Has anyone been to vegas, maui and san francisco??

We have just booked our honeymoon. flying to vegas for 3 nights then driving on to death valley for 1 night then 2 nights in yosemite national park, then drive to san fran. fly out from there to Maui staying in kahului for 5 night then back to san francisco for 3 nights.

Just wondered if anyone went on honeymoon to any of these places and can tell me how it went??

Thanks liz


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    I have not been there on honeymoon but me and H2B stopped at San Fran on our last trip to Australia. I really liked it although we did not venture out too much at night as it is a lot like london with some strange characters at night. Shopping is fab, i think we bought nearly the whole of Abercrombie and Fitch!!! You must make sure that you visit Alcatraz (was not too fussed when H2B suggested it) but absolutely loved it, Also you must go on the trams, soo much fun. Also recommend Bubba Gumps restaurant on Pier 39, they even have a forest gump sitting outsidde depending on what season you go. If you go to the pier you will see and smell the seals (depending on when you are going) they sunbathe on crates just off of the pier. I think you can also do whalewatching depending on the season.

    Hope this helps
  • Hi Liz - we went to Vegas last year - absolutely loved it ! Sooo much to see, and the people are very friendly. We got a helicopter (maverick airways) and flew over the hoover dam and the Grand canyon which was amazing, we went in all the big hotels, so if you tell me where you are staying I should be able to tell you what its like! xx
  • thanks girls thats great. H2b wants to go to alcatraz but not sure what else to do.

    hopefully staying at the venetian in vegas, going to splash out but can't book yet. did you book the helicopter out there and was it easy to do?

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    Make sure you book your alcatraz tour before you go (you can do it online) to avoid disappointment, we didn't and they were all fully booked. image
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    hi liz78

    i got married in vegas in july, we stayed at the venetian it blew us away its amazing. we got a heli ride with maverick its great and we booked when we were there all the hotels can book this for you. maverick were really good champagne too!!!

  • San Fran is wicked, across the bridge is a lovely little fishing village / area. Alcatraz is wicked, and would defo say you need to book in advance, the clam chowder is great too image I would also recommend going south towards carmel and seeing part of the great ocean road, it is stunning. Carmel and Montery are very nice too. Yosemite is one of my favourite places, the walk to the falls begining with N are gorgeous and you shouldnt miss them and not too had about 1-1/2 hrs walk. If you like walking you should definately do the 1/2 done walk as well you wont forget it, but I would not advise to do this if you dont like heights as it is quite scary but extremely memorable. Depending on your thing try and get to death valley for sunset or sunrise, it is extremely rewarding to witness and breath taking. But beware of the heat image Vegas is good fun take plenty of gambling money!
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