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Ems2009Ems2009 Posts: 213

has anyone ordered there wedding rings from Wedding Rings Direct and if so what are they like? service etc? just found the best deal on our wedding rings but want so advice before we consider buying.

thanks Em x x


  • Ems2009Ems2009 Posts: 213
  • Tinky1984Tinky1984 Posts: 211

    I got my and H2B rings from there - came really quickly and were just perfect I was really pleased with them x
  • I got my wedding ring from there and i love it! i still admire it almost everyday and i have been married nine months! We were both really impressed with the service we received. x
  • Ems2009Ems2009 Posts: 213
    cool, i've been looking for ages for H2B's as want a diamond in it but they all looked a bit girly until i came across this site. great 2 more things knocked off our list.

    thanks Em x x
  • sharlouisesharlouise Posts: 789
    H2B got my engagment ring from there and we ordered wedding bands from there.They are lovely.

    Excellent service.Both wedding bands needed re-sizing rang them,sent them back and got them back within a week.xx
  • Tinky1984Tinky1984 Posts: 211
    they are really good prices as well - i went to get my rings in the "january sales" and was so dissapointed. they were fab on this site - i couldnt praise them enough - honest !
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