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My wedding photos

Hi everyone,

If anyone's interested, here's a link to some of my unoffical pics. Hope the link works! I've loved looking at eveyone else's pictures and am still coming to terms with the fact that I don't have a wedding to plan anymore imagex


  • kaz1801kaz1801 Posts: 619
    lovel photo's!!
  • julie444ukjulie444uk Posts: 2,129
    Wow you look beautiful, i love your dress who is it by? It looked like you had a great day. Congratulations and all the best. Juliexx
  • Great photos, you look lovely! Love the colour scheme, it's what we were thinking of having. Where did you get married? It looks like a lovely venue!
  • Great photos, you look lovely! Love the colour scheme, it's what we were thinking of having. Where did you get married? It looks like a lovely venue!
  • Fabulous photos! Everyone looks so good, particularly you! Looked like it was a wonderful day, congratulations. x
  • wow you look lovely - congrats to both you an hubbie xx

    ps. is your cake from Waitrose, it looks very much like the one we are probably getting from there.

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  • Congratulations - you both look so happy! Your photos are excellent quality also x
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride
    many congratulations u looks so sweet arnt you dinky ? xxx hugs j x
  • Thanks for the lovely comments everyone. It was a lovely day. To answer your questions, the dress is called 'Rita' and it's by Pronuptia, the cake wasn't exactly from Waitrose as we wanted some of the layers to be sponge, so we had a cake-maker copy it for us! Oh and the venue was the Farnham House Hotel in Surrey. Glad you all liked the pics! x
  • eggy78eggy78 Posts: 16
    Hi, just had to say thats what dress I'm having tooimage i hope I look as good as that in it . Lovely pictures by the way. Thank you for sharing them I was beginning to think I was the only one wearing that dress, I've never seen proper pictures of it before only the model ones, but they don't do it justice. Having my first fitting on Wednesday, can't waitimage
  • have just been browsing through this forum for the first time and have come across your photos

    absolutely beautiful! lovely pictures of the day

    oh and I take photos as a hobby and if I could find anyone as photogenic as the youngest b/m (in white) I would be so happy! I love the idea of her having a different coloured dress too

    everyone looks so so happy; congratulations!
  • Thanks ladies. Hobbes1, my youngest bridesmaid/flower girl was my step-daughter and thank you. She is very photogenic and luckily loves having her photo taken so didn't get too bored on the day! Eggy78, how did the fitting go? I agree about the model pics - I'm quite short (I got the petite length) and the dress looked a completely different shape on me!
  • tlat97tlat97 Posts: 209
    Loved your colour scheme, looked absolutely gorgeous!
  • Gorgeous dress. I tried on Rita but it didn't look half as good on me, as I don't have your lovely slim figure. Congratulations
  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    oooh congratulations - you looked absolutley stunning and your colours looked fab xx
  • Hello,

    You look amazing in your dress.

    You both look like you had the most perfect day.

    Can I ask one question...where did you get your youngest brides maid dress from? She is soo pretty and it looked very nice on her.

  • Your photos are fab and you look wonderful. I am really pleased to see a bride who wore her glasses for her wedding day. I too will be wearing mine but was finding it hard to stay focused on doing this and have contemplated contact lenses etc but you have given me back my resolve! The day looked wonderful.
  • You look stunning. I want my hair like yours was. I hope people look as happy in my wedding pics x
  • jennyuk3jennyuk3 Posts: 204
    They are absolutely gorgeous, congratulations image

    I love the fur shrugs, can I ask where you got them from? xx
  • Thanks for all the comments - it seems ages away now!

    Jenny, the fur shrugs I and my eldest bridesmaid wore were from Pronuptia, and I basically got them free with my dress - there was an offer for £100's worth of accessories. The ones the younger girls wore were from an ebay shop but just as good.

    Salsababe, my flower girl's dress was an Alfred Angelo one. She tried on loads but when she put that one on, she didn't want to take it off, just kept doing twirls and posing in the mirror so we knew it was the one! It comes in all different colour combinations.

