It was a bright, cold day in April ... (with link to photos)

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... that saw me marry the kindest, sweetest man I have ever known. I always balk at the phrase ???????you make me happy???????, because it doesn't make sense to me. Mr nonnymouse has never ???????made??????? me do anything; what he has done is to be there for me and give me the unconditional love and support that has helped me become a happier person, so much happier than I was when we first met nearly ten years ago.

So, here is the story of our wedding:


I had the week off prior to the wedding, which enabled me to finalise all the preparations. I know I am more of a ???????big picture??????? kind of person: I prefer visioning to doing, and in the preceding weeks I was aware that I had lost some of my energy and enthusiasm. Mr nonnymouse had advised me not to get bogged down in the detail; unfortunately the details couldn't be avoided and that was what was bogging me down! Happily I got over my lethargy, helped enormously by realising how excited my friends were about the wedding - I realised that we were all going to have a lovely, fun day.

Of course the tone had already been set with the invitations, which I made myself:

I spent the week making the cookies for favours/place names, table plan, Welcome to Our Wedding booklets, menus, table names, CDs for the pre-ceremony, ceremony and videographer's soundtrack; tidying the house, collecting suits and dresses; and having a haircut (I decided to do my own hair on the day and keep it natural, with a good cut, instead of having what I've previously described as the Russell Brand look that was foisted on me at the trial!).

I was delighted with how the cookies turned out, this being my first foray into baking:

The discovery of edible ink pens made the task much easier, I can't imagine what they would have looked like had I tried to ice the names on properly!

The Welcome to Our Wedding booklets were designed as a keepsake, giving guests an order of the day, information on the venue's history (including the fact that in the 1960s, a group of militant students attempted to declare Keele University an independent sovereign state, complete with a customs post and passport control. The Free Republic of Keele lasted a week!), details of the wedding party, the readings, and the lyrics to the songs for the processional, register signing, and recessional. On the back was a quote plagiarised from one of the lovely ladies on this site:

A final thought:

When we find someone

Whose weirdness

Is compatible with ours

We join up with them

And fall into

Mutually satisfying weirdness

And call it love

True love

I'm proud to say that everyone took them home, and most people had no idea that they were home-made.

The tables were named after philosophers, with a quote about love or marriage from each one. Mr nonnymouse and I did a philosophy course some years ago, and through this we met friends with whom we subsequently stayed in Australia (the ladies with the multi-coloured hair!), and also indirectly got to know the Best Man.

Here are the table names:


Marriage: this I call the will

that moves two to create the one

which is more

than those who created it.


Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.

Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.

Just walk beside me and be my friend.


Love is not a feeling.

Love is put to the test; pain not.

One does not say: ???????That was not a true pain,

or would not have gone off so quickly???????.


When one has fully entered the realm of love,

the world - no matter how imperfect - becomes rich and beautiful;

it consists solely of opportunities for love


By all means marry:

If you get a good wife, you will be happy

If not, you will become a philosopher

And that is good for any man.


It has been said that we need just three things in life:

Something to do

Something to look forward to

And someone to love.

I was very touched to see that Camus and Wittgenstein went home with some guests after the wedding image.

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    I'm so glad you've started your report, mrs nonnymouse! I've been looking forward to your wedding for ages! Your cookies are amazing - they look much better than mine did (I wish I'd discovered edible ink pens!)! I love that story about Keele - how cool that you put it in your booklets too. I adore the quotes from the philosophers - they are really lovely - how I'd love to go to a wedding with tables like that! Do hurry on with the rest please!
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    wow Stella, I can't believe how lovely your cookies are and that it was the first time you baked some. Well done...the tables names are of course, great, a mix of humor and good sense! I can't wait to read the rest.

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    The cookies are a great idea. where did you get the recipe?

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    Thank you ladies. I got the edible ink pens from ebay, along with the food-safe cellophane bags and ribbon. The recipe I got from an old issue of YAYW, from Peggy Porschen. It's pretty standard though, I'm sure it can be Googled!

