any advice for us with a bit longer to go?

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Hi newlyweds

congrates on recent weddings,

i still have 239 days till wedding (about 8 months) and my head is swimming with plans and pictures. i'm fairly well organised person and most is booked but i'm so worried i'll miss something on the day, the little things, forget to do something or walk in and find it doesn't look like i imagined.

i just wondered if you ever felt the same and i'm sure your weddings were perfect in every way but was there any thing you would have done differently or wished you'd done for yours ?

just need a little assurance that it will be okay in the end i guess,

thanks em


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    I've got 295 days to go to my wedding and still feel like everything isup in the air ! However my life saver is a wedding diary that my cheif bridesmaid bought me ! Every thought and idea i have goes in there then my mum and I get together about once a month to discuss what i have come up with. A second opinion is a must !!!
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    I know exactly how you feel girls!

    I got married just over 4 weeks ago.

    I found times during the planning very hard and frustrating and so many times I felt like there was so much to do and how was I ever going to do it, that no one understood what I was going through and that no one including my h2b cared or understood how important everythign was and how stress full it was. THe pressue from family members was over welming, though they were just trying to help.

    This website and chats helped me so so much.

    Now that it is all over I can look back with perspective. I never felt like I had everything organised, and it doesn't matter, it does come out alright.

    We chose our first dance 2 days before the wedding. we did the table decorations and place names 2 days before too. my mum broke her arm so was unable to finish the bridesmaids dresses so my wee sister stepped in and cocked p one of them, but they fixed it and all was great.

    On the day I was fine, I was just enjoying the fact that it was our wedding day and that I was with the man i loved most and all the people I loved and cared for were there for us. The reception set up the tables decorations wrong and despite all the stress I'd put into designing them, i didn't care. the day is too important and just so amazing that you will not mind the little hickups that will happen.

    So my advice is to try not to stres about being completely ontop of everything and organised, you never will feel like you've got it undercontrol. Also let people help, It makes the day more special if it's a colaboration betoween people and they feel involved and that they helped make your day so great. I wanted to do everyhting my way so that it was done right, but you just can't and on the day I loved the fact that people who had helped were getting enjoyment out of our enjoyment of the day thanks to their help. Do you know what I mean? I'm probably garbaling.

    Also you need others to know what is going on and how you want things so that on the day they can sort out probelms for you without you even knowing!

    so take time out everso oftern. don't talk wedding things and remember who you are in love with and why. Don't let the wedding take over your relationship. your relationship is the reason for the wedding, it's just a celebration of your love, nothing more. (i know we want that celebration to be the best ever, but it will be, because it's yours,and it will be individual because it's yours and friends come to celebrate your love, and see you happy)

    so enjoy! just look at all the chats about missing the planning now it's over!


    best of luck and remember we are all here for you to offer advice, help and support!

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    oh sorry for writing such a long one before, one thing i'll just add is my one thing i wished i'd done diffeerently is:

    walk up the isle slower.

    but i was about to cry so i rushed up.

  • I agree with Susie, it is really easy in the bild up to be a control freak and panic about all the little details. But on the day you you wont notice the things that you forget or aren't quite as you had imagined them. eg we forgot to put the cameras on the tables and didnt realise until afterwards, but so many friends have emailed us their snaps that we didnt need them anyway. Also my girlfirends helped set up the flowers in the morning at the reception and i kept away, they then made executive decisions about any problems without me knowing, and i didnt even notice..... so plan as much as you can, but try and let go, probably about a week before and just remember why you are there. the important bit is that you are getting married and on the day you will be so filled with joy over that, that you will barely notice the rest.

    hope this helps.

    oh and like susie said, try not to become obssessed in the build up, try to take time out.

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