congratulations- reception question

hi - congratulations

i am still getting married- has anyone been to or had a medieval banquet at lumley castle?

thanks for any help


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    Yes why??? looked around there as a possible reception venue - waht is it??
  • well u can have the full on banquet as your wedding breakfast, so five courses, ye olde mead, and soups and suckling pig etc, with pipers, and comedians dressed in traditional attire- wasnt sure if it was going to be a bit OTT, the hotel says loads of people have had the banquet instead of the tradional wedding breakfast- havent found anyone yet! would loe to know more details from the brides point of view....

    where did u get married?
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    We got married at Seaham hall. Have been to the maedieval banquet as a Christmas night out with work. I don't think it would be ott if you want a theme to fit the wedding around but I couldn't have imagined it as my wedding breakfast but maybe that's cos I was there as a slightly drunken giggly night with work?? It was lovely food and a fun atmosphere it just depends what you want for the wedding.

    Sorry that prob doesn't help!
  • thanks though- how was seaham hall- it looks beautiful- was it really expensive?

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    Seaham hall was very beautiful and we had the most amazing day all round. It wasn't cheap that much I do remember but I don't know HOW expensive it was.

    When are you wanting to get married? Are you close to a decision on where? Do you need any other venue suggestions?
  • thanks very much-

    i just saw your post in real weddings, you looked beautiful- and i loved some of your ideas, the pebbles were great.

    well think were going to go for lumley, the h2b loves it, and ive attended so many weddings in the last two years, that i fancied a change, so think the banquet might be a plan- the hotel reckon that therse been quite a few weddings done recently in the banquet style- but would love to find someone whos had it or even been a guest,a little concerned that it may be a little odd for a wedding- but worth the risk? hahaha

    the castle is gorgeous, and we spent valentines there last year, so quite poignant.

    think we are going to book it for fri 14th september, so doesnt leave a lot of time, but looking forward to choosing the extras- favours, dj's, choccy fountains etc..

    one thing i have seen in the wedding magazines that ive bought ( i must have 20) is the mini bottles of champagne- with straws for the reception drinks, any ideas where i could get some of those from?

    but thanks for the quick reply.... any help is great ta

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