    Right, I'm ready with part 2 ...
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    The Day Before

    On Friday I awoke feeling a bit the worse for wear, having had rather too much champagne the day before as I was compiling the CDs. Mr nonnymouse gave me an ???????I told you so??????? lecture before we set about readying ourselves for the day.

    The Father of the Bride (Steve, my oldest male friend) and his wife Chris, the Matron of Honour, were due up from London around lunchtime. I dropped mr nonnymouse off at the hotel where everyone would be staying to meet them and take Steve to the bridal shop for his final suit fitting and collection. There was a flurry of hellos and hugs before they went off into Stoke and I carried on to the venue (Keele Hall in Staffordshire), to meet with the on-the-day co-ordinator, go through the final arrangements and deposit the table plan, cookies, table names, CDs etc. The lady who had been our pre-wedding co-ordinator popped in to say hi and deliver some champagne and chocolates for us courtesy of the venue.

    Then it was back to the hotel for a welcome hot bath before getting ready to have dinner and wait for the pre-wedding guests to arrive at the hotel. My sister and niece, plus my old friend and her partner, who were coming up from London by train, were horribly delayed due to a massive power failure on the network. It took them 6 hours to make the journey, poor things. In the end, everybody made it and we had a lovely evening together. Steve and Chris wore the ???????Father of the Bride??????? and ???????Matron of Honour??????? t-shirts I'd had made for them with due pride and panache - my niece was very amused at getting to meet her ???????granddad??????? for the first time! I was amazed to see how she has blossomed into a truly stunning 20-year-old woman, who is having a great time at University. I was so pleased they came up early, I hadn't seen them for so long but it was really easy to relax and enjoy their company. It was also good for some of the main players to meet and begin the bonding process prior to the day itself. My friend Jackie gave me an early present of some fluffy slippers - identical to the ones of hers I had coveted during our hen weekend away in the Cotswolds!

    Mr nonnymouse was staying at the hotel that night, having previously been persuaded by Chris that it would be good for us to spend the night separately. Chris and I got a taxi home at about 10pm. We stayed up for a couple of hours chatting, and Chris gave me some presents: a goody-box from Lush (yum), and a garter and lucky sixpence. Bless her, she knew I would never have got these things for myself but again she wanted me to have some of the special and traditional things that she'd had. I was really touched by her thoughtfulness; it was as though she and Steve sensed that I had no parents to help me and they stepped into the role with ease. They are truly lovely people.

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    hooray mrs nonnymouse, can't wait to read more. It sounds like you have some lovely friends..... Vx
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    Congratulations nonnymouse! Loving the report - can't wait to read the rest. Come back soon!

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    The Morning of the Wedding

    I awoke at 5.30am: was it because I was nervous, because I needed the loo, or because of what sounded like a gale-force wind blowing outside?! All three, I'm sure. I went downstairs to make a cup of tea before going back up to bed to read for a while. A couple of hours later Chris surfaced and brought me another cup of tea in bed. I turned my phone on and received the first text of the day from my old friend Tony, who couldn't come to the wedding. I felt very lucky to have so much love coming my way.

    Chris and I had scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast, along with fruit juice and (endless) tea, and began to get ourselves in the mood by playing the CD I'd made for the videographer's soundtrack:

    Let's Get Married - Proclaimers

    I Do - Placebo

    Caravan of Love - Housemartins

    I'm in the Mood for Love - Lord Tanamo

    You're My Best Friend - Queen

    One Love - Ian Dury & the Blockheads

    Hold Me Close - David Essex

    Pure Morning - Placebo

    Love Today - Mika

    Good Thing Going - Sugar Minott

    Release the Pressure - Leftfield

    500 Miles - Proclaimers

    All the Time in the World - Louis Armstrong

    Jeepers Creepers - Louis Armstrong

    It Must Be Love - Madness

    Prettiest Eyes - Beautiful South

    Islands in the Stream - Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton

    That's Amore - Dean Martin

    My Coo Ca Choo - Alvin Stardust

    An eclectic mix! During the wedding planning, certain things had begun to surface as important, and music was one of them. This CD represents all the songs that had vied for inclusion in the wedding in some way, and so I wanted the DVD to be able to showcase them. I've asked for Pure Morning to be the soundtrack for the montage at the end - it's the nearest thing we have to ???????our song???????, and I really would have loved to walk into the ceremony to it, but the words aren't really appropriate, as some of you will know!

