*tinkerbelle* wedding report 10/05/08 more pics added

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hi ladies ,

heres the report of my wedding day ,(sorry if its abit rambling (never done anything like this b4)

On the evening before the wedding , h2b stayed round his friends ,i was up till gone 12 am sorting out last minute bits ,

my youngest daughter decided that was the night she was going to wake up every hour screaming ,so between her and the nerves i didnt get much sleep .

was up at 6 am when the alarm went off ,

got all 3 of my children up and bathed , sorted out my pets for the day and did some housework .

by 9.30 am i was waiting at the bus stop to go into town (with all 3 kids and overnight bag in tow)

i had a few of the old ladies in stitches , as to why i was on a bus on my wedding day and they had never come across it before image

got in to town centre by 10am , had to pick up some flowers and my *mrs tinkerbelle* t-shirt from the printers ( wasnt able to collect it on friday as i ran out of time) .

then all 4 of us made our way to the place that was doing my hair and make-up ,my appointment was at 11.30 am but we got there abit early ....lucky we was as my hair decided it didnt want to play ball and kept dropping out of the style (and it wasnt freshly washed ) , eveyone was commenting on how relaxed i was (previously had been a right stress head and panicking over everything)

my best mate picked me up from salon at 1 pm and the car was coming to collect me at 2pm ..eeeekkkk ! there was an awful lot of traffic on the road so it took us about 2omins to get to hers .

my family were meeting us there to get ready , in the end i had 40 mins to get myself , and 3 children ready .....so there was a hell of a lot of tension in the house , my friend who was doing my cbm and eldest daughters hair finally turned up at 1.50pm leaving her just 10 mins to style their hair (she got lost)

By this stage i was getting really strressed .

At 2pm the vintage car turned up and everyone got ready to leave , me & my stepdad in the vintage and my cbm and daughters in my best mates people carrier ( all bows and ribboned up,looked lovely)

my mum got eveyone she was taking into her car and then it was a race to get to the venue on time .

The vintage car had to go very very slowly over the speed bumps ( shes a rare old girl , the last surviving road going Tickford convertible, , so she has to be treated with kid gloves )

All the way to the venue , we were getting beeped by other cars (which was nice)

how am i doing so far girls ???? :\)

when we got to the venue , everyone was already there but i had to stay in the car for a bit so my photographer Peter could get some shots of me and my stepdad .

we got out just after and started assembling my bridesmaids (who DID NOT arrange my train so my dress was just dragging image at that point i did snap at cbm to stop sorting hersself out and to blimming help me )

then we were taken into the entrance and peter got some more pics of the back of my dress , while we were in line waiting to go through(sounds like school)

some one gave my daughter the cushion with our rings on (not a problem with that except when i looked at the cushion one of the rings was missing!!!image)

nobody had realised so it was a mad scramble to find the missing ring While i was in the side room (supposedly unaware that the ring was missing.... it was me who realised, lol )

eventually it turned up , my nan had seen it on the floor and was walking round holding it , not realising that it was THE ring :\)

so i was ready to walk into the room , my brides maids went in ahead of me and Micheal Buble Everything was playing in the background , my lovely h2b was standing there looking absolutly gorgeous (he does scrub up well if i say so myself,lol)

i stood next to him and smiled ( still no nerves ) we said our vows ,both of us buggered up a couple of times but overall they went ok ...we didnt cry .

when the registrar said we were husband & wife, we both smiled and kissed and everyone clapped .

then we had to have the witnesses sign , my nan and spencers grandad did the honours .

pictures were taken and we were taken outside .

be back soon for next installment xx

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  • brentuk1brentuk1 Posts: 3,071
    Congratulations Mrs Tinkerbelle

    Come on hun we want more

    sounds lovely so far


    Samantha xx
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    Congratulations lovely wedding report image
  • julie444ukjulie444uk Posts: 2,129
    Keep going........ please
  • aminuttyaminutty Posts: 1,211
    Come on you cant leave it there!
  • teenaukteenauk Posts: 754
    right im back ,sorry it took so long (had to take son dentist, back to normal life now ,lol )

    our photos took 2 hrs (i think )

    and on a boiling hot day , it was a bit uncomfortable but i think they will come out nice .

    i had 2 photographers in , one is very formal (peter) and i also had Hannah who did more reportage style ( found her on yayw and i think her pics will look great )

    at the tail end of the pics we were back at the car ( ted had put the roof down which was great ) and we got some nice pics (i hope ) leaning out of the roof .... as we were doing these pics a red transit van drove past and it was full of spencers family , talk about the dingles ! .

    bit of background :- spencers sister broke her knee the monday before the wedding , my m.i.l was doing the catering and they were one car down , the best man has 6 kids and they were meant to be going with my s.i.l to the venue .... so someone had the bright idea of borrowing the transit van with a tail lift to move all the food to the reception and also take 6 kids ,4 adults ( one in a ankle to thigh cast ) to the venue , it could only happen with my family , gave a few laughs though .

