My 26th April Wedding Report and pics

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Oh Wow what a fabulous day we had yesterday.

Wedding Report

I will start from when I woke up at 3am. I know far too early but I was sleeping in a different bed and alone, and I was very excited. Read my magazine from cover to cover, Listened to 3 albums on my ipod. I opened the curtains and watched the Sun rise on the most beautiful Sunny Day.

Anyway Mum brought me in a cup of tea about 6.45 and a card from my groom, which I read with happy tears.

Went downstairs and had toast for breakfast after having my morning shower.

Alison came round about 8.30 to do my hair spent ages putting some lovely curls in my hair. I had had a call from a friend the night before to say that her daughter and partner both had tummy upsets and so wouldn't be coming. While I was having my hair done I received a call from another friend to say that they couldn't make it as her Father had been taken badly ill and she had to go to him.

We went out to the garden and cut the tulips that we had grown for my bouquet, between us we managed to make a pretty good bouquet.

Ali and I then went upstairs and she helped me lace my boots and did the zip up on my dress for me, I added my perfume and jewellery.We went downstairs at about 11.15 to make sure that we left on time. My parents said how beautiful I looked.

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    Continued :-

    We arrived at the Town Hall at 11.45 everybody was gathered outside and I know that Paul had already gone in. Said hello to all and then we walked into the entrance to wait till the guests were called in. My son's girlfriend looked deathly pale and was in tears her mother was on her way to collect her as she had terrible tummy pains. I then got taken to a room to check my personal details with my Dad. Dad and I waited outside the room while the assistant checked that they were ready for me.

    The Music started and Dad and I started our walk into the room, I couldn't see Paul through the guests to start with, and then I saw him, standing there watching me with a loving smile on his face. As I got closer to him I could see that he was very tearful and grinning from ear to ear. I smiled at him and told him I loved him. The service went by very quickly and as we sat there for the photographs to be taken of the signing I realised that the photographer wasn't there. My son's girlfriend had left her camera with him so he stood in and took some photos for us.

    Panic set in and as we left the Town Hall I got my mobile from Dad's car and called his partner who said he would ring Dave and find out where he was and then call us back. The phone call came back about 3 minutes later to say that he had thought it was 2pm not 12pm and that he was on his way.

    While we were waiting for him to arrive another of our guests came up and told us that they had to go as she was on call and had to go in.

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    I was wondering how your tulips went (I'm having white ones in July!) - they look great and so do you, congrats and what a fab dress!

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    oh congrats hun!!!! what beautiful weather you had, lucky you!!!xox
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    you look lovely hun, congratulations on your beautiful sunny day. you and your hubby look so happy together xxxx
  • Congrats huni u look lovely, ur flowers are gorg.

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    At last the photographer arrived and apologised and started taking the group photos and a few of us aswell. Due to the fact he was late we didn't have time to go and have our intimate photos taken so we asked if he could come back later at 4.30 and take them then which he agreed to do.

    While the guest made there way to the venue the photographer took some photos that should have been taken as we arrived.

    We then headed up to the venue ourselves. My Husband drove us up In our car, we stopped for a quick cuddle and snog on the way to the Hotel.

    We were greeted at the door by the Hotel manager, who congratulated us and presented us with a glass of champagne with sliced strawberries. Our guests were waiting for us. The photographer took some photos of us pretending to cut the cake then said his cheerios and that he would be back later. My son took some photos of us in the Hotel Garden.

    The guests were shown through to the room where the food would be served and the Hotel Manager announced us to the room and we walked in to applause. The food was gorgeous and everybody enjoyed it very much.

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    Congratulations to you both, your dress and flowers are gorgeous x
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    Congratulations, You look so lovely. You both look so happy.

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    Congratulations, you both look very happy.

    Your parents were right - you looked lovely.

    Best wishes for many years of happiness. x
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    Congratulations to you both.

    Lovely sunny day and you look beautiful too.

    All the best to you both.

    jayne.x :\)
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    Congratulations, great pictures, we want more. xx
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    Oh Kate & Paul,

    SOunds like you had an amazing day - you looked absolutely stunning and it seems that the weather was much nicer for you than it was for us!!

    Congratulations on the start of the rest of a happy and healthy life together!

    With love from

    Paula & Paula

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    Wow Kate, you looked fantastic. Such a lovely wedding report too. Your hair and tiara were perfect, and yes even the sunshine! Congratulations.

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    Congratulations, you look lovely and you're both beaming. Very nice - wishing you a happy and fruitful life together.
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    Most of our early guests went home to freshen up ready for the evening reception so we went up to our room for short while. We received a call in our room after about 20 minutes from the Hotel Manager saying there was a surprise downstairs for us. When we got downstairs we were told to go to the room where we were having the reception. There in the corner of the room was a TV and being shown was a DVD of the photographs that the photographer had taken earlier.

    After watching the photos we went with The Photographer to our special place to take the intimate photos. My son came along aswell with his girlfriend's camera, so while the photographer was setting up the photos Adam was snapping away, we are impressed with what he did (see link) The sun was shining and was still very warm, I suppose we were there for about an hour and half.

    When we got back to the Hotel some guests had come back and were sat in the bar so we joined them while we waited for other guests to arrive.

    The Entertainer was setting up and testing his equipment, Adam was busy chatting with him about guitars and music.

    We went into the room at around 7.00pm and slowly but surely our evening guests arrived. Lots of Hugs and congratulations, cards and few drinks. At 8.15 we had our first dance to From this Moment - Shania Twain.

    Few more drinks and dancing the time came for our last song :- I Don't wanna miss a thing - Aerosmith.

    Most people had left by then and we made our way upstairs to our 4 poster bed.

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    Congratulations Rosekate. I'm so impressed with your bouquet!
  • Congratulations! You look lovely and so happy! xxx
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    Congrats to you both, lovely pictures, looks like everyone had a great time!!
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    Ahh, love your bouquet.

    Hope you have a long and happy life together.
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    Congratulations!!! You look beautiful...your bouquet looks great too, clever thing you!! xx
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    O you look lovely, your dress really suits you. Congratulations and all the best. Juliexx
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    Awww Rosekate, you look beautiful xx
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    hi rosekate just looked at your piccies and you look brilliant and the pics are just lovely congrats on now being a mrs mitme x x
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    Amazing report Kate, Congratulations on becoming a MRS image

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    Congratualtions, sounds like you had amazing day xx
  • You're officially a "missus" image, congratulations, you look fantastic and so happy, hope you both have a long and happy life together xx
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    You looked gorgeous. Beautiful photos! Love to you and your new husband!

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    Lovely wedding sweetheart - congratulations to you both xxxxx
  • Congratulations! You looked beautiful!

    All the best for your future

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    You look lovely xxxxx
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