    Then it was time to shower and have more tea! I received a text from mr nonnymouse at about 10.30, saying he was getting nervous. My reply: ???????Bloody hell, me too??????? apparently made him feel much better! Chris and I then did our nails together at the kitchen table - unfortunately I had to redo them twice because I just couldn't sit still! Chris then had a mild hair crisis: she had brought some curling tongs with her but I was absolutely useless at using them on her, and so she decided to leave her hair natural, like me, because we were running out of time before the photographer was due. It really suited her anyway, she usually wears it up and it was lovely to see it down for a change.

    I dashed off to the mirror to do my make-up, discovering new spots that had taken up residence in the oddest (and most obvious) of places, like my brow-bone and right next to my lip! Why is it that I never had spots in my youth, but now at 41 they seem to visit me regularly? Silently thanking the gods of concealer, I made myself look presentable (wonky eyeliner notwithstanding) and prepared myself for things to start getting busier.

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    This is so lovely to read! The philosopher tables are such a great idea! I also love the 'weirdness' poem! And your thoughts about 'made me happy' ring so true with me too! x
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    I'm glad you get it, ruthemily. It only dawned on me recently, but it makes a lot of sense, I think, and reflects the quote from Camus about not leading or following, but walking alongside. S x
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    Mrs Nonnymouse, I love your opening paragraph about the unconditional love and support from your HUSBAND!... and the report just gets better from there. Hurry up! I'm an impatient gindi image
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    Hi Stella, loving your report (and your name too - theres not many of us about!) x
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    Oh What a Circus, Oh What a Show

    Just before midday, Chris and I took a moment to open some sparkling wine (I'd demolished the good stuff on Thursday, oops!) and toast each other. I then had another text from mr nonnymouse, saying that more people were starting to arrive at the hotel and that there was a lovely atmosphere building. We had arranged for guests to be able to check in early, so that they could be ready in time for the minibuses we had laid on to take them to Keele Hall. Mr nonnymouse, who is not much of a drinker, was calming his own nerves with a large whisky and orange!

    It seemed like moments after our toast that the photographer and his wife arrived, shortly followed by the flowers. Neither Chris nor I were dressed yet! The first thing the florist presented me with was a huge bouquet - I remember thinking, this doesn't look like hand-tied tulips, how on earth am I going to carry this down the aisle? It then of course transpired that this was a bouquet from mr nonnymouse! It was a beautiful arrangement of exotic red flowers and lush foliage, with a card from him saying ???????See you at the altar, mousey???????. He had already left me a lovely card to open first thing, with a fantastic necklace I had admired some weeks before but couldn't afford. We'd said we were going to get each other just token gifts, and I'm afraid I'd taken him at his word and given him some chocolate and a pair of ???????Groom??????? socks, with the words, ???????so you don't get cold feet???????, ho ho. I'm used to not getting pampered with material things as we don't have much money, and I do berate him occasionally about never getting flowers or jewellery, but he made up for it in style this time. I haven't taken the necklace off since the day after the wedding.

    With the photographer bustling around doing the ???????details??????? shots, our little house suddenly felt even smaller. I felt for a moment that I just wanted everybody to bugger off - it felt like a circus and not the serene anticipation I would have preferred. Once I began to see photographic art emerging out of the chaos, I felt a bit better and happier to go with the flow. Chris was made-up and dressed and looked fantastic in her red Phase Eight dress and shrug, which we'd chosen together last year - the day I dislocated my shoulder while crossing the road (sober as well!). She helped me into my dress, and decided to safety-pin my bra straps to the dress straps to stop them showing. I still wasn't sure whether I wanted to wear my veil, they always made me feel like I was having my first holy communion all over again, but Chris put it on for me and when I turned round to look in the mirror I thought, yeah, ok!

