3.30 wedding - Sit down meal or hot buffet??!

Hi, I am getting married at 3.30 with say, a 15 minute drive to the reception.

Do you think there is time for a sit down meal or just cater for all with a hot buffet??

Any ideas or have you had the same problem?

Thanks! x


  • hi,

    im having a 3pm church wedding and we have chosen to have a buffet, probly starting at 5.30pm.

  • Hi there is time for a sit down meal if you want this. Guests will prob enjoy it as well as it will give them a chance to sit down and talk about your ceremony. But a buffet would work well too and the guests could mingle this way.
  • Its such a dilemma!! Would of course be nice to keep costs down as well!
  • I would like a late afternoon ceremony but have been wandering about sit down meal also, figured ceremony at 3, photos till 430ish, sit down meal 5ish, speeches around 615ish, then serve light buffet around 9ish and ask evening guests to arrive around 8ish. Thats my initial thoughts anyway!!!
  • Hi

    We got married at 3.30 and we sat down to dinner at 5 ish - only 2 courses though (no starter) and then our evening guests came at 8, it worked well as we had just finished the speeches, so could welcome them all. THen about 9.30 we had cheese and biscuits, which everyone was ready for by then. It was really nice and everyone wasn't soo stuffed that they wouldn't dance, which was lovely

    Hope you work it out

  • we're getting married at 3pm and are having a hot buffet.Our whole wedding is very informal and we wanted a buffet to continue that.We also want more time to chat and mingle with our guests rather that have say 2 ours otaken up by a formal dinner. But that's just us. Go with what you feel would be best suited to your day and you as a couple.
  • how about a sit down buffet.....?
  • We're having a sit down hot buffet where the dishes will be put on each table. That way you can still have the structure and formality (if you want it) of the sit down meal, butit's the costs down and is still less formal.
  • Hi

    We had a similar idea but went for cold - it was all on the tables for when we sat down, then everything got cleared and dessert brought out while we cut the cake, which was then passed around as part of dessert.

  • Thanks for all your posts! I think I will end up having a sit down of some description, just because I think that's what people will expect (does that sound silly!?)

    I really like the idea of cheese and biscuits for evening reception though - simple but brilliant idea! I love it!

    D x
  • We're having cheeses later on too - partly because I am a cheese addict and also because we having cornish cheeses as a nod to where my H2B is from. I like the personal touches which although other people might not understand all of them, will be special to us. Along that vein we are also having a wine we had the night we got engaged...

    I think sit-down is easier if you are having a lot of people say over 50 because otherwise people get in each others way.... But maybe not if you were having a BBQ... does that make sense? Older people always want to sit down to eat anyway I think!

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    Were having cheese for the evening too! And crusty bread, homemade pickled onions (FIL2b) chutney, grapes, cracker/biscuit thingys. I think we might be having some cold meat as well from the carvery earlier on, so it will be like a ploughmans lunch!!
  • Pickled onions and chuntney sounds great too - I am really sold on this idea for a buffet! Maybe some meats as well though...........H2B hates cheese, but hey!! I don't!! x
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