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    oh come on more more, i'm up at this time
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    I've been up since 2 am this morning with job interview nerves! so felt like a good time to start my report. More soon!
  • How lovely... can't wait for the next instalment

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    more more more pretty please
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    I need more!!!! I am hooked, please tell us what happens next! You are so excellent for not stressing about your dress! xx
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    Oh thank you! and thanks for reading so far....more soon...!
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    Oh my god you just had me in tears!

    "I promised amongst other things to care for him with tenderness, love him with passion, stay with him through sadness and look after him, and I meant it "

    It sounds so beautiful and magical, I am so happy for you!

    I love how you thought about the colours matching when you say your hubby, I thought a similar thing about how glad I was that I asked hubby not to shave on the day of the wedding, he always looks better with a day or so growth!

    Your report is fantastic, I am keeping mine as a diary too and understand totally about getting goosebumps when you write it.

    Congratulations Jilly!! I wish you lots of love and happiness for your future together. Gem aka MrsHowlatlast xxx
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  • gemnadegemnade Posts: 115
    Oh my god I'm sat at work reading this in tears! It sounds an amazing day. The pics are lovely too. Despite the hickups you put them aside and got on with enjoying your day. Congrats to you both! xxx
  • Mrs-H-2-beMrs-H-2-be Posts: 193
    This is such a lovely wedding report. I hope I'm as calm on my wedding day as you were on your's, although somehow I doubt I will be! Congratulations, and best wishes to both of you for the future! xx
  • netty1uknetty1uk Posts: 270
    loving reading your story/diary. x x
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    Congratualations! your report is fab! xx
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