it's really rewarding but really tough too - got a few scars to show for it! The start of this term is going to be a nightmare as I have got additional responsibilities that I know everyone is goingt o come with moans to me FIRST THING monday morning and will take me at least a week to sort and we have had buoilding work done over the summer and when I popped into my classroom yesterday it wasn't finished -aaaaahhhh and autisitic kids donb't like things changing anyway so it could be problematic!!! Hubbie used to think his mother was an angel (he was never fooled by the sisters mind) but he is now beginning to realise SLOWLY the real truth but I know what you mean about the arguements it can cause!
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    yes i try so hard to keep my mouth shut but at times i cant and he always seems to be on her side, we had to go to se them and as they live in cornwall had to go for a week, she was all nice infront of him but as soon as he was out the room the bitchy comments started one example she said to me "do u know no one really likes their inlaws you just have to put up with them" i really felt like saying yeah tell me about it but managed to keep my mouth shut some how, thing is when i told him he just said his mum wouldnt say that so i give up one saviour is they live 350 mile away thank god! change of subject i hadnt thought about it but we have been on here so long (u longer than me) that we dont have a "i got married in..." forum!!!! maybe we should try patches to ween us off of it lol xx
  • I'm gonna start with those patches right now as I've got to go now but yeah a new forum would be cool as we are not really newly wed anymore as dissappointing as that is! Anyhow take care and let me know when you have any news image
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    will do nice talking to you! better go aswell and see if football nearlly finished speak to you soon bye bye xx
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    hiya, thought id let u know it happened last night! 5 days late image never mind next month!?! hope u r ok and back to school went ok? xx
  • Aaaaawwwww shucks - I was hoping for the first forum pattering of feet! But like you say - always next month!!

    YEs started back to school OK although it is all still very disroganised without much chance of getting better due to the nature of the kids I have got and I have one new member of staff who actually seems rather TERRIFIED of the kids which is never a good thing as however aggressive they can be they still are only kids, and generally very lovable ones at that!!!

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    no that is not good at all is it, bit silly taking a job with the children if u dnt think u can handle it, u will have to keep ur eye on him/her. do u run the school/nursery or do u own it? i would love to go into something like that one day, i did my nneb at college but have never really used it, silly really train for 2 years at college to wrk with children then end up working with the elderly lol, mind u most of them are pretty much the same as kids most the time lol. what hours do u wrk? xx
  • Oh no no no I wish i ran it or owned it as the headteacher is about as much use as a chocolate teapot lol image (prob not fair she is very good at the paperwork but has no idea what actually goes on in the school!!!! image ) No I am just a lowly teacher!!! I have 4 support assistants with me (2 full time and fab and then 2 who job share one mornings and one afternoons and one of these is the new ones). I know the kids can be REALLY unpredictable and I am prob just so used to it I don't bat an eyelid but the new Lady has been REALLY flinchy so we'll have to see how it goes maybe she'll settle in but think I may have a bit of a chat with her tomorrow and see if she is worried or wants to ask anything etc.

    AS for working hours it just depends - this week so far I have been in school by 7.15 and not left till 5.30 AND even then I have bought work home with me and not stopped till 10 with maybe an hours break in the evening (dinner and check here image )so it is fairly full on - I hope in a couple of weeks I will not be bringing SO much home and will be finished by 8 that is kind of 'normal' for me!
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    cor u do long hours! what do you mean a lowly teacher im sure you do a wonderful job and lets face it with out you guys there would be no school! i really respect you for the job you do it must be not only hard long hours but emotionally draining aswell, what age kids are they im sure u told me before but i cnt remember lol. xx

  • At the moment I have got a mixed Key Stage 2 class so they are aged between 7 and 11 years old. It is draining but VERY rewarding too when you get one who can finally match colours after 2 years of teaching it or can match their numbers up to 3 after a LONG time of teaching it or can successfully make a PECS exchange it is just the MOST amazing moment - worth all the work, abuse and heartache and at the end of the day I still walk away from the kids (not always emotionally you are right but physically) where as how the parents manage I don't know!

    Like you I would LOVE to run a nursery some day (or even operate as a child minder) or I am also interested in being a Educational Psychologist but I would have to go back to uni for that so probably not!
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    yeah that must be rewarding, my job is very rewarding aswell its nice isnt it to do something you love that helps others and get paid for it!! (if u can call it that lol) how long did you do at uni? i just went to college would have gone to uni but fell pregnant tut tut to me lol xx
  • Tut tut indeed - tee hee!

    It is FAB to do a job that you love (although sometimes just like everyone I'm sure I do loathe it!) But getting paid for it is a bonus too - I just got a pay rise but unfortunately a LOT mroe responsibiltiy with it I am now ICT co-ordinator so in charge of al the computer aspects of the school and everyone keeps running to me with probs.

    I did 3 years at uni - to get a BA in Social Policy (don't evne ask what it is - pointless mainly but I went for the lifestyle really and hey if I hadn't gone I wouldn't have met my husband!)

    Then after voluntary work followed by paid work as an assistant at a special needs school I decided this was what I wanted to do so had to go back to uni to do you teacher training which was 1 year. I am looking at doing a Masters degree in Autism in Children (looks really interesting and very relevant to me) next sept but it would be evening study I wouldn't have to give up the job BUT the fees are a LOT so I don't know yet!
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    wow that sounds really interesting, when u have got the money u should go for it! im going on dementia training next month that should be interesting as alot of my clients have dementia. change of subject....... i was gutted the other day! xx
  • oh mate - i can imagine it was gutting but like you said there are plenty more chances surely but I can understand it was rubbish!
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    yeah and just to make it worse my brother and his girlfriend (who havnt been trying at all) found out they are pregnant and i got told by my mum that now i should wait for them to have a baby as its not fair of me to take the glory off of them! she says i already have kids and should leave it now!! xx
  • Oh no that doesn't seem very fair - after all it is not about 'glory' it's about the kids and would it not be nice to have 2 of them in the family at the same time? Surely if they are telling people they must be some way down the line so even if you were to get pregnant next month there would be a few months between the kids anyway??!!
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    well yes but try telling that to my mum, my bro and his gfriend think it will be great to do it together and my opinion is this might be our 4th child but it doesnt make it any less important than my first or my brothers first! anyway its up to us and i am not waiting there is medical reasons why we are trying now for this one before its to late! im hopeing that when i finally fall then she will be just as excited for us if not i get 9 mnths of peace lol and they get it all image xx
  • true!!! Well I hope for your sakes that it does happen sooner rather than later and if your bro and his girlfriend don't ind I am sure your mum will come round when it happens!!!

    Anyway best get back to you joyous work for the night so chat soon!!! ta ra!
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