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i as wondering what did you do with your flowers after the wedding? did anyone dry them/frame them?

seems a shame to let them go to waste!



  • i gave my bouquet to my mum who put some in a vase and the rest she's drying.
  • I have had them dried and framed...I am going on Thursday to pick my frame and see my flowers after they have gone through the preserving's expensive but as I have already paid out £££££££ on flowers I thought a few hundred extra for my bouquet would be worth it....cant wait to having it hanging up on the wall in the dining room...xxxx

  • Dec8thbride - that's a really lovely idea. And now I'd like to book the same thing for mine.

    Where did you have it done?

  • hi...

    I have gone with Im off to see the lady in Derbyshire that does them...I think they are also based in Bromsgrove...

  • ariel_vampariel_vamp Posts: 2,415
    Wow thanks Dec8thbride- can't believe they are only a couple of miles away from me!
  • you'll save on the collection charge then !!!!

    honestly...I think it will be worth every bouquet cost £130 so I didn't just want to let it die....

    I think it's going to cost £280 to have it preserved and framed but in the scheme additional £280 in the £10000000000 we's going to be worth it..

    I'll let you know tomorrow once I see mine...

  • so how does it look? i am really interested as i don't want to just bin my flowers
  • hi.

    She only showed me a few of my flowers and she had taken lots of photos of it as she will put it all together exactly as the bouquet was.....I had to choose the size I wanted and the colour of the background and of course the frame....I had to go for the largest size to fit all of the flowers in....

    in total it is costing £300....which is a lot but it will be with me should be done in the next few weeks so I will take lots of photos and post the before bouquet and the after in the frame.....can't wait to see it now....

  • its a lovely idea, unfortunatly we dont have the money to do that but im not throwing my bouquet. im keeping it in water till it dies i guess!
  • you could have half of it done...mine is only expensive as Im having the biggest frame as I had loads of flowers in my have have a small one which I think only costs about £100-£150.... just think its a lovely keepsake..

  • I couldn't preserve my bouquet as it was calla lillies and the frames would not carry the depth of them. I got my uncle to take my bouquet and lay it on my Nanas grave which was really important to me

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