Yeah, my turn to write a report - 9th Feb Bride

There are links to photos at the bottom if you want to skip the report!

So I guess I'll start my report on the Thursday evening. I had been hoping to finish work a bit early (still had to go in on Friday morning) but my boss asked me to stay for our weekly team meeting because I had an essential input. I was a bit annoyed but figured I'd better turn up and when I arrived, my whole department was waiting for me and my boss made a lovely speech and I was given a massive bunch of flowers and told that they had bought quite a few things from our gift list which was a lovely surprise. I then went to have my nails done before meeting up with my then h2b to celebrate our last night together as a married couple. We decided to recreate our first date six years ago when he took me out for a curry (in our student days when we had no money!). It was a lovely evening and very relaxing.

Friday morning at work took an eternity but I eventually escaped and got back to our flat where we loaded up my car before driving in convoy to pick up the flowers and then onto the venue. Had a bit of a panic as the table plan wasn't ready from the printers until about 5 minutes before we had to go.

Once we had dropped everything off, we had to say goodbye until the following day. H2b told me that he had a gift for me but wanted to give it to me when we got back to our hotel after we were married and I then told him that I had left a box of presents for him to open under our bed. H2b went off to have dinner with his family before meeting up with his best man and ushers back at our flat .

I went to pick up my mom from work and then my sister from the airport and we settled down in front of the TV with a takeaway and some bubbly and watched Father of the Bride - my dad's favourite film.

I went to bed at about 11pm and had a quick chat with h2b before going to sleep. I managed to sleep quite well until 4:30am but then woke up hourly until 6:30 when I decided to get up. I didn't have to leave for the hairdressers until 10:30 so didn't have much to do until then. He only hiccup was when h2b rang my parents to tell them that the Jag that was supposed to drive us from our venue to our hotel had broken down and the company couldn't provide a replacement. I didn't let it bother me and just asked my parents to tell him that as long as we had a car of some sort then I would be happy so he went off to sort that out.

My best mate arrived at 10:30 and we got in a cab to the hairdressers where we met h2bs mom and niece and my cousin. The hairdressers were brilliant. We took over the whole salon and they had pink sparkling wine for us to drink while they did our hair and make-up.

We then headed off for the venue giving us two hours to get everything sorted there and get dressed. There were a few final bits to sort out and as I was taking the final things into the ceremony room, I heard some male voices and ran up the stairs to hide behind a pillar in case it was h2b! Ian, who was our venue manager for the day went to investigate and it was the boys who had arrived an hour early. He took them into the bar and I went and hid in the room where we were getting ready.

I really enjoyed getting ready with the girls and before I knew it, it was 2pm and I only had an hour to go before the ceremony. My best mates and my sister started getting me dressed just in time for the photographer to arrive and take some pics of me getting laced up!

There was a bit of a panic after that when we thought we had lost the registrar but he had just got caught up talking to my h2b and lost track of time. He was a bit of a character and once he'd finished chatting to me and the rest of the bridal party, we were running 15 minutes late!

I was feeling quite nervous by this point but I managed to maintain a calm exterior and the bridal party moved downstairs and we waited outside the door of the ceremony room whilst the registrar said all of his bits and pieces. Our string quartet started playing and it was time for me to walk in with my dad. It was lovely to walk down the aisle and see my h2b waiting for me. The registrar had put everyone at ease and told us both to enjoy ourselves but we were still quite nervous. I fluffed one of my lines but then my h2b caused everyone to laugh by mixing up my names and saying my middle name first which gave me the giggles and helped to relax me. He now claims that that was why he said it!!!

My brother and h2bs mom both did a reading and they were really lovely and before we knew it, it was time to sign the register and it was official, we were married and I could now call him my husband. We sat down to sign the register and the string quartet started playing again - we had a chance to have a bit of chat whilst everyone started clicking away with their cameras. Once everyone had got a pic of us, the registrar finished the ceremony and we walked back down the aisle and we couldn't have been happier.