    once they had gone , ted started the car and we had a leisurely drive to the reception.

    on arriving we walked in to everyone clapping .....my stepdad had arranged a champagne reception for us .

    the reception had been decorated fanatastically by my m.i.l and s.i.l (dont know how she managed that tbh)on very short notice (i had been let down at last minute by a company i had booked a year ago ) , we had tealights and some great flower arrangements .

    they had set up a small corner for the kids inc a chocolate fountain (bad idea in hindsight)

    and the main buffet was amazing .

    the magician turned up at 6.30 and entertained the kids for over an hour, and also did walkabouts round the adults .

    the dj arrived at about 7ish by that stage everyone was getting slightly sloshed .

    evening guests started to arrive just after 7 .

    we did not plan any speeches but sil did an impropmto speech halfway thru the evening then we did our first dance as husband and wife to kci & jojo all my life .

    cant really remember much after that as i was abit sloshed , but we spent our first night in a wonderfull hotel called Marygreen Manor in brentwood ,

    all in all a good day and one im trying my best to remember .

    it went so unbelieveably fast and i tried to savour every minute of it , we didnt want our wedding to be too formal and i really dont think it was .

    as soon as i have some pics i will try to post them .

  • julie444ukjulie444uk Posts: 2,129
    come on dont leave us hanging, photos please
  • teenaukteenauk Posts: 754
    umm ,not sure how to upload pics , never work when i try to .

    got some on facebook though.

  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    oh please we need pictures

  • teenaukteenauk Posts: 754
    ok , someone tell me how to send pics from facebook ( my friend uploaded them) to here and i will try my best image

    bit of a techno phobe , cant even cut n paste lol
  • hobbes1ukhobbes1uk Posts: 486
    just post the facebook album link; that should work!
  • teenaukteenauk Posts: 754
    ok being really thick now but i cant find the album link !!

    this is driving me mad aaaarrrrgggghhhh

    HELP PLEASE !!!!!!
  • karen26ukkaren26uk Posts: 287
    It all sounds wonderful - really chuffed for you x
  • hollie1985hollie1985 Posts: 125
    Congrats tinkerbelle, it sounds lovely and relaxed just how we are wanting ours.

    For your pics, cut and paste? You could try to cut the address on the facebook page where the pics are (in the address bar) and then paste that onto here, might work? Im like you, havent got a clue about all this stuff! x
  • teenaukteenauk Posts: 754
    thanks hollie1985 ,

    everything i do just doesnt seem to work , gonna try again .
  • teenaukteenauk Posts: 754

    yay , it works ......ive finally sussed it woooohooooo


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  • msmuffinamsmuffina Posts: 440
    wow you look positively radiant! Love the pics.
  • hollie1985hollie1985 Posts: 125
    You look beautiful hun, your dress is amazing. The colours are just what i'm having (i think!), what have you got as your bouquet? Congrats again, beautiful pics x
  • loopymogloopymog Posts: 696
    YAYAYAYA read the report and hunted for the pics and am very glad i did, you looked amazing, cant believe you have 3 kids!!!! Fabulous, many mnay congratulations xxx k xxx
  • julie444ukjulie444uk Posts: 2,129
    beautiful photos tinklebelle.
  • claire190ukclaire190uk Posts: 293
    i cant seen the pics image
  • teenaukteenauk Posts: 754
    do you have facebook clairehj ?

    going out later to collect some of the professional pics

    (i was greedy and had 2 photographers , one was formal and the other was reportage )


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  • claire190ukclaire190uk Posts: 293
    No im not on facebook,is that why i cant see them? Would love to see your pics thanks, will look out for them x

  • claire190ukclaire190uk Posts: 293
    tinkerbelle i joined facebook (thats how nosey i am lol) and i could see them yayyyyy lol. You looked lovely, liked your choice of colours and that baby is so cute is she yours? Thanks for letting me see them, wish you and mr tinkerbelle ha all the best xx

    i still will look out for your pro photos.

    Claire x
  • gemmaclairegemmaclaire Posts: 563
    Ahh congratulations! You look really happy! xxx
  • teenaukteenauk Posts: 754

    heres some of the pro pics (by hannah @ R & A Photography , highly recommend her )

    the little bridesmaid in burgundy & white is my daughter 16 months and the baby in burgundy is my little niece, 5 months

    theres more pics ,will upload some more tomorrow ,and still waiting for the other photographers proofs .

  • beasukbeasuk Posts: 932
    Beautiful pics, you look stunning and so happy xx
  • teenaukteenauk Posts: 754
    hollie1985, my bouqet was from thebridalworkshop on ebay.

    thanks for your lovely comments everyone .xxx
  • GinaKilbeyGinaKilbey Posts: 1,121
    Fab report and great piccies, you look stunning!

  • teenaukteenauk Posts: 754
    clairehj ,is your avatar pic the dress you are having ?

    i love that dress (antoinette? ),

    i looked for it for a long time but couldnt find it anywhere image

  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,214
    ounds like a wondeful day xxx congrats!
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