amazon gift list

k8hatk8hat Posts: 820

h2b has just been on the internet and found that amazon do a wedding gift list looks really good as lots of the things are cheaper than in john lewis and other places...however Ive never heard of anyone using them before so just seeing if anyone out there has any experience with amazon wedding




  • BrummieVeeBrummieVee Posts: 1,651
    I've just found out about this but havent heard of anyone using them

    Anyone got any feedback?
  • alfonzodog1alfonzodog1 Posts: 30
    I know someone who did but don't know how they got on with it. My H2B wanted to have our list with amazon but in the end we decided against it because we didn't want to make it awkward for some of our older guests who don't have computers or don't know how to use them. We thought it was better to have a list where people can go into the shop.
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