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Florist and Photographer Recommendations in Gloucestershire?

FRegier2985FRegier2985 Posts: 295
Hi everyone,

I am having a hard time choosing a florist and photographer in the Gloucestershire area - there are so many and I was hoping I could get some recommendations off you guys? Thanks!


  • katecookukkatecookuk Posts: 130

    I can highly recommend my photographer. He is based in Hampshire but will travel. I have done hours and hours of research and we chose Matt for various reasons. Obviously, his photos are amazing and are exactly what we want but also, he is extremely passionate about what he does and he is such a fantastic guy - we hit it off immediately. Whoever you go with, rapport is so so important: if you're not relaxed you won't get good photos and he or she is going to be with you all day so you do need to get on well with them otherwise it can get very tedious.

    Here is Matt's website


    Have a look but also give him a call too. There is only a tiny sample on his website but if you are interested and see his albums, they are simply stunning.

    I'm afraid I can't help you with florists but Good luck with that too.

    Kate x
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