As the day was so gorgeous, the photographer was able to take loads of photos outside and then we went back up to the room I got ready to take a few more pics whilst everyone was seated for the wedding breakfast. Ian announced us and we walked down the staircase into the dining room before my dad started off the speeches. All of the speeches were brilliant and they all had me both laughing and crying. I was a bit worried about the best man as I knew he was very nervous and he started with a bit of a dodgy joke but he made some lovely comments about my husband and I and his speech went down just as well as the others.

Once the speeches were over, everyone could relax and enjoy the rest of the day. We hadn't had a receiving line so in order to make sure we spoke to everyone, we went around the tables in between courses. It was a really good way of having a chat with everyone especially as the evening guests would be arriving just after the wedding breakfast.

At the end of the wedding breakfast, we cut the cake and then had a few minutes upstairs to have a chat (and have a quick practice of our first dance in my wedding dress!!) before greeting our evening guests. We managed to have a chat with quite a few of them before our first dance was announced. One of our friends who sings rat pack had offered to sing a set for us and do our first dance song which was ???????Ain't that a kick in the head???????. We managed to attempt a foxtrot even with my dress getting in the way and everyone seemed shocked to see that we could actually put a few steps together! Our friend continued with his set for about half an hour and it was really popular with all of our guests.

The rest of the evening was a bit of a blur but we had a brilliant evening and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Just before 11:30pm, my sister and one of the ushers brought my bags downstairs ready to put in the taxi that would be taking us to our hotel. We then did our last two dances - our friend doing ratpack again. He sang ???????New York New York??????? and then a slow number - I did it my way. It was very interesting to see which of our friends had paired up!!

The DJ then announced our departure and we went outside to throw my bouquet just as a Jaguar arrived to pick us up - there had been a mix up and it wasn't broken down after all so we got the send off we wanted and it was really nice to wave goodbye to everyone. We had a lovely night in the Hotel Du Vin where my husband gave me a gorgeous necklace as a wedding present. We then headed off for our honeymoon the following day to Lapland which was brilliant.

That went on a bit longer than planned - hope I haven't bored anyone too much and now the fun bit - pics!!

Official ones - - click on recent weddings and then Rosa and Duncan.

Wedding path - - unofffical pics if you click on wedding photoshare.


  • michnaukmichnauk Posts: 211

    i read your report on our feb forum, but i thought i'd write on here too as nobody has done so yet.

    Its great to read feb brides reports, as we have all done a lot of the planning together its nice to hear about it all coming together

    you looked lovely, congtratulations to you both xxx
  • rosaeswrosaesw Posts: 136
    Thanks michna - I was starting to get lonely!

    I'm going to be keeping my eyes peeled for all the other feb brides reports and then I'll have to start weaning myself off...
  • lovely report, and photos, you look beautiful and I know its slightly random but I love the way you set the tables for the wedding breakfast!!!!

    Congrats to you both xx
  • rosaeswrosaesw Posts: 136
    Thanks MrsSmith2be - I'm sure we all spend lots of time planning the little things like table layouts so it's nice for people to notice! Quite a few of our guests also made comments about that as well which made me realise that all of the planning I'd put in had paid off!
  • PinkNicPinkNic Posts: 856
    What a lovely day! You looked amazing. I get tearful reading reports, can't wait until it's my turn. I hope you are both very happy
  • rosaeswrosaesw Posts: 136
    Thanks Pinknic - we are very happy and enjoying married life and we have all those lovely memories of celebrating our relationship with all of our friends and family.

    Yours will be here before you know it - enjoy the planning and every second of your day.

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  • You look stunning. Loved the report. Your venue was beautiful. xx
  • Really enjoyed reading your report, I love hearing all the details! The photos of your vows are really lovely and you both look so happy. Also love your hair and frock. Congratulations to you and your hubby. x
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