Words of wisdom......??

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Hi ladies!!

I am looking for you for your pearls of wisdom as you know more than anyone been newly wed!!

I am 108 days from my wedding and getting bogged down with all the various wow factors and quirky things you can do on your wedding day.

What is the one thing that you think worked better than anything, surprisingly or not?

Do you need to worry about favors? Does the music really matter that much? and so on......

I am sure my day will be wonderful but just wanted some clues as to what you wouldnt have been without on your special days!!

Wishing you happiness and health in your new lives as man and wife image



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    Time to yourself at points through out the day - gives you chance to catch your breath and talk to your husband

    We didnt bother with favours, except for the children - we got lego for the lads, a jigsaw for the 2-year old and a cross-stich for the girls. All quiet toys they could play with during the speeches
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    well not surprinsingly the ceremony is mind blowing and goes very quickly. We did a lot of work on it, with readings, personal vows, music and it's what people enjoyed the most, because it is a very special moment.

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    we gave out children's party bags during dinner with balloons, jigsaws, crayons and colouring books etc and the parents were so grateful, the kids were getting bored and it made a huge difference
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    My tips would be;

    1) Spend the most on what is important to you

    2) What the guests don't see e.g underwear, shoes etc spend the least

    3) Donate to charity as opposed to the stress of sorting favours. We got a standing ovation when we mentioned it in the speeches. Also keeps your table clear of clutter.

    4) Spend time choosing the readings/music/first dance as these reflect you

    5) don't worry about 'gimmicks' e.g magic man unless you have lots of kids. People can get funny if they don't get drawn or a trick is not done on them etc.

    6) plan like mad and get a good team around you. Make sure the ushers have specific roles as do the bridesmaids. Let them carry the day.

    7) Trust your suppliers. If you don't, don't use them. Trust your instinct.

    Most of all enjoy. Its the most amazing day no matter what x

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    make sure that the ushers keeps enough seats at the front for families and wedding party... We and ended up with my Mum and Nan further back than I would have liked. Didnt spoil the day, or upset anyone but I would have liked to have seen my parents sat together towards the front in the video.
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    Hi Kit Kat,

    I have just noticed that we are dress buddies. I googled the dress and your post came up. You're the first person I have found on this site who is wearing it too. I get married on the 31st May so I will post some pics in newylweds when I get back from my honeymoon in mid June.

    I can't wait to wear it

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    I was surprised how many people took things from the day away with them - maybe we just know lots of sticky fingered people but out of 85 guests for dinner we had about 8 favour boxes and place cards left, guests took the menus, table names, monogrammed votives and I even caught one guest with one of our martini glasses in her bag - out of 8 there were only 2 left in the morning so that's another 5 that went walkies!

    It really does notice if you spend a bit of time adding personal touches, and yes, the music is important - one of the highlights of the day was singing 'vow to thee my country' after signing the register, it was a civil ceremony so people didn't really expect it but we raised the roof and left on such a high.
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    Take time to enjoy the day with your new husband - it goes by sooo quickly. Try not to worry about getting round to speak to everyone - I tried and it meant I missed our Ceilidh and before I knew it it was buffet time so half the reception was gone! Don't worry about chosing things to make other people happy it's your day go with what YOU want. Have fun planning x
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    Ohhhh, great ideas here.....keep this thread going please all of you lovely ladies who have..." Been there, done that & got the t-shirt!"
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    I echo the other ladies here - the day goes by so quickly, make sure you take time out to take it all in.

    Here's my tips:

    spend as much as your budget will allow on photography. once the confetti is out of your hair, you have just your memories and your photos.

    Don't worry too much about tiny detail such as fretting over whether your napkins match your bridesmaids' dresses. No one will notice!

    We dispensed with the receiving line and went round each table in between courses instead. It worked really well - we got to talk to everyone without missing out on the day.

    Make sure everyone knows what to expect in terms of timings. We put a little timetable on a stand in front of the table plan, so everyone knew when dinner would be served, when the evening do would start and (probably most importantly!) when last orders were!

    And finally ... enjoy every moment of the planning - you only get to do that once!

    have a lovely day x

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    Ohhh Roseberry, I like the idea of sharing the times- it sounds so simple yet so effective, thanks! xx
  • My tips would be:

    1. Get a great photographer (we blew our budget on that and didn't have a videographer) but...do get a professional videographer - at least for the ceremony. We wrote our ceremony ourselves, we had a choir (made up of some semi-professional singers - friends and their friends), and it was beautiful, but because our video was amateur, the sound was awful and missed the amazingness of it. On the day itself, I found it really hard to concentrate and so kind of feel like I missed it myself. I really wish we had a good video.

    2. For favours, don't get them for the sake of it. We weren't going to, but at the very last minute I decided that i wanted to have them because I wanted the magenta of our flowers to be picked up on the table, and so wanted to have little boxes with ribbons. So, my bridesmaid and I made little heart and star shaped cookies (chocolate & lemon). We put a little sticker on the bottom saying 'Fresh from the Judy & Alison Biscuit factory'. Not only did people love the cookies, they LOVED that we had made them. We got a lot of compliments.

    3. Don't worry about a) the details which aren't the way you planned (nobody will notice/care except you), OR if your guests are having a good time (I had been warned about the first one, and so ended up worrying about the second one). I was worried people hadn't had fun and got upset because people started going home. I think it is partly because I didn't spend enough time with my Hubby (I couldn't stand still for five seconds and so was flitting around way too much). Don't worry about your guests. They will have fun. Just make sure YOU are having fun, no matter what anyone else is doing!

    Essentially, not worrying about anything is my key and most important point.

    Have a wonderful wonderful day! xxx
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    Well I got married yesterday (snuck on here whilst hubby in bath!) so its all quite fresh to me!

    We did party bags for our kids as wanted them to be entertained during meal and these went down a storm with both kids and parents. We didnt provide favours and I dont think they were missed.

    GET A TOASTMASTER- I really cant recommend this enough, ours was fab and really really carried our day.

    Try and get round to have just a little chat with everyone, I did manage this whilst arrival drinks were being served before piccies and everyone seemed to appreciate it, although it made our receiving line a bit redundant as it was oly Rik and I in it and we had already spoken to everyone!

    Over cater for your evening buffet! We actually ran out of food!
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    Wow all great tips!! Thank you..... I hope other B2Bs find this useful to!!

    Steph78 - Atlast a dress buddy!!!! Its lovely and really hope you enjoy wearing it. Sure you will look amazing. Have a great day. Will be great to see pics.....

    Take care xoxo
  • alisonmariebalisonmarieb Posts: 1,088
    Thank you all for the tips! They are very useful! Please keep posting your words of wisdom!x
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