to all you newlyweds out there-

i'm in the process of choosing my flowers for my bouquet and b'maids and i'm certain i know what i'm having but just wondering what all you newly weds chose and why? Did any of your flowers have a certain meaning to you ? Or just because you liked them?


  • I chose a tight hand-tied arrangement of white roses which i adore and fit with my colour scheme. My florist put in sprigs of rosemary and a few "diamante" jewels to break up the arrangement. It was beautiful.
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    hi, i went for a waterfall like bouqet as my dress was floaty adn I thought that fitted the style.

    My dress also had burgandy in it so i wanted some burgandy flowers and as my dress was quite delicate and lacy i wanted natural looking folowers.

    So i had a couple of burgnady cana lilies giving length etc to it along with some steel grass. Also some white frilly roses (same as brides maids) then some thistles (same as button holes) and some wax flowers as a filler.

    It looked really great.

    I didn't relly know what i wanted but when i telked to the flourist she shoed me pictures and asked if I liked each one so that she got a feel for what i liked and didn't. Then she orded in some flowers and did a couple of mock up bouquets so that I could see what the flowers looked like together.

    That's how i ended up with mine, and that was all only 2 weeks before the wedding!

  • Hello Jules12

    I am new to all of this, and I have already posted the fact that I am very scared as alot of b2b have booked so much, and so far we can't even decide on a date!!

    Anyway, answer to your question, I shall chose flowers for their meaning along with colour. I want eveything to be so special (as I am sure everyone does) and I have even read over the reasons of, why have bridemaids, what is the meaning of the best man, why does the bride stand on the left etc. A great website to look at is (I do not work nor know anyone that works for this website). They have a list of flowers along with their meanings.

    Victoria x
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