My Feb photos are online!!

not going to go into the whole day at the moment, still on a high and i'd waffle on far too much but here are the photos for anyone that wants to have a nose

go onto proofs, password 080208



  • Beautiful photos- you looked wonderful and so happy. ooohh congratualtions image
  • Aaah lovely photos, congratulations!!! xx
  • StephRukStephRuk Posts: 159
    Congratulations from another Feb bride, you looked stunning.
  • donna24577donna24577 Posts: 2,906
    They are stunning, loved your colour theme and your bridesmaid dresses.

  • MrsReesMrsRees Posts: 278
    Wow you looked gorgeous! It looks like a really gorgeous day.

    Where did you get your jewellery from - it's beautiful!

  • Congratulations, lovely pictures. x x
  • 2bsmart2bsmart Posts: 727
    Fabulous pictures you look amazing.

    You have the same colour dress as me and also the same bridesmaids dresses as im having two adult and two young in the adult dress and then two flower girls, but i am getting their dresses from forever yours aswell.

  • michnaukmichnauk Posts: 211
    thank you all for your kind words

    futuremrsreece i got my jewellery from a jewellery party i had, i was a fluke really cause thats not what i had in mind but it just matched the dress perfectly, mustve been fate

    2bsmart, what dress are you wearing? i still like to look at them even though mines all over image

  • Hi Michna, i have been trying to look at your photos for a couple of days now, but the link keeps failing. Can you help? Thanks
  • michnaukmichnauk Posts: 211
    oh im not sure sorry, not very technical minded, it works for me, not sure why you cant get it to work

    sorry xx
  • michnaukmichnauk Posts: 211
    not sure if you can open these ones (not sure if ive done it right) they are ones taken from my step-dads camera

  • Thanks for taking a look Michna. It finally worked!! You looked fabulous!!! Love your colour scheme and flowers. It looks like you had a wonderful day. Congratulations!:\)
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