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Hi everyone!

congratulations on becoming a mrs!!! hope you all had a fabulous day. I am just fishing for some advice really and was hoping someone might be able to help....I am getting married at 1:30pm and I'm trying to work out how long it will take to for me and my 4 bridesmaid to get ready in the morning. How long did it take for you and your Bridesmaids? We are all having our hair done and I'm having my makeup done, but they would like makeup doing too -which I'd love for them to have- but not sure if it's do-able int he time we've got. The wedding car is coming to pick bridesmaids up to take them to the church at 12:30pm.

Any ideas/feedback would be greatly received!!

Thanks x


  • hi....

    I had to be ready for 11.30 as I was having a 12.30 ceremony...we only had to get downstairs as I stayed in the hotel before.... I had 2 adult BMs and my mum....we started at 8.30....we were really struggling for 11.30 I was still in my towel with my hair done, nearly all my makeup done and still have to get dressed, put my jewellery on tiara and was a rush so didn't get many photos done...we are all done at 12.00 and I rushed to the interview and then a few photos with my and and BM's and then I heard my music and I was walking in...

    you would need an early start to get everyone done.....!!

  • definately an early start needed

    My makeup and hair lady arrived at 8am we had to leave by 1.30. She did me first, then made up my bridesmaid. My mum arrived at 10.30 and her hair and makeup was done at 11a.m. I got dressed at 12,30 and hair was finished by adding bling and veil and lastly my lipstick applied.

    It is quite hectic and you would need two people at least to do all the amount you would like

    Be selfish it is your day and you are the most important

    Andrea x
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