    Almost immediately the ushers arrived: mr nonnymouse's sister and her partner. She wore a gorgeous frilly black dress with a red hat and scarf; he looked cool in a black suit and the red tie I'd bought for him, as he hadn't wanted to wear one of the penguin suits. They oohed and aahed at my dress, which felt good to hear, as I'd had a lot of wobbles about it. They came to collect the buttonholes, Welcome to Our Wedding booklets, readings, videographer's CD, confetti/bubbles and games. From my experience of other people's weddings, they can be both boring and intimidating in parts, so we wanted to provide guests with little ice-breakers and things to occupy them - hence the Jenga, Kerplunk, Connect 4 and Battleships that were to be set out in the bar area. I'm delighted to say they went down a storm - I recall the videographer capturing a fantastic Jenga collapse during the drinks reception! As I was briefing the ushers, I sensed the photographer snapping away and marvelled at how he managed to catch me at my most dictatorial, brandishing booklets, pointing at buttonholes etc!

    The Father of the Bride, my mate Steve, followed hot on the heels of the ushers, looking lovely in his suit. As we all bustled around having more photos taken, the phone rang - my other sister had arrived all the way from Worthing and she'd brought the wrong reading with her! Luckily I'd already printed off the readings onto card for the ushers to take ahead to the venue, although I do remember thinking that it wouldn't have been the end of the world had the wrong one been read. Like the music, the words had emerged as important during the planning, and it would have been lovely to have had 6 or 7 readings - some were funny, some profound, but all were moving and meaningful.

    The ushers went off to the venue, followed by the photographer, and it was then just me, Steve and Chris. Tranquility once again! We had some more fizz and prepared to leave for the venue. Steve went to bring the vehicle round - their Nissan Navarra pick-up truck, which they had secretly decorated with ivory ribbon, to my delight! He had left the front door open, and as I was standing in the kitchen drinking my fizz, I realised that the builders across the road could see in and were taking in the sight of a bride getting ready to go off and get married! I raised my glass to them and they waved. As we left the house - into the freezing cold! - they gave me a wolf-whistle (which I have to say I relished!), and the lady who owns the house they were working on gave a yelp of excitement. On the way to the car, I gave a yelp of my own as my veil got caught in the hedge, but Chris rescued me and we were away. On the journey I realised I was strangling my poor bouquet - my hands giving expression to the emotional turmoil I was feeling.

    We arrived at the venue 10 minutes early. Oh good, I thought, I can have a breather and go to the loo. Not so, as the circus began again. The photographer and videographer came running over to capture me getting out of the car. I had given my bouquet to Chris during the journey, to save it from being mortally choked, and I almost forgot to take it back again. As I got out, I saw my multi-coloured friend Denise just going in, and her partner Pete taking their baby for a walk in the grounds. We had expressed a wish for a child-free wedding, but were happy to make an exception for this little one who was a babe in arms. Although he was asleep, his dad thought he'd be better off outside, knowing my fear of his screaming during the vows! Bless him, how considerate.

    I was led to the steps of Keele Hall for some final photos. I had laughingly warned the photographer not to shoot me from below - as a size 22 lady, I know that this does not make for a flattering look! However, he asked me to indulge him this one shot, so we will have to see how it turns out. Once again, part of me felt like telling them all to bugger off and let me have some time for quiet contemplation. Another part of me was enjoying it though, and yet another part was eager to get in and get on with it! The registrar welcomed me at the steps and went through the final details with the three of us. I could hear the final song of the CD I had made for the pre-ceremony gathering, and was glad that it all seemed to be coming together.

    Here are the songs I'd prepared for our guests as they assembled:

    1. Almost Like Being in Love - Nat King Cole

    2. Let There Be Love - Peggy Lee

    3. Love is a Many Splendoured Thing - Nat King Cole

    4. I Only Have Eyes for You - Billie Holiday

    5. Them There Eyes - Billie Holiday

    6. Unforgettable - Nat King Cole

    7. Memories Are Made of This - Dean Martin

    8. Mad About the Boy - Dinah Washington

    9. I Wanna Be Loved By You - Marilyn Monroe

    10. That's Amore - Dean Martin

    11. Jeepers Creepers - Louis Armstrong

    12. Love and Marriage - Frank Sinatra

    And so it was time ...

