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Did you/Didnt you?

MrsQM2MrsQM2 Posts: 3,723

Sorry to crash this forum, but Im really struggling with the question of a videographer - as in, do we or dont we?

Did you have a video taken and is it stuck on a shelf not really being watched or did you not have one and really regret not having it?

Im just after a few opinions as to your thoughts on this. I was explaining to h2b last night that all the build up at the venue is going to be totally missed by me. He agreed to a point, but wants us to "think about it", before we splurge on this!

If you did, how did your videographer/photographer get on - were they ok together, ie did they get in each other's way?

I think I'm verging on the going for it camp, but its a lot of money for something that may possibly just gather dust!




  • I had one and I'm so glad I did! Only been married two weeks and I've already watched it half a dozen times - keep seeing new bits!

    Thankfully our videographer and photographer work together and are father and son so they got on great!!

    Can't recommend it highly enough!
  • michnaukmichnauk Posts: 211
    i had one and although ive not seen it yet i am so pleased that i decided to have one, because even though during the day i really tried to savour the moment and take everything in, now im finding it hard to remember some bits.

    Also i am a bit down now that its all over, but on the bright side i have a the video to look forward to

    the photographer and video man seem to get on ok, but as long as they got good shots i wasnt that fussed if they got on or not

    i recommend it, even if it means cutting back on something else i would strongly consider it

  • MrsQM2MrsQM2 Posts: 3,723
    thank guys!! Have got very similar replies to the same post over on marrieds!! It certainly seems to the general opinion to get one!

    I'm going to discuss it with h2b tonight and hopefuly making the booking by the end of the week!!

    Thanks for your help!!

    QM xx
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