    SoontobeMrsL, I always knew I would wear my glasses as I didn't want to look too different and I normally have my hair up, so that was a big enough change. Plus a few years ago I got a bad eye infection and a contact lens got stuck in my eye, so it put me off them for life! lol x
  • you look gorgeous!!!! You really really do!! what a fantastic day! You are just the right person to give me advise!!! How tall are you and whats your dress size? I am 5"2 and size 6 - 8 and absolutly paronoid that im going to look silly and never find a dress to fit! Did you find any problems or have any height advice? image) x
  • Thanks Harper2b,

    I'm 5'3-5'4, and wear a size 8. The dress I bought was not at all what I had planned - originally wanted something simple and a-line, but when I tried them on, I looked ridiculous - they were so wide and long on me - like I was dressing up in my mum's clothes or something! Some of the shops I went to e.g. Debenhams had nothing in a suitable size or length. The dress I chose in the end was from Pronuptia and came in a petite length and size 8 (although I did have to have the bust taken in a little bit still - small boobs!) Not sure how many styles they do in a petite length though. Obviously you can get length altered and dress taken in depending on the style - with the lace, my dress wouldn't have been easy to take up at all so glad it came in the petite length! Basically, I chose shoes so they were the right height so the dress didn't need taking up! ha ha! Good luck and hope you find your dream dress soon, x
  • Hello fellow newlyweds

    I had such a lovely time I felt a bit sad when it was all over.

    Had a spring clean and had to recycle all my bridal mags!

    Have been trying to show my fellow bride bloggers my photos via facebook - can someone check the link and tell me if it works!

    Our day was special to me because my husband is from the north west and my family are british based Jamaicans - it was a lovely cultural mix.

    On the day (and the night before) I was so nervous - but my best friend and chief bridesmaid kept me in check! My other bridesmaid who was hubbys cousin played up a fair bit, she didn't like her dress and wasn't very nice. I just tolerated her in the end. But I didn't let that spoil the day.

    However, it would have been useful if both girls had remembered to keep fixing the dress and make sure it looks ok... but it was fine in the end!

    My make-up was done by a MAC make-up artist who I can recommend - although she is north London based. She was brilliant.

    We didn't go for a theme as such - although we wanted to keep things classic - I didn't want anything christmassy, so I went for raspberry, black and white - it worked really well.

    We had a lovely Catholic ceremony - complete with gospel choir. They were wonderful - although they were supposed to sing Lean On me as we walked out - but the church organist wouldn't stop playing!

    Then our guests were taken to Ware Priory by London bus and we went by Beetle. By all accounts, a lot of fun was had on the bus!

    The team at the Priory made us and our guests a special rum punch cocktail - although it was November we had lovely weather and everyone had a mill around outside in the gardens. It was more like Autumn than winter. The Ware Priory is a lovely venue and staff were very helpful and accommodating.

    We decided to eat before putting everyone through the speeches!

    Dinner was a full roast, with gorgeous desserts of Tarte Tatin ande Bred and butter pud. After wine and cheese - then speeches.

    This was very touching because my dad had had a triple heart bypass only 4 weeks before and we didn't know if he would make it.

    He did, but felt too emotional to make a speech so my mum had to do it instead.

    My grandparents and aunt came over from Jamaica and they are real characters.

    Cutting the cake. I had originally wanted a whole pile of cup cakes but I was out voted in the end. Instead we opted for a three tier cake in vanilla, chocolate and lemon. West Indian Fruitcake was handed out as favours.

    Our first dance - I was really nervous - everyone clamoured round!

    We danced to I was Made to Love her by Stevie Wonder - love that song.

    We decided against a band and got a really cool DJ from Trojan records who spun top reggae and soul til midnight.

    Our driver came to get and drive us home in our 'love bug'. Then we spent two blissful days at K-West spa and hotel. Haven't had a honeymoon yet - cos hubby is a teacher and this is making things vastly expensive and difficult!

    It was a wonderful day. The best thing about the day for me was my husband. I think he looked so handsome and sweet. We met at university nearly 15 years ago and it was the perfect day to finish off our college romance and start married life

    lady t x

    Let me know if the link works!
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