  • RedRose79RedRose79 Posts: 1,938
    Ooh I love this report!!!

    Can't wait to see the pics too! xx
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    Nonnymoose- I never would've thought you were 41!!! You only look in your 20s!!!!

    The poems are lovely, and think your favours were fab!! The invites are the best I've seen, you should go into business making them image
  • Emmaxuk1Emmaxuk1 Posts: 282
    Oooh i'm loving this! Making me all goose pimplely.

    Can't wait for more.

  • More more! Wonderful, you really bring it to life. Gosh I get so teary reading about other people's weddings, how will I ever cope with my own?

    Need pictures asap!

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    The Ceremony

    Steve invited me to take his arm as we heard the opening bars of our processional song - Lord Tanamo's old-time ska version of I'm in the Mood for Love:

    I'm in the mood for love

    Simply because you're near me

    Funny but when you're near me

    I'm in the mood for love

    Heaven is in your eyes

    Bright as the stars we're under

    Oh is it any wonder

    I'm in the mood for love?

    Why stop to think of whether

    This little dream might fade?

    We've put our hearts together

    Now we are one, I'm not afraid

    If there's a cloud above

    If it should rain, we'll let it

    Oh but tonight forget it!

    I'm in the mood for love

    We began our entrance as the lyrics began, and - as instructed - waited at the turn so that our guests could photograph us. The ceremony room at Keele Hall was arranged with the registrar's table in front of a magnificent fireplace, and the short aisle was amidst three rows of chairs laid out in a semicircle on each side for our 45 guests. The effect was wonderfully intimate.

    Here are some shots taken by a friend as we came in:

    It's strange to see these photos, all I seem to remember is feeling like a rabbit trapped in headlights, but looking at the pics I seem to be enjoying myself! I remember as we were standing at the turn I felt impatient, both to go on and also for mr nonnymouse to turn round! Apparently the registrar had told him she's give him the nod when to turn, and finally he did, with a big grin on his face! It was the weirdest sensation - I kept catching glimpses of people's faces, some smiling and some looking serious (which was somewhat disconcerting).

    I arrived at the ???????altar??????? and said hi to mr nonnymouse. I don't remember this at the time, but apparently he tweaked the strap of my dress and I whispered ???????oh, I know, this bloody bra is driving me mad!??????? Without wishing to ruin the moment, can I just say how impossible it is to find a bra to fit a 42DD bust that isn't constructed like scaffolding? My bra was quite high-cut as a consequence, and while you couldn't see the lace at the top of the cups while I was standing face-on, any other position (especially sitting down) rendered it pretty visible! I'm hoping the photographer is good with Photoshop ...

    Anyway, I digress! Back to the ceremony: as the registrar was speaking, I felt as if I was having an out-of-body experience. It felt so unreal, almost like I was tripping! She introduced my sister to give the first reading:

    To Love is Not to Possess by James Kavanaugh

    To love is not to possess,

    To own or imprison,

    Nor to lose one's self in another.

    Love is to join and separate,

    To walk alone and together,

    To find a laughing freedom

    That lonely isolation does not permit.

    It is finally to be able

    To be who we really are:

    No longer clinging in childish dependency

    Nor docilely living separate lives in silence,

    It is to be perfectly one's self

    And perfectly joined in permanent commitment

    To another - and to one's inner self.

    Because finally, despite a child's scars

    Or an adult's deepest wounds,

    They are openly free to be

    Who they really are - and always secretly were,

    In the very core of their being

    Where true and lasting love can alone abide.

