Anyone get wed in North Yorkshire?

I'm looking for a photographer and a make-up/hairdresser in the North Yorks area - wondered if anyone can recommend someone they've used?

Thanks in advance!



  • Hi, I got married near Harrogate and used a guy called David Prothero for the photogrpahy. He was really good on the day, very unobtrusive and good with guests and arranging us all for the formal shots. He was also good in the run up to the wedding, coming to see us at home to organise things at a time suitable for us. He is really friendly. He cost £1200 though! We got about 250-300 pictures and get to keep all of them. He will put 80 into an album for us and he will re-print those so we get duplicates of the album pictures. He has also sent us the images on CD but we don't know yet if we can put them on our website for our family abroad to see - haven't aksed about copyright yet!

    He is a little tricky to get hold of (as he's so busy) but he always rings or emails back to answerphone messages.

    A few glitched sindce the day - one lots of photos missing (disappeared in post!) but he has repsonded well to those (except when he was on holiday) and as he got married at the same place as us we were really pleased to have someonw who knew the place better then other photogrpahers.

    Hair - went to salon in Harrogate called Hair Cuttery - they were really good

    and did make up myself.

    Hope that helps


    David's website is:
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    I used a photographer called Nick at nsl photographics. he's based in Doncaster, but goes all over. He did my sisters wedding, one of my friends wedding (in north yorkshire) and my sister in laws wedding which was in liverpool.

    He is really grea and unobtrusive and gets lots of really great natural pictures. He's also great at organising the guests so that you get the pictures you want and with minimal fafing around and time wasting. you really don't know he's there alot of the time and the photos you get!

    He gets books made up so you have loads of photos in the book as some are underimposed on the page around a main one or few ones (if you understand what i mean)

    He'll also do smaller versions for both sets of parents and also smaller ones for all your guests as thank you pressies!! about 3 pounds a book!! i love this idea!

    HE does cost about 1200 also for this package. He stays untill after the first dance.

    Have a look at his website:

    my photos are at -

    feel free to have a look and email him with questions.

    Where are you having your wedding?

  • Thanks to both of you for your replies - both sets of photos are fab! I've made enquiries with both of them!

    We're getting married at Markenfield Hall, near Ripon.
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    Hi KirstyJ.

    I dont know if this is any use to you but i live in Knaresborough, not far from Ripon. I have got an absolutely fantastic make up lady called Bonita B from Harrogate. She has a website but i cant say that i like the pictures on it. She has done my trial and is doing my make up on the day, she is amazing, she did the brides on the catwalk for the Yorkshire Brides Wedding fayre, she does take a break mag and womans own. She costs about £150 for your trial and day. definately worth having her. If you ring her for a chat mention me, she is a real live wire but lovely. She will come to you to do the makeup too. Photography is going to be by Phil Tenant in Knaresborough £850 for over 200 photos, Video is by Abbey Video of Knaresborough, 2 guys (so i know nothing will be missed) and a video diary where everyone can leave us messages for £695 which i thought was very reasonable, If i can help in any other way just shout ...

  • kt

    Thanks for your reply - that's so helpful being that I'm not that familiar with the area - will definitely make enquiries with those you mention!

    When are you getting wed - you sound soooo organised!

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    aaaaarrgghhh!! 10 weeks on friday, 22/10/06 @ 2pm, God there are threads all over this site with me putting when, I honestly and truly cant wait, i am so excited. I must admit that i have been very organised as we got engaged a year last new year and have been planning since then, everything done now, just waiting, i just want to see h2b face when he sees me, he is very laid back you see and thinks i have gone for a very simple dress, oh oh is he in for a shock. i know i have already said it but i am sooooo excited. When is your big day

    ps. Also there is a fab choc fountain company in Masham, Nr Ripon. I have booked it for the evening (early evening) it is called The Yorkshire Chocolate Fountain Company. They also have a website.

  • KT

    You must be so excited - not long to go now! We're not getting wed 'til 2 June next year but I'll feel happier when I've booked a photgrapher (have just sent an email to the chap you are using).

    Also been browing the Bonita B website - she is very reasonable. I had a quote from someone else who quoted £150 for make-up trial and then £300 on the day!

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    sorry kirstyj i put 22/10/06 and it isnt at all, its 22.12.06 a christmas wedding, i dont know what i was thinking of. Yes Bonita is very good. I envy you in way, starting your planning, now mine is done i dont know what to with myself, having you chosen your dress yet???

  • KT

    A christmas wedding sounds lovely - are you going away on honeymoon straight afterwards!

    Just about to emark on the hunt for THE dress! I've seem a few Romantica ones that look nice but they are in their 2007 collection which aren't available to try on in the shops until December (although trying to lose the ???? stone I put on over the summer, so that might not be a bad thing!).

    How long did it take you to find your dress - did you instantly know it was THE ONE? Do shops give you advice on a style that suits you?

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    The lady in the shop where i found my dress was fantastic, very honest and she said it was in her best interest that the bride looked her best so she would tell me if my bum looked big in whatever dress etc. I first saw my dress in a mag from a bridal fayre in Oct 05 and knew it was what i wanted (justin alexander code 8158) it was so different and perfect for my xmas wedding, anyway i hunted everywhere for my nearest stockist but because it was a 2006 dress nowhere had it except Fairytale brides in manchester and that was because she had justed opened her shop and Justin Alexander stocked it with the 2006 stock. So off i went to see it but she made sure i tried on 4 others beforehand but it was still the one i had set my heart on. Enjoy your hunt altho i didnt hunt far but you will just know. Romantica has some lovely gowns too.


    PS. Going on honeymoon new years day morning so i will get the feedback from the wedding over christmas which will be nice. Paradise Island in the Bahamas, figured may as well go the whole hog as we want to start a family more a less straight away.
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