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our wedding video UPDATE now our photos too!!!

We got married on 8th December 2007 but our wedding photos are still not online yet but our video trailer is, so i thought i would put it on here. This is just the trailer but we are so pleased with the whole film. It has been done brilliantly!!

Let me know what you think.

Its taken a while but our photos from our 8th Dec 07 wedding our now online too

At the bottom of all the writing it says "if we photographed your wedding click here" click on this and then on james and louise

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  • julie444ukjulie444uk Posts: 2,129
    Wow great film, you look beautiful, love tour dress and tiara. Congratulations and all the best for the future
  • Oh wow, that is fabulous, you must be so chuffed. Congratulations, it looks like a wonderful day x
  • didnt realise we were on his promotional dvd. I would really recommend Roger at diamond films he was brilliant and made you feel really at ease. Barely noticed he was there!!

    It was a wonderful day, better than i ever expected. It goes so fast though which is why it is wonderful to see the dvd as there are bits we had forgotton or did not realise had happened until we saw it all again!!!
  • fab video and great photographs, you all look lovely, i am sure you have the same tiara as me if not it is identical! x
  • Hi Louise!

    You looked beautiful!!!

    We are getting married on December 6th this year and so I wondered if you can give me any advice on Dec weddings? What time do you choose for the wedding and was there enough day light left for the photographer??

    Is there anything else you'd recommend about keeping warm!!! I dont want blue lips as I say I do, but dont fancy wearing a parker either!!

    Many thanks

  • repjohnsonrepjohnson Posts: 1,243
    Louise you are my hero!!!! You had your hair exactly how I want mine on my wedding day. I now have something to sow my hair and makeup person. You looked stunning. the dress was beautiful and you looked amazing. I love red as a wedding theme it looks lovely especially at Christmas time. Good luck and thank you so much!!!!
  • Hi all

    Thanks for all your lovely comments!!

    I do! We got married at 12 o'clock as our photographer advised us to due to the light. On our wedding day it was pouring with rain so didnt have many photos outside the church but the rain stopped by the time we arrived at the reception venue. I didnt have a shrug and i have to admit i never felt the cold, infact i had to ask at the reception for the doors to be opened as i was so hot, must have been all those layers of tulle!! I loved having a christmas/winter wedding it was beautiful in every way and im sure yours will be the same good luck and enjoy your planning as time will just fly x

    coldchardonnay thank you for your lovely comments my hairdresser just did my hair on the morning it was nothing like the trial as i changed my mind. I did have a hair piece though (shhh) which i bought off ebay. It just gave the hairdresser more to play withx
  • Wow what a gorgeous wedding!

    Thanks for sharing!! x
  • Wow what a brilliant Video!! Never seen anything like that before, how amazing!

    If you dont mind me asking, how much did it cost you....we are really interested in enquiring about it but not sure if out budget will withstanhd!!!

    You looked so stunnung and love your tiara, so sparkly!! x
  • BroodyKateBroodyKate Posts: 2,079
    Your video is ace! What did you think to the casino? me and h2b are thinking of having casino themed wedding too!! x x x
  • Wow that is great look amazing too !
  • vickyirishvickyirish Posts: 2,037
    i cant see your video as it wont let me look at work, but your photos are beautiful!!!!

    you look amazing, lovely wedding.

    Your dress is absolutely beautiful. what make is it???


  • omg the video is great well done are they expensive x
  • omg the video is great well done are they expensive x
  • omg the video is great well done are they expensive x
  • omg the video is great well done are they expensive x
  • omg the video is great well done are they expensive x
  • omg the video is great well done are they expensive x
  • omg the video is great well done are they expensive x
  • CLonnyCLonny Posts: 721
    Stunning photos, really gorgeous! and you looked amazing!

    Would you mind telling me where you got your little confetti hearts from with your initials on? they're so cute! xx
  • Thanks for all your lovely comments!!!

    The video was £800 inc me getting ready, all day, and early part of evening do. We also got 3 copies of the dvd. We contacted different videographers and told them what we had to spend and this guy was just brilliant, really easy to be around.

    The casino was brilliant and went down really well with all our guests. It filled the lull between meal and the evening do perfectly.

    My dress was 2 pieces the skirt was by veromia and the bodice was by eshenda moda. I loved it when i bought it and then became more and more unsure about it as the day got nearer but on the day i loved it again

    The confetti with our initials was from Confetti

    good luck with the planningx
  • missycukmissycuk Posts: 193
    Hi loulou1974 - the video and photos are fab. I got married on the 21st December last year and my dress looks very similar is it a shangri-la corset??

    Congrats on your marriage xx
  • Beautiful, well done you xxx Gorge hair too! I want mine just the same x
  • BroodyKateBroodyKate Posts: 2,079
    i was just wondering where your videographer is from? x x x
  • Jules491Jules491 Posts: 131
    Its absolutley fantastic!! Can I ask where you got your casino from?

  • Hi LouLou,

    You are only other Isle of Wight i have managed to find on here - and even funnier I used to work with your mum and dad shows how small this island is!!!!!!

    Was the casino from Shuffles? How many tables did you have I have been umming and arring about it for my wedding.

    Have to say your photos and trailer for the video are stunning - might have to look into your videographer.

    Hope you have a happy life

  • Hi Hayley

    Yes the casino was from shuffles and the car and the choc fountain. We had one roulette table and one black jack table and i would recommend them. The casino fills the gap between the dinner and evening and went down really well with our guests.

    Where abouts are you getting married, is it on the island! Its more difficult to plan a wedding on the isle of wight as you havent got the same choice as on the mainland, i got alot of bits and bobs off the internet.

    I would definately recommend our videographer he was brilliant. Have your got your dress yet? if so where did you get it from?

  • Hi Louise,

    Yep, im getting married on the island at niton church and then having the reception at farringford. Did you get married at Godshill Church?

    Yep got my dress, i looked on the island but couldnt find exactly what i wanted so ended up going over to the new forest. Got my dress from arvella bridal in lyndhurst. Its called allegra by charlotte balbier. I loved it as soon as i tried it on.

    It all the favours and bit and bobs that being on the island is a pain for as there are no little shops to just pop in to!!!

    How many people did you have with the casino i will have around 60 at that part of the day and was worried that two tables was not going to be enough.

  • Hi hayley

    No it was Bembridge church then the royal hotel in ventnor. The farringford is meant to be lovely.

    We had 90 guests to the day time and about another 30 to the evening. all though the tables were crowded i think one of each was enough, Roz from shuffles was lovely, she was our chauffeur.

    When do you get married?

  • Anguk1Anguk1 Posts: 78
    wow that is a fanastic dvd what a dvd to cherish Angx
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