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Photographer, cakes, cars, flowers etc etc in East Lothian


Can anyone recommend a photographer, a florist, some weding cars and a cake company in East Lothian??


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  • finoniofinonio Posts: 103
    Photographer - Have a look at Really nice and calm - not demanding.They are based in W.Lothian but I last saw them working in Prestonpans! Butlers Chauffeur Drive at the airport have 2 nice navy Jags, a Viano and a Bentley.
  • Photographer -

    My florist is in West Lothian, but if you want I can give you her details!

    Cake company - is through by Edinburgh, but I'll stick them down here anyway since if you're like me you'd travel!

    My wedding cars are from

    Hope this helps. I got really good deals on all of the above and really feel they are top notch. image

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  • kerry1979kerry1979 Posts: 178
    Thanks ladies !

    I will go and have a look at these links now image

  • Hi im from musselburgh and i went for gl limos in port seton and studio16 photography they are good you only pay when you are happy with the photos my mum makes wedding cakes so didnt need that but just it would defo recommend dalkieth flower shop much cheaper than alot of places i tried
  • im using a photographer called parris photographers, they aeem to know their stuff!! they are based down on the borders....hawick i think.

    also clares flowers at simply flowers in dalkeith.

    where are you getting married?
  • kerry1979kerry1979 Posts: 178
    We're getting married at The Royal Musselburgh Golf Course, Prestongrange House, Prestonpans image

    Where are you getting married?
  • moh89moh89 Posts: 2,883

    We got married in Edinburgh in August.....

    We used too good to eat, in Dalkeith for the cake (and it was lovely) and Flowers by MacDowell for the flowers
  • moh89moh89 Posts: 2,883
    i just noticed this thread was from back in August..... are you still looking for suppliers, or have you booked them all?!
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