    My sister read it beautifully, with the profundity it warranted. I just love how the words express both our emotional journeys to this point, and guide us towards the future. The registrar thanked her for reading it and invited us all to give a round of applause, which was a lovely touch and which also helped to lighten the mood a little! It was then time for us to speak the legal declaration. Mr nonnymouse did his part with no problem, but by this time I was feeling rather overcome. I managed ???????I do solemnly declare??????? but choked on the next part - I heard everyone say ???????aah???????, and apparently they weren't sure whether I was laughing or crying - which was confirmed by me shortly afterwards when I actually said ???????I don't know whether to laugh or cry!???????, which elicited more ???????aahs??????? and also laughter from our guests. Steve passed me a tissue, at which point I realised I was still holding - strangling - my bouquet, so I swapped it with him for the tissue, while this time silently thanking the gods of waterproof mascara. I finally managed to say the legal words, and then we moved on to our vows, which thankfully we both said with ease, holding hands and looking at each other:

    All that I have I give to you

    All that I am I share with you

    I promise to value and respect you

    Support you in difficult times

    Rejoice with you in happy times

    Be loyal and faithful to you always

    And, above all,

    Love you as my wife/husband and friend.

    Unbeknownst to me at the time, by this stage much of the congregation was also in tears, which is just lovely to know. Some of them hadn't been to a civil ceremony before, and I feel vindicated that they experienced it as being every bit as moving and profound as a church one. And I adore the fact that my lager-swilling, rock-loving mates were also moved to tears!

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    It was then time for the second reading. Our friend Marjorie had come down with a hideous cold that had destroyed her voice, so her partner (the Best Man) did the honours instead. For a last-minute substitution, he did himself proud, injecting the right amount of humour in his delivery:

    I Like You by Sandol Stoddard Warburg

    I like you and I know why

    I like you because you are a good person to like

    I like you because when I tell you something special, you know it's special

    And you remember it a long, long time

    You say, Remember when you told me something special

    And both of us remember

    When I think something is important

    you think it's important too

    We have good ideas

    When I say something funny, you laugh

    I think I'm funny and you think I'm funny too


    I like you because you know where I'm ticklish

    And you don't tickle me there except just a little tiny bit sometimes

    But if you do, then I know where to tickle you too

    You know how to be silly - that's why I like you

    If I am getting ready to pop a paper bag,

    then you are getting ready to jump


    I like you because when I am feeling sad

    You don't always cheer me up right away

    Sometimes it is better to be sad

    You can't stand the others being so googly and gaggly every single minute

    You want to think about things

    It takes time

    I like you because if I am mad at you

    Then you are mad at me too

    It's awful when the other person isn't

    They are so nice and oooh you could just about punch them on the nose

    I can't remember when I didn't like you

    It must have been lonesome then

    Even if it was the 999th of July

    Even if it was August

    Even if it was way down at the bottom of November

    I would go on choosing you

    And you would go on choosing me

    Over and over again

    And that's how it would happen every time.

    Again, this reading said it all for us, it's exactly how we are and how we feel. The original is inordinately long, it was difficult to edit it down but I think it worked really well.

    Another round of applause and it was time to sign the register to the strains of You're My Best Friend by Queen:

    Ooh you make me live

    Whatever this world can give to me

    It's you, you're all I see

    Ooh you make me live now honey

    Ooh you make me live

    Ooh you're the best friend that I ever had

    I've been with you such a long time

    You're my sunshine and I want you to know

    That my feelings are true - I really love you

    Oh you're my best friend

    Ooh I've been wandering round

    But I still come back to you

    In rain or shine you've stood by me, girl

    I'm happy at home

    You're my best friend

    Ooh you make me live

    Whenever this world is cruel to me

    I got you to help me forgive

    Ooh you make me live now honey

    Ooh you make me live

    You're the first one when things turn out bad

    You know I'll never be lonely

    You're my only one

    And I love the things

    I really love the things that you do

    You're my best friend

    And then we were married! There was yet another round of applause, and I was moved to applaud the guests in return, which mr nonnymouse joined in with. Here are some pics of our delight and joy (and relief!):

    Afterwards the registrar came up and congratulated us, handing mr nonnymouse the marriage certificate. It was as though I was jolted back from my out-of-body experience by the realisation that we'd done it, we had a certificate and everything! I remember looking at it in wonder.

