Line Up - To Have or Not to Have.... Please share x

MagsukMagsuk Posts: 217
hey-a ladies,

I would be ever so grateful if you would share your experiences of having or not having a line up. With the benefit of hindsight which would you recommend?

For info, we have 150 guests. Going for an informal vibe (no-line up) but want to make sure we say hello to everyone (line-up).

Thanks a lot!


  • aminuttyaminutty Posts: 1,211
    We are just haveing myself and H2B just saying hello to 60 people as they come in.

    We are getting married at 1pm and by the time we have had pics , said hello and got ready to sit down it's going to be 3.30+.

    As we have tinytots at the breakfast to it's going to be a long time before they eat.

    We also have an evening buffet so if we did the full line we would end up with problems.

    You can always mingle later on.
  • Jan98765Jan98765 Posts: 631
    We are also just having me and H2B to greet 65 guests.

    A formal line up takes so long its not what we want, if youre having 150 guests that will take ages!

    Like aminutty says you can mingle all night.
  • lou1976lou1976 Posts: 13
    We weren't going to do a formal line up, but we ended up having an impromptu one (just me and H) as guests came in for reception drinks. It worked really well in the end (we had around 65 guests in the day) and I'm really glad we did it as it gave us the chance to greet everyone properly, I would definitely recommend doing it x
  • Natalie77ukNatalie77uk Posts: 1,247
    I'd thoroughly reccomend doing it. No matter how hard you try it is virtually impossible to go round and chat to every guest throughout the day/evening. We had 65 daytime guests and 80 evening guests and there are definitely people who we, sadly, didn't get to spend much time with. We did mingle all night but everyone wants to talk to you and it was impossible to get round everybody.

    Our line up for 65 guests comprised of me and my husband, both sets of parents and the BM and CBM. It took about 20 minutes but was well worth it just to get to say hello to everybody.

    I'm really pleased we did it. And it's a lovely way to get parents involved in greeting our guests, many of whom they didn't know because they'd never met them before.

    Speaking from experience I'd definitely recommend it x
  • jessmaloukjessmalouk Posts: 91
    Like lou1976 we had decided against a line-up but as we left the church we didn't know what to do with ourselves as we got outside on our own and as people left the church they just came over to us to congratulate us which I guess was a kind of line up! Our do was fairly informal and it just happened that way but I'm glad that it did!
  • rfranrfran Posts: 104
    I didn't want a line up but was concerned about not speaking to everyone (135) so instead we had champagne and canap????s on the lawn, speeches first then main course then we got up from the table, as you get served first you can finished first, and headed in opposite directions round the room talking to people as they were sat still this way we both made sure we spoke to most people individually but that they had definitely spoken to one of us, then had desert we were on of the last tables to get desert but it didn't matter, every one had finished when we came to cut the cake.

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  • banana_jambanana_jam Posts: 2,215
    McG2b, we had a good old debate about this over in the weird section a while ago. Have a look:
  • MagsukMagsuk Posts: 217
    Thanks ladies. very useful. and if anyone else is thinking about the same thing I thoroughly recommend the link Mrs Banana Jam has mentioned. Great stuff!
  • JPuddleduckukJPuddleduckuk Posts: 423
    Hi, we had a lineup cos my parents wanted one but we didnt. We allocated half an hour for 100 guests and overran by about 5 mins.

    I actually liked it in the end and think it was worth doing. Just make sure you have the time!
  • clairemoneyclairemoney Posts: 2,255
    Im thinking of just standing outside the reception so when everyone goes in to sit down i can say hello to them on their way in, then we will enter the room.
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