Wedding Dress Cleaning

I got married a couple of weeks ago and am now looking for somewhere to get my dress cleaned. I've seen 2 or 3 companies that look good, through doing a google search, but would rather do it through recommendations. Has anyone dealt with a particularly good company? How much was it?


  • it depends what area your in i had mine done at victorias in stoke on trent they were really good they got a pen mark off it altered it and dry clened the hole thing looks brill they didnt even charge me for dry cleaning the dress and the steaming of my veil.

  • bride1bride1 Posts: 1,664
    im still needing to get mine done but i asked in johnsons the cleaners and they wernt to bad. their price depends on how much your dress was ( mine was £2000 so cleaning is £114) the price also includes a box to keep it in with all the acid paper ect which if you look on internet can cost about £40 on its own so i didnt think that was too bad and its insured

  • Thanks for that advice. I'm based in London, but I've found a few places that specialise in wedding dress cleaning and pick up and deliver your dress for you too. Their prices seem to be around £150.
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