    We left the ceremony dancing down the aisle to One Love by Ian Dury and the Blockheads:

    One looks for happiness, one longs to find a partner

    One knows that nowadays one love will be the answer

    One sees a crazy world, one needs a fresh perspective

    One comes to realise one love's a true objective

    One seeks a perfect girl, one learns to tell the difference

    One finds in consequence one love is all that makes sense

    One hopes there'll be a way, one peers into the distance

    One thinks that come what may, one love will be the best chance

    One love, and only one

    One love to last forever

    One love, only one love

    One love, it's now or never

    One tries to draw a line, one draws a swift conclusion

    One tells oneself in life one love is the solution

    One falls in love at last, one celebrates the meeting

    One always will because one love cannot be beaten

    One love, and only one

    One love with no misgivings

    One love, only one love

    One love, while we're still living!

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  • I am crying my eyes out! well done you - it is so lovely to read postings from someone so thoughful and bright and realistic and in love!! Good luck and please post more ASAP!! X
  • I am crying my eyes out! well done you - it is so lovely to read postings from someone so thoughful and bright and realistic and in love!! Good luck and please post more ASAP!! X
  • I am crying my eyes out! well done you - it is so lovely to read postings from someone so thoughful and bright and realistic and in love!! Good luck and please post more ASAP!! X
  • I am crying my eyes out! well done you - it is so lovely to read postings from someone so thoughful and bright and realistic and in love!! Good luck and please post more ASAP!! X
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    ...and the clocks were striking HOORAY!!!

    Sounds like a wonderful day so far, Mrs Nonnymouse - I too love the philosophy quotes (especially Camus!). It's sooooooo lovely to see a wedding into which so much thought has gone - you can really tell how much it all means to you both.

    Congratulations again!
  • Lula_sweetpeaLula_sweetpea Posts: 1,401
    This is such a wonderful report, I KNEW it would be!

    Your invites, the cookies, the philosophical quotations( I love the Camus) your gorgeous friends, all the songs and all the readings are just perfect. Your ceremony is exactly how it should be with each part having a deep and special meaning for you both. Ooo I heart it all muchly!

    Your report is going to be another one that I won't want to end! But am desperate to read more.....

    And I never knew you were walking into 'In the mood for love'

    Such geniusness!!
  • kelly7243kelly7243 Posts: 450
    Awww you have made me cry! That is one of the best reports I have heard.... Keep it coming! Loved your intro...

    If our wedding this weekend is anywhere near as wonderful as yours sounds like it was so far, then I will be well happy image

    PS You look stunnning xxx

  • goneawaygoneaway Posts: 1,676
    Hehehe, Mrs Jam, I knew you'd get the Orwell reference! It seemed a fitting title, although to be honest the sky was more dull than bright. And there was no gin image

    Lellybellybean, being described as thoughtful and bright and realistic is praise ineed, thank you.

    MrsZilz2b, good luck for this weekend, you will have a wonderful time.

    And thank you to everyone else who has read this far and has been so generous with their kind words. It's so lovely to know that people "get" what we did and admire it.

    I must say I've had enough typing for today now though, as I'm afraid I must get on with the joys of married life ... a trip to Tescos!

    I still can't get over the fact that I'm posting in Newlyweds, in spite of having a certificate and everything image

    Bye for now, love Stella xxx

    [Modified by: mrs nonnymouse on April 28, 2008 05:40 PM]
  • Lula_sweetpeaLula_sweetpea Posts: 1,401
    Oh Boo!! I just got all excited when I saw you'd posted again and was hoping for more!

    I now have another reason for hating Tesco!!

    Ah well, patience was never a virtue of mine!

    Hurry back tomorrow please x x x
  • MsstressedMsstressed Posts: 714
    Congratulations, Stella!!!!Lovely photos and your report brought tears to my eyes!!!! Your wedding seems to be so special and intimate!!! I can't wait for the rest of the report and more photos!!!!
  • Black-RoseBlack-Rose Posts: 4,305
    Congratulations Stella,

    Your wedding sounds wonderful, so much thought gone into everything to make the day just yours.

    We spent over 6 hours last night working out our songs and readings and vows so I hope people say we put as much thought into our day as you obviously have done in yours.

    You look like you were having a great time.

    Can't wait for the rest.



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